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Richard Bellingham (Skimble)

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Community Rules

1) Hate (racist/derogatory/etc.) speech is grounds for being banned.
In general we will do our best to warn folks before this happens (second chance principle). Doubling down to defend that speech is equivalent to a statement you intend to ignore the concern.

Hate speech includes terms you may have grown up with and thought were okay, but which have become clear more recently as causes of genuine pain and/or harm for some members of the group targeted by the terms involved. The second chance principle here is an opportunity for you to learn and change.

If it's pointed out you're using such words thoughtlessly, it's not an effort to suggest you're unworthy or less of a person or anything like that.

What it is, is an attempt to stop harm to other people that you're (probably) unwittingly taking part in. This is an ugly feeling all the same, finding out what you've been doing isn't OK. Like suddenly realizing you've been standing on a kitten's neck for the past five minutes. The best thing to do to process it, to recover from it, is focus on how this is about the word and the culture that made the word OK, rather than about you.

2) Civility is mandatory!
Please remember that if you're finding yourself having a negative emotional response to anything on this community, the proper response is no response at all. Mute the discussion that's bothering you (G+ makes this super easy to do) and walk away having said nothing. Responding to someone you think is being rude by being rude yourself makes you the jerk, not the other way around.

3) Please don't delete your posts once people have replied.
This goes against the "Community resource" ethos of the Community and it's rude to delete other people's content without permission. In general you should expect that when you start a discussion on the community, it’s there for keeps.

4) No Spam
You’re very welcome to advertise your game, blog or anything else if it has relevance to Fate; We even have a special category for “Crowdfunding in Fate”. If it doesn’t relate to Fate but is likely to be of interest to Fate fans then you’re still welcome to post it. We reserve the right to remove posts that we feel are egregiously unrelated to Fate. (This amounts to a request that folks post on-topic, but not a mandate, at least not yet.)

Ryan M. Danks

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
I'm hoping to make the comments section in the linked article a resource for GMs to find inspiration for their Jadepunk games.
Tell the world about your awesome Jadepunk games!
I call of a Jadepunk campaign a Jadepunk Tale. As anyone who roleplays can tell you, a campaign can be a single game session or a twenty-year adventure. Since Jadepunk has been out for awhile, I …
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Joab Stieglitz

Actual Play, Characters, & Examples  - 
Joab Stieglitz originally shared:
To Estra Bletherin charted the course from Loranis through the Dark Point to Estra. Alex monitored the sensors closely to identify any hyperspace anomalies. The jump was uneventful and there was no other ships present. They jumped again to Estra. Jumping…
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nate trier

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
In Venture City's Faction section, what exactly is covered by the skill "Bureaucracy"? To me, that implies paperwork, red tape, and ineffectiveness. Mitsuhama Splice Corporation is the only Faction that has a Bureaucracy score. My working definition is that it implies a blend of "recognition" and "connections". How do other people interpret it?
Bean Lucas's profile photo
Bureaucratic obstacles tend to come in the form of red tape, regulatory prohibitions, political delays to otherwise routine processes. A Bureaucracy skill would be used in confrontations between a person and an organization, or between two organizations.

Since bureaucracy is important in terms of time, possibilities, influence, and procedures, I think your description of "recognition" and "connections" covers part of it. It covers the part where this organization wants to influence another organization to get them to do something and get it done on time.

So, to complete the picture, I personally would also think about it in terms of the organization's capacity to resist another party's attempts to make them act. That might be another organization or another person.

Venture City's government and civic conventions aren't described. I think this is a positive detail in the game material, because it leaves it up to a given game group to decide whether their setting a strong representative government, a corporate council, or a dictatorship. Naturally, any of those models imply their own type of Bureaucracy challenges and conflicts, and naturally, the government isn't the only organization with certain Bureaucracy factors.
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Fate SRD

Discussion  - 
We've added War of Ashes SRD content to the site at

This Open Content supplement presents rules first seen in War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus. They cover the following: Equipment stunts; Advanced conflict rules designed to support (but not require) use of miniatures; Magic based on the blessings and curses of capricious gods; Wondrous artifacts from a ...

Luke Green

Actual Play, Characters, & Examples  - 
Luke Green originally shared:
This report actually occurred over two sessions and I forgot to link it in my normal places when I first completed the report. This is a bit of a call back to the first playtest campaign and there was even reference to Nirvana operatives encountering this devourer in Edinburgh. The players are once again faced with an M5:9 laboratory hidden under a city. Of course this time it is already compromised and while the players have encountered this, the characters have not. So this is a new bit of psychopathy for them.
This session includes four characters: Arianrhod Monica Trengrove (aka Aria), the succubus and Perfect Yandere of War who believes Psyche is Doing the Right Thing and is Lost Outside the Hierarchy Sophia Ecks, a Voyeuristic...
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Joe Bardales

