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NPCs created by CaA rolls

Hi there. I'm GMing for a group of friends a turn-of-the-century Japan game where players have ties to local Yakuza. On a given point, they found their boss badly hurt and since they didn't want to draw any attention they decided to go to an off-the-records kind of doctor. One of them succeeded the Contacts roll, so the Aspect Shady Private Clinic Doc was created and their boss was treated.

My question is: in following sessions, if they again need the services of this doctor, how should I proceed? do they need to re-roll Contacts?
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Doesn't mean he is available & hasn't been murdered or arrested.
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This combo sounds fair?

A non-human character from a race that has Natural Weapons as a Racial Stunt (Permission: Concept) that can (a) provide +2 in All unarmerd Attacks wiith Fight OR (b) can use Athletics instead of Fight in unarmed attacks.

This character has

Fight Great (+4)


- Riposte (FC 91)
- Natural Weapon (the two variants, Cost:2 stunts)
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+Fábio Emilio Costa Stunts is mostly 'game mechanic'-changing mechanic.

There is no necessity to waste one perfectly usable FP to make Fight>Athletics swap, if you have Fight 4.

Isn't it more appropriate to take only one stunt, based on your primary skill?
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Jeffrey Wong

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
In Venture City Stories, each power has a Collateral Damage Effect. There's really way to limit uses of it other than "oh yea, a situation aspect is added to describe your damage". I don't see how people won't exploit that and why they won't use it EVERY SINGLE TIME? 
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+Paul Kießhauer 
Oh, sorry, I already got rid of that post, because decided I misunderstood Jeff's question. 

To answer your question, though, I think that mechanical bonus for using unhinged power is so big because it's a heroes, who's using it.  It's a story tool. 

Unless we talk about particularly powerful and skilled villain, I'd rather give opponent one or two dirty tricks to screw specifically with players and their PCs instead of giving straight bonus. (!) It's not a zero sum, because there is no actual balance to keep tabs on.

(P.S. Wrote that and thought, that I should really make opposition in my techno fantasy campaign more interesting...)

+Jeffrey Wong 
If you're talking about villain PC, then I must assure you, that villains also doesn't exist in vacuum. So abusing collaterals is still going to harm them in one way or another. Imagine army, police, interpol, head hunters, other villains and most powerful heroes on earth going after particularly nasty villain each time he draws attention. That's not to mention civillians, who will report on him immediately.
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Malcolm Reynolds

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
This is a cross post from

I was considering developing a campaign based on The Martian, the Andy Weir book that will soon be the Ridley Scott movie staring Matt Damon. For those who haven't heard about it, the premise is that a lone astronaut was thought dead by his crew and left on the surface of Mars to fend for himself. The story then becomes his struggles to survive and contact NASA to inform them that he is still alive.

The idea would be that it was a group stranded rather than an individual. For obvious reasons, a group dynamic works better for an RPG. The problem with even a small group is that they would require much more in the way of resources than a single person. Though it could be explained by it being a base that was intended to be used for an additional mission such that additional supplies had already arrived.

As a test of what is truly possible with the systems, I was considering using Fate. There are a few problems that come to mind in trying to create a fairly realistic survival scenario. The good news is that I could obviously model the environment of Mars using the fractal. The bad is that I would have to deal with the fact that the skill list would have to be entirely rewritten to have a wide variety of science and engineering related skills such that a characters can't take Lore and Crafts as their two primary skills and ignore everything else. Though there is grounds for the use of other skills like athletics or physique to represent moving in a space suit or drive to represent driving the rover. Another problem comes from the fact that the technology and tools would be extremely important here in a way that Fate is generally not as effective at doing.

Perhaps the largest problem is that a scenario like this requires that the players and GM are all fairly knowledgeable about science, especially with Fate as a system, as it would be important in their narration. 
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I disagree that Fates lack of detail around equipment would be an issue. The largest issue I see would be the requirement that you and the player have a vast amount of scientific knowledge. You don't need detailed rules on how the atmosphere processor strips CO2.from the environment more than you need an understanding of how it works and what components are required to do so. I am assuming of course that you want to truly simulate the technical nature of the Martian and not just have fun pretending to survive on a hostile planet using meaningless technobable ("if we reverse the polarity on the primary plasma induction coils we could vent multi spectrum plasma out the aft thrusters and fly out of here on rainbows!") 
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Chris Garner

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I'm digging on the idea of treating armor and weapons as aspects for my ancient Rome game, and it's fairly easy to classify military armor as light (cloth and leather), medium (scale, light chain), or heavy (lorica segmentata, lorica hamata, cataphract armor).

