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New to Fate? Here's a list of resources you should take a look at. It won't take you too long and may save you a ton of questions.

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I have written a powered by fate game which has just gone live on Kickstarter!

Leviathan rising is a game about high action rebels in an alternate 17th century fighting for freedom, equality and liberty against a cult of evil sorcerous nobles.

If you have any questions I can answer about the game, please leave them here, and I will try to answer. Otherwise, please have a look and if you like it share the page and back! Thanks very much.

As a GM. Every now and then I come across the same doubts about GM and the Fate Points, but I always overlook it , then I keep playing with a ruling, then I forget about it and never ask.

But, I just remembered it now, so here we go:
Page 81 says you earn fate points when "you" "Have Your Aspects Invoked Against You"
but page 82 says GM will get Fate Points by the start of a new scene, only when get compelled or give up a conflict.

Keeping in mind that hostile invokes and compels aren't the same:
Does "you' reffers to players only and GM aswell? Should the players reward the GM for hostile invokes, or does this fate points go to the "nobody's infinite pool (NoIPo for short)of Fate Points that GM can get for compels"? BTW there's a NoIPo (I wish I had a cooler name for this), where non-character-targeted invokes should go, right?

About NPCs conceding, GM gets for any scene with NPCs or just when conceding NPC show up again?

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Hey, good news, Evil Hat is trying out posting some of their titles on Itch. In case you didn't know, Itch is place where a lot of indie video game creators share things.

You may be asking yourself, why is this particularly cool, when I can already buy Fate PDFs at DriveThruRPG. One big win is that more of the money you spend ends up in the creator. On Itch you the publisher can set the share Itch gets to whatever they think is fair--the default is 10%--so Itch gets 10%, and the creators get 90% By way of contrast on DriveThru the creators get 65% of what you pay for a non-exclusive title. It's hard to break even selling RPGs, so it is is really helpful when people buy zine through itch rather than other places that take more of cut. That's why I put my zine there.

Itch has traditionally focused on video games, so searching there might "discover" types of games you aren't interested in, but if you know what you want to buy, you might consider buying it at the place where the creator gets more money
evilhat -
evilhat -

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this helpful update for G+ members. To help G+ members easily move from G+ to MeWe, on March 12 or sooner, MeWe will have a G+ upload tool to effortlessly move your content from G+ to MeWe.

With MeWe’s G+ upload tool, you’ll be able to:

1) Move your public G+ posts to MeWe as open posts on your MeWe timeline (dated and ordered the same as they were on G+).

2) Move your public collection and community posts to MeWe and create open posts on your MeWe timeline (dated and ordered the same as they were on G+) with the collection or community name as a #hashtag.

3) We'll make improvements to MeWe’s G+ upload tool after launch, including the ability to import your data from Circles onto MeWe, which is expected to be live April 1.

4) To make your transition to MeWe easier, by the end of March a “posting to close friends” feature will also go live on MeWe. We’re working on more for you as well.

To make your transition simple, we suggest you do two things right away – download your G+ content and create your MeWe ( account.

Here’s how to download your G+ content:

Here's an article on Techaeris about moving from G+ to MeWe:

At MeWe you are #1. You are our customer to serve; never data to sell. Welcome to MeWe!

If you have any questions, I'm here to help.

Director of Outreach, MeWe

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Will you be at Dreamation in NJ next week? I'll be running Fate Core Bulldogs! one-shots on Friday and Saturday nights. Here's the blurb: SHIPWRECKED! The crew crash lands on a mysterious planet missing from galactic nav charts. Will the native lifeforms be friendly? Will you be able to repair the ship? Will you get revenge against those who shot you down? There’s only one way to find out…

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Name: Kenneth Holbert
High Concept: The Good Guy Gamer
Trouble: Drama Magnet
Aspects: Welcome to the Dork Side; Acquaintance to Many, Friend to Few; Child at Heart
Skills: Great (Empathy); Good (Rapport, Lore); Fair (Notice, Will, Craft); Average (Investigate, Resources, Combat, Contacts)
• Master of the Charm Offensive: Whenever Kenneth creates an advantage using Rapport, he may create an extra free invoke on success.
• Doesn’t Know When to Quit: Once per Scene, Kenneth can check a mental stress box to absorb physical harm. If he does, he gets a free boost
• Wait, I know that guy: Use Rapport in place of Stealth when trying to overcome obstacles that are people.
Stress: Physical: [2/2]; Mental: [3/3]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Note: With the end of G+ around the corner sob I figured I'd get one last writeup in before the end and guess what? It's ME...hahaha! Seriously, I'm going to miss this place

My current work on Fallout Fate:

Thank you, folks who have been contributing ideas and feedback!

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Shadow of the Century
Shadow of the Century

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Want a generator for random ideas, npc motivations, story themes and motifs, or for general creative inspiration?
Try the "Creative Whack Pack"!
I picked it up from a Charity shop for pennies and it is really rather good. 64 cards each with a different "lesson" or direction of thought... Makes a change from getting out all of my Rorys Story cubes.
I may even use it in real life!
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