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New to Fate? Here's a list of resources you should take a look at. It won't take you too long and may save you a ton of questions.

I'm currently GMing a game on Sundays but I'd love to be a player too, so I'm looking for a group that plays on Fridays or Saturdays. Weeknights may work as well. I'm on PST.

I'm down for most flavors of fantasy and science fiction although I'm particularly fond of cthulhu, weird science, low fantasy, and cyberpunk.

I'm fairly new to GMing fate (I've run 12 session or so) so I'd also like to see how someone else runs it.

So one of the ideas that I believe someone thought up in my previous post, not going to lie there is a 85% chance I will just say it was me and steal the credit so whomever thought it up better fess up now, and suggested a Menace Manual or a Foes Folio, or Challenge Collection...anyway the idea was for a list of generic opposition that GMs could pull to add to inspiration or if they needed a quick npc for a conflict then just stating one up themselves. Similar to the back half of the Adversary Toolkit or the Bestiary for Day after Ragnarok, but less specialized to the setting or adding new mechanics and just a list of stats with brief descriptions. So the question is, what sort of opposition would you put in the book?

And yes, I know that some people will state that statblocks don't "support the creative principles that FATE is created upon" but it's a hypothetical question that may or may not eventually turn into a potential model that some random heinous headgear publishing company may pick up on and make a book about ....or me.

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Hi everyone! Here's a link to my first ever attempt at an actual play video, playing THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS for The Chronicles of Future Earth RPG. This vid was totally made possible by the participation and technical smarts of some awesome people: Jerry and Renee Grayson, Erin and David Moore, and Brian Isikoff. The graphics were by the inimitable Jason Juta. Recording by David and Jerry. Fumbling around editing on Final Cut Pro by me. Music by the fab Chris James (the Brown Dirt Cowboy).

My vid and audio quality is a bit iffy - it would have been better if my PC hadn't refused to record (it actually melted at one point...), but I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to share far and wide - the Chronicles of Future Earth kickstarter is still running until Sunday 28th October, and the Swallower of Souls quickstart and introductory adventure is available for free download right now!

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Here's what you get when you get a copy of Gamma Watch!
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Hello Gang,
My intent is to translate into Fate the trope "Crazy enough to work" as a stunt.
I'm thinking in the lines of a pull-once high powered stunt

What do you thing about:

*Crazy Enough to Work: Once per scene, if you describe a "crazy enough" action you could pull off, by paying a Fate Point each minus you rolled become a blank and each blank a plus.

It's very powerful and its intended to be that way, you pay FP and you could do once per scene. I wondering if it's still too powerful and so I'm wondering if it's the case to limit once for session.

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Boldly Going Where Others Have Boldly Gone Before!

Everyone has heard of the Captain James Q. Yurk of the USS Endeavor, pride of the Federated Planets Spacefleet. However, no one has ever heard of you. Why? Well, every ship in the fleet has three watches: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Alpha Watch is ruled by the Captain and his Sporkan First Officer. Beta Watch is commanded by the ambitious Watch Commander and his Tingalong 2nd Officer.

And then there’s Gamma Watch, your domain. From 0000 hours to 0800 hours you run the ship while Alpha Watch sleeps and Beta Watch winds down after a long 8 hour shift… For the most part.

Sometimes the First Officer wanders in to see what’s happening, or he spends time in the ship’s labs. And the German Chief Engineer is fond of working on his kinder at all hours, making sure that everything is fully operational. But during your watch, it’s your ship, so take care of it, if you can!

To play this game, you need a copy of Fate Accelerated Edition, available from Evil Hat Productions.
Gamma Watch
Gamma Watch

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Hi everyone! Last night the good people at Material Components livestreamed their first actual play session of THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS, the quickstart adventure for our Kickstarter THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH. They've put the video on Youtube, embedded in the post below.

This is the first of four sessions in the turbulent streets of Kados the Eternal - you can follow the actual play session, and then read or play the adventure yourself. It's a good chance to see how "Chronicles Fate Core" works in action - we've tuned the Fate Core dials for gritty yet epic pulpy cosmic fantasy action.

I've also recorded an actual play session myself which I'm just prepping - I'll get that up in the next few days too. We still have 13 days left on the Kickstarter, so please stop by and check it out if you haven't already!



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If you want a copy of the #FateSRD formatted using #markdown you can grab the copy I've formatted here:

Please note: All the material in this SRD was produced by Evil Hat, no challenge to any copyright is intended. All I've done is format it.

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Since posting the digital conflict rules we're using in my home game "Ferrymen" last month, I've also made some updates to the space conflict rules that some of you might be familiar with (I first posted them three years ago, so I've had a lot of opportunities to playtest). Enjoy!
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