I'm having more trouble, though, with gladiator armor. Gladiator armor mostly prevents easy kills, and often one style of gladiator's kit will differ from another's only by a piece or two. For example, in the classic pairing of the murmillo ("fish man") and retiarius (net fighter), the murmillo is armored with a sword-arm sleeve (manica), a greave on the left leg (ocrea), a wide belt (cingulum), and a full helmet with a big fish crest (probably an aspect on its own). The retiarius, meanwhile, has the manica and cingulum, but instead of a helmet, wears a metal guard that protects the shoulder and neck (galerus). 

I suppose making each piece of a gladiator's armor an aspect could make gladiatorial fights a little more crunchy and blow-by blow,  but then how do you determine the free invocations (following the Freeport Companion model)?
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+Paul Vencill I disagree. The way you're going to learn to fight as a legionnaire or gladiator is a lot different than the way you're going to learn to fight as a brawler or pirate. Pirates and brawlers aren't going to be drilling hours a day for months on end; they're not going to have instructors who've studied their art for decades; and (although this is true in the case of gladiators too) they're not going to learn to rely on their fellow soldiers and work as a team. And really, in the ancient world, only professional soldiers and gladiators are going to learn to fight in armor, to wear it correctly, work within its limitations, and use it to its full advantage.

In the spirit of keeping things simple though, I am thinking away of doing away with Arms, and instead having several stunts or stunt trees, for gladiators, soldiers, and warriors (i.e. tribal fighters who have training in weapons and armor but not in fighting in units). The stunts will probably require a permissioning aspect, and give you access to weapon and armor aspects (otherwise you just get a flat +1 bonus to defense for shields, damage for weapons, or -1 stress for armor).
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Randy Oest

Discussion  - 
The Fate SRD just crossed the ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWS threshold.
Wow. Humbling. Thank you.

Pierre Savoie

Samples, Examples & Actual Play  - 
I'm reading MASTERS OF UMDAAR but I don't understand this line at the bottom of p. 19:

"If you're building a stunt with an outcome surge, keep in mind that you can't shift one of your attacks."

Huh?  What is the "one of your attacks" they are referring to?  They refer to building powers in the previous box; are stunts different somehow?

(re-edit:  on the other matter, now I get the reference to cliffhangers on p. 24.  No problem.)
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Ah!  thanks.
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Can anyone help a brother out?

P.S. Disabling comments, please reply on original post!
Folks who've done Fate (Core or FAE) with a single player: did you adjust refresh rates, and/or the supply of fate points for the GM? I just got to wondering.

Eclipse Phase

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Eclipse Phase: Transhumanity's Fate playtest v2 is now live. We've simplified greatly from last year's version, and included an intro adventure. It is now a much Fate-y-er Fate build! Let us know what you think. :D  /copilot +Ryan Macklin 
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Lively discussion we have here, gentlemen.
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Steve Kunec

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Hi all,
I've always wanted to run a Steampunk campaign, but frankly, the genre is daunting. I've never felt like I could capture the flavor well enough. Any ideas on how I could go about making my dream a reality?
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And thanks, everyone, for the comments, suggestions and insights. I own several of the settings and supplements, including the GURPS supplement, which I think is fantastic. Cheers!
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Marko Savić

Looking For Group  - 
Interest Check -- (Fate Core) UFO: Enemy Unknown

Since I officially have nothing to do this weekend, I'm thinking of running an UFO game in Fate Core. Game would be played via G+ hangouts and timeframe would be Saturday morning / early afternoon US time, Saturday evening European time. Everything  else, including premise and in-character universe period are negotiable. After all, this is Fate.
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gratse Marko, but I didn't realize this was an advert for a online chat session. thanks but no thanks. I do like the idea of FATE XCOM or FAE XCOM. just NOT online.
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Brian Danford

Samples, Examples & Actual Play  - 
Ok, just for fun, this is a Supers character I thought up in M&M years ago, ported over to Fate Core. The character's powers are based on high-tech future gear, with a side order of temporal duplication and knowledge of how history is supposed to play out.

