Has anyone utilised  Rob Donoghue's FAE2 mod (using two approaches in tandem)? Any thoughts or comments?

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FAE #StarWars episode 3.
In which our heroes avoid, sidestep, and flee all of tonight's plot. Entirely sensible, appropriate, no doubt, as they are playing working Josephine type characters. Appropriate, but not exactly what I expected! Actual report in detail, to follow... 

So is there any incentive to stay pure human in DFA? If seems that werecreatures have no negatives for having two mantels.

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Name: Enon Skirmish
Notes: When folk left the bosom of the Homeworld for green pastures that the Aether offered, many believed that in its seemingly endless vastness that there would be no need for wars or conflicts; that the parties in question could simply find another habitable world. Of course, we now know that such a reality was not possible either because of the limited number of initially habitable worlds, or the fact that folk just can’t seem to get along with one another. Skirmishes, conflicts, and the occasional civil war occurred out in the Deep, but nothing of the scope or scale since the Homeworld Wars, most of the various Deep Space powers didn’t have the resources to construct and man such fleets to conduct such wars. It is no question that the Royal Hegemony has the largest Aether Navy of any known Homeworld Government Power; their ships are generally larger, more heavily armed and armored, and most importantly they have the resources to construct them. Nevertheless, the Royal Navy seldom had the opportunity to wage war on her nation’s enemies as most were humbled by the sheer size of her fleets, Of course there were conflicts from planets that were unwelcoming for a Royal presence, and sometimes Royal intervention in the matter of pirates, and other unsavory individuals but the “Fighting Folk of the Hegemony” never would have a chance to cut their teeth in that kind of fighting until the Klehnaki Wars.

However, this was not necessarily the case in one incident that would define the Royal’s perspective on one particular neighbor. A planet in the Ctale system by the name of Enon had been in the sight of the Royal Hegemony for a while; its abundance of natural resources made it an ideal mining operation for that region of Royal Space. However, this particular sector was on disputed space bordering the Annular Necrocracy and already had unaffiliated colonist settled on it. Normally this wouldn’t have stopped the Navy as their normal doctrine would have been a show of force to convince wayward colonies that it would be in their best “interest” to affiliate with the Hegemony. Unfortunately this particular planet approached the Necrocracy for support, a move that would have normally been ignored if not for it being in highly disputed space and the encroachment of the Navy forced the Annular Necrocracy to give a clear and physical protest to their actions. Royal forces had already made planetfall and had subdued the local government and had imposed martial law when the Annular forces entered the system, by the time the Royal Navy could respond at least two of their cruiser class warships had been overrun by Annular boarding vessels filled to the brim with undead military forces. Eventually the Navy recovered itself and commenced an effective counter offensive that pushed the Annular backed but the Royals soon found that their ground forces could not deal with Necrocracy forces that got through their cruiser blockades that outnumbered them 20 to 1. Eventually the fighting drew to a stalemate, the Royals dominance in the Aether allowed them to keep constant stranglehold on supplies to Enon, but the blockade runs that the Annular did succeed in only caused their ground units to swell. The conflict soon was growing too costly for both sides to allocate such military resources to a single system much less a planet, and public opinion had turned sour. While neither side wanted to admit defeat, it was eventually decided that the Ctale system would be a neutral political zone, that neither side could construct any military installations nor could an embassy be erected in the system. With these results both forces pulled back their forces to outside of the system’s border and the political relations more or less simmered down.



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FAE #Starwars
Episode 2 “Double The Money”
(Continuing the adventure of our two PCs: Yan Sardekk honest human, discharged ex Imperial pilot, and “infallible” Twi’lek navigator and con artist Orsi Candala, crew of the “Coruscant Queen”. Following on from last time, we ended at a cliff-hanger as our heroes intervene to aid a young woman being attacked by a desert warrior who claimed she had “stolen” his money at Sabbac. He doesn't like their altruism, and attacks them...)