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
The Blacklist Files: SYLVANUS is the latest Fate Accelerated release for EXTREME EARTH. Each installment of the Blacklist Files presents one of FIST's most wanted at-large Super Talents. SYLVANUS is an extremely dangerous eco-terrorist who shares an exceptionally powerful bond with members of the plant kingdom. Available now from Fainting Goat Games! Written by Ade Smith and Dave Nolan. Artwork by Jon Gibbons. FAE stats by Joe Bardales.
[FAE] Blacklist File: Sylvanus - The Blacklist Files comprise the most dangerous at-large Super Talented individuals that the federal government consider
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Reed Simpson

Discussion  - 
Are there any good Android apps for playing chatroom/play-by-post games on? 
Nathan Hare's profile photoJeremy Downey's profile photo
You can add DiceBot to your Slack channel and do PbP in Slack.
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Sarah Newton

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
Hi everyone!

Mindjammer Press and Modiphius Entertainment are pleased to announce the launch of THE FAR HAVENS campaign pack for our transhuman science-fiction roleplaying game Mindjammer (Fate Core), available now in physical and digital versions.

You can get the digital (PDF) version right now from DriveThruRPG / RPGNow at:, and from the Modiphius webstore at:

You can get the physical (print) version, with a complimentary PDF, from the Modiphius webstore at:

And of course the book will be available at your FLGS shortly!



Fire your planing engines beyond the Rim, above the galactic plane to the outer worlds, free from Commonality assimilation. There’s a bounty out here on Event Horizon Probes, and the only synthetics are those who serve us.

My family is from the revered Wayfarers’ Guild, with Voyager eugenics strong in our lineage. I do not hold to the Utopian rapture, for I have flown a Stargull across the Dragonfly Ruins on Balar, and believe that all our fates are to be found there.

Join us! Think free! Live true! We are the Far Havens. We stand together; we go beyond.

THE FAR HAVENS is a campaign pack supplement for your Mindjammer game, providing rich setting detail for an exotic polity far beyond the Commonality frontier, above the galactic plane, which fiercely resists the inexorable advance of the event horizon probes. Join the Licensed Free Agents and the New Traders: explore this perilous frontier, and fight the machinations of the Commodus sentience and the rise of ancient powers…

THE FAR HAVENS includes:

• A whole new Outer Worlds polity, beyond the Commonality Frontier;
• Dozens of new worlds to explore, complete with starmaps, planetary maps and statistics;
• Organisations, technology, ships, new genotypes and life forms;
• Mysteries, intrigue, and adversaries for your Mindjammer campaign! THE FAR HAVENS is a complete campaign pack for Mindjammer—The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer—The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.

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Don Bisdorf

Looking For Group  - 
So the Story Goes: Rules Revision Playtest

The feedback I've received so far for So the Story Goes has helped me craft many improvements to this Fate Core setting. I've made a few substantial rules changes, and I'd like to get a few players together to try them out.

I'll run a new scenario this time, so if you've played before and you'd like to help out again, you'll have a new adventure to play through.

So the Story Goes is a game about traveling storytellers rebuilding the lost history and legends of their war-ravaged homeland. This is a land that once enjoyed a rich tapestry of myths, fables, and epic tales, and lost it all to oppression and violence. The PCs are giving their audiences new legends and parables, using the power of their storytelling to lead their people back from despair and chaos.

I'll run this online using Roll20 and Google Hangouts. This will be a single stand-alone four-hour session. I'm in the EST time zone, but I can adapt to other schedules. The earliest I would be ready to run is January 30, and I'm open to any suggestions for scheduling.

All players welcome, no prior Fate experience needed. I'll provide pre-generated characters, and I can provide the setting rules for anyone who wants to create a character of their own.
Kevin Nault's profile photoDon Bisdorf's profile photo
Feb 4 would work for me as well.
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Kristofer Pettersson

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
Are you allowed to change skill in a conflict? For instance: Can I alternate with Fight and Provoke? Or is it possible to skip the defense bonus if I chose to counter by creating an advantage instead?

Could you please share your best examples of a competitive conflict which ended in a good narrative?
Bean Lucas's profile photoToby Sennett's profile photo
However! You can do it! So the wily bard that can't handle a sword to save his life can still contribute against the brute that's deadlocked the barbarian. Then it becomes a matter of deciding to Attack, or Create Advantage. 
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Megan Bennett-Burks

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
The Renaissance era fantasy setting I created for Fate and released in PDF form last year is now available for print as a hardcover.
Leaves of Chiaroscuro for Fate is now available in hardcover! Softcover coming soon.
Note: If you previously bought the PDF, send proof of purchase, and I'll send you a $10 coupon for the hardcover. If you want the softcover instead, then you will want to wait.
Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Exploration & Intrigue in a Strange & Wondrous Renaissance - Beyond a doubt truth bears the same relation to falsehood as light to darkness. - Leonardo da Vinci Note: both a hi-res
Megan Bennett-Burks's profile photo
Here's a playlist with some actual plays and a review as well:
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Steve Hatherley

