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Registration has been opened. You may register as well with your facebook or google plus account.. Category request can be made. I will only be adding categories for phones that are requested to keep empty forums down. The theme and banners will return in time however I have been very busy.

Host has been acquired and the forum software uploaded. I debated on restoring the original post and have decided against it as there would be to much outdated data. So it will be starting over with current data. I will be enabling registration soon after getting some addons back up and running.

After a long time down, I will be bringing the devsnest site back online. Had some personal matters to attend to that made it impossible to be online and run the site. Bear with me while I get everything set back up.

Is this site going to be back or is it closed?

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Great notepad app.
Simple and quick. Everything a notepad app should be.

Noteastic Notepad

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Great forum reading app. Great start with great potential. Fully supported by our website.

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In a few hours the download server will be taken offline to perform upgrades and maintenance. We will bring it back up as soon as we can. Thanks.

We are now running XenForo for our forum software. This is thanks to a friend of mine donating the license for it and resource manager to the site for x-mas. A very appreciated gesture.

As a result Google has been on-site updating the indexing for the past 72 hours. It seems content staying on the site. As always if you are a developer and would like to become part of the site. You are more than welcome.

You will have control over your own threads and thanks to resource manager control over the downloads of your projects. It does support external downloads so you can link your current projects without having to go through the trouble of re-uploading.

Thanks and good luck on all your endeavors. 
  DevsNest Developments.

Android 4.4 (KitKat) may be put on the Pantech Burst?
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