The desert nomad presses forward, Orsi and Yan both fire their blasters but their adversary twists and ducks,  quick and experienced at close-in fighting he avoids their shots (tough bastard!). Orsi barely avoids the close-in desert scimitar hilt-punch to his face, and then finally fells the nomad with a point blank blaster shot. ...Sizzle! ...

The woman gets to her feet and introduces herself as Jen Calrissian, but more nomads emerge from the nearby alleyways. Although hostile, their intent is not to attack, but to recover their comrade who babbles like a madman “She will take your mind, take your mind and eat your eyes, in the dark. In THE DARK!”
Jen assures Orsi and Yan that he is not talking about her! Maybe her charms overcome their immediate suspicions.  The desert folk carry away the wounded man.
Sirens sound in the distance, clearly Mos Eisley PD,  and they vacate the scene, for a nearby, but not too-nearby; Cantina.

Jen buys the drinks. The green droid arrives and is revealed to be K2-0-IIX, an “associate” of the woman. It seems to be a bit of an annoying pedant. Jen is soon pleased to discover that Yan and Orsi have a ship, as she has a cargo that urgently needs shifting. Yan and Orsi are suspicious that it is a dodgy deal, and remain so even when she tells them it is a legit haul. Merely a landspeeder, a classic landspeeder mind you,  that needs bringing back to Tattoine, from Laxuss, the third moon of Geonosis, just a short jaunt away… Suspicions deepen when she cannot offer any money up front, but she agrees to their offer of doing it for double the fee when the job is complete. Money talks louder than their reservations. The deal is on.

A quick check on the cargo bulletins reveal an outgoing cargo of machine parts for Geonosis, and our heroes are off, with Ms Calrissian and K2 on board.
The Geonosis part of the trip goes smoother than a stealth-ships underbelly. Then on to the third moon, a barren airless rock-ball, where Jen directs them to a deep crevasse. After some tricky maneuvering and one slight bump, they descend to the docking port of a well hidden, and seemingly powered-down base. This is, Jen assures them, where her cargo is secreted. They dock, and prepare to enter the station…
What could possibly go wrong? 

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Name: Cerberi VII
Aspects: The Natives Are Restless; Exploration and Exploitation
Notes: Cerberi is located on the Outer Rim of Royal Space near the border of the Southwest Quadrant. It is a rich forest planet that supports a diversity of life. Cerberi VII has recently become the focus of much of the exploration and exploitation of the Omul system, largely because early explorers found something of great value, gold and silver. There is currently a gold rush occurring on Cerberi VII of such a scope that many of the governments of the Royal Hegemony have been unable to control it. Anyone who can afford the passage by Aethercraft and wants to strike it rich heads for Cerberi. What little Royal Military presence there is on the planet is a small garrison that mainly caters to the safety of the few mining companies that are also on the planet. It is due to this fact that many of the independent mining camps experience crime, especially violent crime, because of the attention or lack thereof from the garrison; many local groups have formed militia to provide some form of alternative security.
In addition the local wildlife seems to have taken offense with the arrival of miners and colonist to their home and especially the ecological destruction that they have wrought. The highest form of life are the species commonly referred to as “Centaurs”, tall well-muscled and powerful quadrupeds that have a primitive but complex society, language, and tool use. They are relatively equal in intelligence to Homeworld folk, though they have not developed much in the way of metallurgy, and thus their technology is limited to works of wood and stone. Even so, they are incredible craftsman in their primitive way. Nevertheless, the Centaurs pose a real and constant threat to prospecting camps as they often raid or outright destroy them.
This recent discovery of a sentient species of non-Homeworld life has sparked intellectual discussions that maybe Homeworld folk are not alone in the Aether and other species, maybe even civilizations are out there yet to be discovered. In addition, there are moral debates on the justification of colonization of Cerberi VII with a local society already there and the potential damage prospecting could do to their way of life. Organizations such as the ETC and REC have differing perspectives on the matter, but it’s becoming evident that there is a market for supporting the camps and the natives. Many a smuggler can make a quick fortune catering to personal defense weaponry needs of prospector camps or the Natives while xenophobic understand the benefits of Modern Weaponry.