Discussion  - 
Some great examples of "I need, but you won't give me..." DramaAspects (as I call them) in Ben Robbins' Follow.
I recently backed Ben Robbins’ collaborative story game Follow, and I was delighted to see that he uses the same “I need, but you won’t give me…” approach to inter-character drama that I’ve been using for DramaAspects (and wr...
Steve Hatherley's profile photoJon Freeman's profile photo
+Winchell Chung we used it in a 1-shot +Steve Hatherley​ ran, (it was great!) and now we are using it in a short Star Wars game I am running, and Steve is playing. 
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Arlo Evans

Files, Videos, and More  - 
A nameless NPC sheet in Google Sheets.
Hopefully this can make things a bit easier for someone.
Created Advantage/Disadvantage (optional), Average (+1), Optional Average (+1). 12. Stress 1, Stress 2, Stress 3, Stress 4, Stress 5, Stress 6. 13. 14. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. 15. Fair, Good, Fair, Good, Fair, Good, Fair, Good, Fair, Good, Fair, Good. 16. 17. Original sheet by Michael Crisafulli, Google ...
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Joe Bardales

Discussion  - 
Quick question about sharing links to published Fate products on RPGNow in this community: yesterday I posted in the Fate Accelerated subsection a product announcement for a new FAE supplement from Fainting Goat Games and myself. It disappeared almost as soon as I posted it (although it still shows up on my personal G+ wall) Is this not allowed or is it the result of some G+ glitch? The same thing happened on the Fate Accelerated community. I apologize to the community in advance if I did something wrong. Thanks! 
Richard Bellingham (Skimble)'s profile photoJoe Bardales's profile photo
Thank you! 👍
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Erik Holmes

Play by Post  - 
Man, I'm dying to play a Dresden Files Accelerated pbp game, but there don't seem to be any out there. I'm thinking of starting one with rotating GM's. The idea would be that I (or someone else) would start a story, think of it like one of the books of the Dresden Files. When that story was finished, a new GM would take over to run their story, while everyone else continued to play their characters.

Anyone out there interested in something like this?
Eleri Hamilton's profile photoErik Holmes's profile photo
I went ahead and started something over at Mythweavers. I'll try to put up more tomorrow: - Pulp Fiction - Myth-Weavers

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Kenneth Holbert

Discussion  - 
Name: Thor Odinson
High Concept: Asgardian God of Thunder
Modes & Skills
• Good (Action; +4 Athletics, Combat, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Vehicles); Fair (Soldier; +3 Contacts, Will ); Average (Banter)
Action: The Might of Mjolnir
Soldier: Defender of the Nine Realms
Banter: Prince, Lord, God…
Omega: Fish Out of Water
• I Don’t Call the Thunder, I Command It: Thor can fill his zone with specific weather patterns by creating an advantage using Will. The opposition is generally Fair [+2], but increases with especially difficult weather, such as tornadoes or especially inclement weather, such as snow during high summer. These weather patterns fade away when Thor wills them to, when he leaves the zone or otherwise at the end of the scene. In addition, Thor can use Will to attack any target in a zone in which you’ve created a weather pattern. Use Athletics to fly; ignore all ground based obstacles when you do.
• No Mere Mortal: Bulletproof but weak against the ways of “Fate”; Armor: 4 to everything else. Once per Scene; spend a fate point to reduce one of your consequences by on degree of severity.
• Bringing Down the Hammer: Absolutely stronger than humans (Physique) but at a cost; Weapon: 4 when strength would matter; +1 to Create Advantages or Defending when wielding Mjolnir. Attacks made with Mjolnir can damage bulletproof enemies.
• For Asgard, Nay… FOR MIDGARD: When Thor creates an aspect with Provoke, those under his command who invoke it for a bonus get a +3 instead of a +2.
Signature Aspect: Defender of the Nine Realms
Stress & Consequences
• Physical: [5/5]
• Mental: [3/3]
o Mild:
o Moderate:
o Severe:

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Spooky McGee

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
Are there any Fate setting or rules that focus or give the spotlight to racing like Speed Racer, Red Shift, Immortal grand Prix and the like?
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+Steven Stone Sounds like modified chase rules....I like it.
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nate trier

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
Can anyone recall a treatment that coves how to create personal flying drones as a Stunt? I am positive I saw a model of how to do it in a supplement somewhere, but I can't find it at all. I remember it as being in something like GK Enterprise's Scientific Heroes. Ring a bell?

(For what it's worth, we're playing Venture City and a hacker character wants to have a drone with a camera and ranged weapon. Any thoughts on the best way to build that?)

nate trier's profile photoTroy Ray's profile photo
+nate trier My suggestion is this: The character (the hacker) has the powers Energy Blast and Super Senses... but not like Superman... There is a drone that the character builds and controls and through this he has those powers. Technology Theme... Like if Iron Man wasn't wearing the suit but used T-Spheres like Mr Terrific.

Does that makes sense? Does that fit what you wanted?
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