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New to Fate? Here's a list of resources you should take a look at. It won't take you too long and may save you a ton of questions.

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As we gather for the last few weeks of G+, I'll note that there's another new Fate alternative in addition to +Richard Bellingham great work on PASHpost and MeWe, the existing reddit, Facebook, discord, ect options.

Itch is an alternative marketplace to Steam--it is used by a lot of indie video game developers. They've had a catagory for "physical games" that has housed TTRPG PDFs, LARPs, and print and play board games, and recent have been reaching out to learn what might be helpful to publishers/players in this space.

One of the things they heard is that Indie designers are worried about losing important communities with G+ going away. So they added a forum yesterday, and a lot of indie RPG designers (and the first few fans) are starting to show up.

There is is Fate section, but right now a part of the appeal is the large number of indie writers. "Oh look, there's Epidiah Ravachol who made Dread and Swords Without Masters" introducing himself."

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Richard posted an interesting topic on PASHPost about "Friendly" Concessions. Given G+ Doomsday draws nigh, people may wish to kick the tires and join the discussion!
Fate Core
Fate Core

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There's less than 3 hours left on my Kickstarter - "In Thoth's Wake - Zine Quest Edition" - a pulp adventure for the Fate Core roleplaying system! We're also well past our fourth stretch goal and sneaking up on our fifth - another slot of Bespoke Paper copies!

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Less than 48 hours remaining!!!
Thanks to everyone spreading the word!
Thanks to everyone backing the project!

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Hey Everyone RPGSmith has launched and includes a core rule set for Fate Core.

Learn more at or Launch the free application directly at

If you like what you see please spread the word and watch for our kickstarter launching later this month.

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A little idea, brought to you by me playing too much Sentinels of the Multiverse —

Active Environments in Conflicts/Contests.

The place you’re in has its own aspect, and acts once each turn.

When the environment acts, instead of taking a normal action, one person rolls 3dF (or 4dF for particularly active environments)

If there’s a single ➕, the heroes get a free invoke on the environment aspect.

If there’s two, the environment takes on successful action (Overcome, Discover, Attack, CaA, Aid) on the hero’s behalf.

If there’s three, it does both.

The ➖ do the same thing, except for the opposition.

Yes, both of you getting an invoke is pretty common. They shouldn’t both be spent on the same action, because zero sum is boring.

Aaaaaand you can make stunts that hang off of “when the environment takes an action” or “when invoking the environment for a boost.”

So I wanted to ask: "What is your favorite Scene Type?" Contest, Challenge, Conflict, Chases, Crisis, Brainstorm, Briefing, etc.

So with no context at all: "Cops OR Robbers"? Okay, maybe a bit of context which would you as a Player find enjoyable to play?
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