Not My Fault(s)?

Looking into the Not My Fault deck, I find it to be a wonderful idea, but my immediate response is questioning whether it's available for other settings?

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Name: The Free Colonies of Revati
Aspects: Everything Has Its Price; A Hive of Scum and Villainy
Notes: The Telle system lacked anything of great importance; most of the worlds were not fit for terraforming, it was too far off the many trading lanes that lined the sector, and the various nebulas that blinded even the most skilled of helmsfolk. If anything the Telle system would have just been another vacant system to the various powers that surrounded it if not for Revati, the Gas Giant of the system, the composition of the gases of the planetoid were meant to be mined and refined into aethercrafts fuel. A private venture, it was initially very successful which lead to quick expansion of the operation under the patronage of one of the Lesser Royal House’s Aristocorps…..and this lead to eventual over exploitation: the once promising mines and refineries of Revati began to run dry of the precious gases and minerals that originally interested the Aristocorp to invest and the remaining resources only made a marginal profit. It wasn’t too long before the Aristocorp pulled out to more profitable ventures and only the small and middle businesses remained in the now Free Colony, with a failing economy. The government functionally collapsed, unable to fulfill its roles and keep infrastructure functioning, with many of its officials being only interested in lining their pockets as representative figureheads allowing corruption to run rampant.
It didn’t take too long for less respectable businesses and organizations to take root in the surrounding orbital colonies and asteroid aetherports. As organized crime entered soon, Pirates, Anarchists, Smugglers, Weapon Dealers, and Mercenaries were turning a profit serving various governments, rebels, and organizations as a sort of “No Man’s Land”. Of course these individuals were of little renown as the later business that would make the colonies infamous: Slavery. The practice of slavery was absolutely banned in most of “civilized” space, with hefty consequences for the crime of perpetrating. Nevertheless, there was always a reduced black market for the trafficking of folk. As the crime guilds grew in power, not even neighboring powers had the capacity to truly deal with them, due in part to lack of cooperation and trust which is supposedly caused by the guilds themselves, soon the Free Colonies of Revati would become known as a place where no laws ruled and everything had its price.



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Experimenting with Two Column Fate for FAE games


So I am planning a scenario to run in public - and would like some input from the community.

Briefly about the background:

FAE was just released in Danish a couple of weeks ago and we (Voss & Kiel who have done the translation and published it) have been invited to the biggest rpg store in Copenhagen to run a demo session.

This won't be a regular gaming session however - we have decided to run it in a "running-sushi-style". So pre-gens with just two aspects (koncept and problem) and no stunts. After every scene the people at the table will be replaced with people watching - so you effectively "take over" the character for one scene.

The scenario will be a mash-up of "Reservoir dogs meets Winnie the Pooh". So players are four known criminals (Mr. Yellow - the bear, Mr. White - the rabbit, Mr. Green - the Hedgehog and Mr. Grey - the raccoon) who are planning to rob the Greater Winter Supply where all the animals in the forrest are stacking their supplies. So think of this as a Heist/Break-in story.

Here is the thing: I would like to open with the ending scene from that last heist (that went wrong) with the same characters trying to rob the same supply. The outcome of that scene could either be a) The character gets away or b) The character is caught and spends a year in prison after which he is released and is back into the gang preparing to rob it again.

What I am trying to do is create a consequence on each character (for those that are caught) of Failed Once Before that could be compelled during the next heist. But I don't want the players to spend all their fate points trying to avoid that consequence as they need them later on.

So I am contemplating to start them off with zero fate points and then give them their start fate points only after the first scene.

What do you think? Is that still true to the nature of Fate?
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