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Hi All -- 

I have been working on a creating a tool to support teachers in creating deeper learning tasks.  I have created this doc -- Criteria To Consider - and would love to hear what you think!

Thanks in advance!

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Has anyone read the National Research Council report titled Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards? (
It's on my short list of things to read next. I'm curious to see how Deeper Learning can be measured at scale and NGSS seems to create context in which that might happen. 
+Aurora Kushner 's question makes me wonder if measuring deeper learning at scale is even necessary - maybe a system of capturing more nuanced measures of learning and packaging the results for schools is a better approach.

There are lots of ways to assess deeper learning in the classroom (I'm thinking about all the project-based learning assessments you can do) -- but what about on a larger scale?  Does PISA get at it?  Similar to the question about a standardized assessment for Common Core -- could there be one for Deeper Learning?  And, then, the follow-up -- is there a way to make the data from the assessments clear to colleges (for our secondary schools)?
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