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Mobius Team's New Year Bash

We will be kicking off the new year on our new event region Saturday Dec 31st @ 2pm Hypergrid time (PST/PDT). (URI: hop:// )

We have 3 prizes for a few different events at the party. These prizes are as follows.

1. 1,000₲ prize for 1st place winner of our new race track (go karts provided)
2. 500₲ prize for 2nd place
3. 500₲ for our "Best in 90s" appearal that will also be held during the event.

The DJ[s] that will be blasting the airways will be DJ ToastFox (2pm to 5pm) and DJ Rocks (5pm to 8pm) Along with our host Doseki. (DJ's are subject to change, depending on their schedule)
The "Best in 90s" contest is 3pm
The Kart Race is at 7pm grid time.

So if you feel the New Year needs a bit of "Mobius" touch. Then stop by 'Mobius' and hang out with the festivities, Such as...

-Greedy Greedy Tables
-DJ and dance floor jamming
-Kart Racing
-Slot Machines, and more.

- Mobius Team

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Hey everyone Christmas has come to Mobius! Lot's of nice treats for the nice and coal for the naughty ones!

Unfortunately not everything is going according to plan, and Big has lost your presents from his sleigh! Help him find your missing presents!

Help Big save Christmas by helping him fish out the lost presents from the Green Hill River, starting from December 13th to 26th 19th to 27th.

When you approach Big he will start talking to you. Click the hyperlinks (underlined text) in the messages he sends to continue the dialogue.
(Right click these hyperlinks and click "Run this Command" if you are on Alchemy Viewer)

HG URL: Hill Zone

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United Mobian Alliance (UMA) Offical Discord Server

I made a Mobian community on Discord for all who want to join who do not want to be judged for there opinions or bullied by others. This is not a NSFW server so if that's what your looking for, find an other one. We seen it within the community and we are pulling together to try to change the look that Mobians/Sonic fans are seen as.

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GloeBit is live on Mobius, so if you’d like to use Gloebit services. Please signup at to use the in world currency. For shop owners, there is an extra setup you will have to take after you sign up. Merchants will need to apply for there accounts to be upgraded to merchent accounts at  To do cash withdraws once that system is fully enabled in the future. We recommend that all current and future merchant's proceed with an account upgrade, so to be completely ready for when the system is enabled for cashouts.
Be aware that Gloebit does do transaction fees. This means that any purchase will be deducted with a small fee that will go to Gloebit. An example of this would be common to a scenario such as-
“Selling a custom made avatar for 400 G. The merchant will receive their profit of 388 G  instantly after transaction fees.”
This is one of many examples that will be common with user to user within Mobius.
When you go to a new area that has Gloebit enabled. Whether it is within Mobius or another Gloebit enabled grid that may show up in the future. You will need to authorize those areas to allow Gloebit with those areas once per area.
For users who have “alts” Gloebit allows you to have multiple avatar accounts on one gloebit account sharing the same currency balance. You’ll just need to authorize those other avatars in the same way you did with your first one, on your single Gloebit account.
Thank you, the team at Gloebit for creating this currency system for not only the metaverse, but the internet as a whole. Best of luck Gloebit.
-Your friends at Mobius Team

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Hey fellow Mobians and Gamers alike,

We are letting you all about a few things going on at Mobius Team and we hope you will enjoy them.

1. We are currently having a community project designing a new login page. It is a collaborative project several of our staff and users alike are making a piece of the new login screen. And anyone is welcome to join. Details below:

-Mobius Grid is a gaming grid but with roots in the sonic community. we would like artists that like to contribute to place there Sonic OC's (if any, if none use another OC of yours) in there favorite games (not sonic) outfits and poses that fit those games.

- art can be either drawn or 3D but must be on a transparent background.

- art submission deadline is April 26th 2016

- send submissions to with email subject "Art submission for new Splash screen"

2. Our website has been updating a lot recently. We been putting in a better user account management system for you guys to easily update your email, password, profile and check offline messages, even partner with your loved ones.

3. Mobius Team is working with Zentrix Studios are on large scale project to create a online multiplayer game within Mobius Grid known as Freedom Resurrection. A online fan game follow up to Sonic SatAM season 2 were you play as Freedom Fighter recrute alone or with friends. Make a name for you self. Fight along side Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Rotor, and even cowardly Antoine. Or will you work with Julian instead?

4. Currently Mobius Team staff member Sprocket Watchclock is working on a game play system that allows users to play like that are in a Sonic game. currently finished in the system is ring collect, check points, ring monitors, robotnik monitors, normal shield, drowning death, air bubbles, jump and run animations. being worked on is Light Dash (partially finished), Spin dash, Homing Attack, Badniks (50% done), Flame Shield, Water Shield, Electric Shield. this system is anyways from completion but is coming along smoothly.

5. Currently Mobius Team staff member Wish Dreamscape is working on updating the scripts in the Cassie Moon freebie packs to be more memory efficient and integrate Lilly Corthaines Emotion System into the head slimming down the code while increasing the performance.

Please remember we put a lot of time, effort and money into making and maintaining Mobius Grid. If you like our work, please donate. Donations help insure Mobius Grid stays online and improves by helping with development and hosting costs. Send to our Paypal no paypal account required for you to donate to our Paypal.

Game on guys,
Mobius Team

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I would like to present Mobius Grid new new logo, Designed by Mobius Grid user Wish Dreamscape. We feel this logo among a few other changes in Mobius Grid will strengthen our name as a video game fan's virtual world.You will see the new logo on our social networks as well in a new login screen for the grid showing us as fans of many different games but still showing our roots.

Recent issues have plagued the grid, this was an issue that we have been investigating. The issue was found to be with our service provider, the service provider has taken down several servers tonight and are performing hardware and software maintenance on the entire virtual cloud cluster in New York/New Jersey which is where Mobius Grid’s server is hosted. Normally in the event of a failure, the grid would move to another machine in the data center, however there is a bug that has resulted in a major issue across their cloud infrastructure and they are working to resolve the issue as quickly as they can.

We will keep you updated, and again we apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing many of our residents. Thank you for your understanding.
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