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Community Rules

1) Hate (racist/derogatory/etc.) speech is grounds for being banned.
In general we will do our best to warn folks before this happens (second chance principle). Doubling down to defend that speech is equivalent to a statement you intend to ignore the concern.

Hate speech includes terms you may have grown up with and thought were okay, but which have become clear more recently as causes of genuine pain and/or harm for some members of the group targeted by the terms involved. The second chance principle here is an opportunity for you to learn and change.

If it's pointed out you're using such words thoughtlessly, it's not an effort to suggest you're unworthy or less of a person or anything like that.

What it is, is an attempt to stop harm to other people that you're (probably) unwittingly taking part in. This is an ugly feeling all the same, finding out what you've been doing isn't OK. Like suddenly realizing you've been standing on a kitten's neck for the past five minutes. The best thing to do to process it, to recover from it, is focus on how this is about the word and the culture that made the word OK, rather than about you.

2) Civility is mandatory!
Please remember that if you're finding yourself having a negative emotional response to anything on this community, the proper response is no response at all. Mute the discussion that's bothering you (G+ makes this super easy to do) and walk away having said nothing. Responding to someone you think is being rude by being rude yourself makes you the jerk, not the other way around.

3) Please don't delete your posts once people have replied.
This goes against the "Community resource" ethos of the Community and it's rude to delete other people's content without permission. In general you should expect that when you start a discussion on the community, it’s there for keeps.

4) No Spam
You’re very welcome to advertise your game, blog or anything else if it has relevance to Fate; We even have a special category for “Crowdfunding in Fate”. If it doesn’t relate to Fate but is likely to be of interest to Fate fans then you’re still welcome to post it. We reserve the right to remove posts that we feel are egregiously unrelated to Fate. (This amounts to a request that folks post on-topic, but not a mandate, at least not yet.)

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Sometimes you need to make a Fate Core supers game happen with no time to prepare.

This can be anxiety-inducing, but there’s no reason to fear lack of prep. Because, with the right tools, pickup games are a snap.

Empire City Adventures is just such a tool. It's actually an entire toolkit for running spur-of-the-moment superhero games using Fate Core and the Venture City Rules.

* The first section consists of character sheets for a variety of big time super heroes, including full skill and power profiles. Players can pick a hero and be ready to rock in minutes.

* The second section has a handful of powerful villains who will make antagonists for the heroes.

* Each villain write-up includes background on each villain and high-octane plot suggestions to jump-start your game.

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Hey everyone :O i'm looking for people who would be interested in joining a group made for pick-up sessions between multiple GMs within a consistent setting! If it seems sort of like you're bag, here's the setting document:

And here's the discord link :O

Hello All:

I'm looking to join a Masters of Umdaar game (or any Fate game) online. I can play no more than twice a month, preferably after 7:00PM EST. I'm familiar with Fate through Hero Lab and various books, but haven't played yet. My end goal is to learn the game well enough to run it myself. Feel free to email me at twentysider @ gmail (.) com.


Seeking experienced *online* FATE gamers! I have the incredibly good fortune to combine my favorite hobby - FATE - with my graduate studies. I'm investigating digitally-enhanced role playing systems and could use some insight. By digitally enhanced I mean using technology in any way, shape, or form to assist with or facilitate running a FATE game.

I've gamed for 17 years but FATE for only the last 2, with roots in AD&D and GURPs for quite a stretch.

If you think you can help me out or if you just vaguely curious as to what I'm doing, head over to my public group discussion Digitally Enhanced Role Playing - . This is an actual graduate study (MA in Communication Studies), and one of our end products may be a publishable work. In any case, you'll get credit for any contrib you make.

Much appreciated, mh

Spurred by +Craig Hatler's question where I linked him "Discover as an action in Fate" article from several years back, I'm now curious what (non-official) changes to Fate the authors would print if the game were released today.

I don't want to create rumors and speculation, but how would Fate look if updated in 2017 given all the supplements, play-tests, FAQs, errata and new/refined mechanics like DFA's Mantles, ARRPG's Modes, Discover vs. Create Advantage, etc.

+Leonard Balsera +Brian Engard +Ryan Macklin +Mike Olson

For games that have Discover action (Bulldogs! and Unwritten immediately come to mind), there doesn't seem to be a template for what the action can isn't linked to each of the skills--it seems entirely relative to each skill's implementation. If one wanted to introduce the Discover action into their game, or into a different game, are there any guidelines for how one might accomplish this?

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I am reworking some old ideas and I would love to hear your thoughts on where I think I am going and any critique or comments. 

Someone have any sample adventure for Kaiju Incorporated I want to GM it, but I have no idea on where to begin it

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Un poco de Guerra Fría para caldear el ambiente... ¿Que demonios es un Cambiante ?
¿Qué es un Cambiante? #AniversarioAventurasBizarras #FATE

Nieve, nieve y más nieve. Berlín en invierno es un maldito infierno helado, una metáfora simple pero efectiva de lo que se venía llamando Guerra Fría. ¿Hay algo más aburrido que la nieve? Ya podían destinarme a la Costa Azul. Pero no, tenía que venir a la…
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