Agent (James) Blake
High Concept: Agent of T.I.M.E.
Trouble: Not my Century
Aspect 1: T.I.M.E. Badge with built-in Scanner, Supercomputer, Crime-lab, and AI Judge
Aspect 2: Standard Issue Undercover Morphic Armor and Smart Gun
Aspect 3: Temporal Mechanics is More Art Than Science

+4 Shoot
+3 Investigate, Athletics
+2 Rapport, Empathy, Lore
+1 Notice, Physique, Will, Fight


Paradox Compensators: Once per Session you can be in two places at once for a single scene. This does not give you more actions. You still only have one set of resources, including stress and consequences.

Future Historian: +2 to Create an Advantage with Lore when attempting to predict the future based off your knowledge of future historical records.

Chrono-Legalesse: Take a +2 to Overcome with Rapport when attempting to argue temporal legalities, such as seeking a writ of timeline alteration or a warrant for temporal arrest.
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If they resemble a bunch of stuffy lawyers and legal experts, "executors" may very well be a good fit. : )
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Jiima Arunsone

Discussion  - 
Calling all who could know. +Fred Hicks would be the best, but I understand he could not have a time.

I'm preparing a Fate talk for local con, and I'm not exactly sure when "the core of Fate" idea, the fractal, popped in. Is it a Fate Core new exclusive idea, or was it present in earlier editions (Dresden, SoC... in Fate 2.0 I didn't saw even situation aspects, yet such an idea...).

Also, is there any other Fate Core mod, besides Atomic Robo, which changes rules on similar level?
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There are also ways we played with stress tracks in those early versions that are part of the same puzzle. 
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On the superiority of Fate Core and The Hunt for Red October

This is my first post here and I was contemplating exactly why I prefer Fate Core over any other system. I enjoy an extremely wide variety of genres and was looking for an RPG that would work in all of them equally well. I initially looked at GURPS, but the problem there is that it was just too complicated. Besides the fact that it is currently missing GURPS vehicles for 4e, while 3e is somewhat overly complicated. The scenario I was interested in running was a murder mystery taking place onboard a submarine in a Hunt for Red October style conflict.

At the time I was contemplating this issue, I found both Fate Core and the Fate System Toolkit. I liked what I read in Fate Core, which was made even better when I read the System Toolkit. In particular, what made me like this idea was reading the Mass Combat rules and realizing just how powerful the Fate fractal really was. The beauty of skill rolls in Fate is that they are unitless.

Thinking about the film version of The Hunt for Red October, I was considering this issue. While realistic, the potion of various submarines in the film is based on what is narratively interesting rather than what is dictated by realism. Things like detection are similarly based on what is narriatively interesting rather than what is realistic (and could use chase rules from Fate). When it comes down to it, an RPG should be about simulating this rather than simulating reality. And Fate does that at least as well as any other game.
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And of course I used the word table with two conflicting meanings there. Group concensus and results from a random chart better fits my meanings. 
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Saab Sahi

Looking For Group  - 
The details are in the link. I hope to see you there!
Playing, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files, etc ). Next Game Will Be, 1443218400. Total Players Needed, 5. Game Type, Role Playing Game. Frequency, Played Weekly. Audio / Visual, Voice Only. Primary Language, English. New Players are Welcome, Yes. Mature Content(18+), No ...
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Randy Oest

Discussion  - 
I've assembled a collection of my blog posts on Fate for the curious. Each one has a quick description for easy skimming. Enjoy! ★ Thoughts on Design, Games, and Business 03 Sep 2015 on Fate. Compilation of Fate RPG Posts. I've been writing about Fate off and on for a while now and I thought that I would gather up links to all of those posts and put them in one place. This is that place. :-) ...
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The absentee player advice is great. I'm in a seven person group and it can be difficult to get us all together. 
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Dave Joria

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
Stunt idea: combo

For stunts, I love skill swaps; however, that's less useful when the skills are only one point difference. What do folks think of this:

All the Toys: when using Craft to build gadgets, you may spend a fate point to add your Resources to your roll (one use per exchange). 
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In my head, it was supporting the +4 skill with a +3 boost, but I see it works the other way around too. I really like Robin's suggestion, but curiosity makes me wonder what else can be done.

Idea 2: when you use Crafts to create an advantage for gadgets you build, you also make a roll using Resources, and pick which outcome you want.

Those, if a skill swap would only grant you +1, but also grants a reroll. 
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Alexandre Alves

Settings, Worlds, Rules  - 
I have a question about when a player receives a FP. Regarding the time, not the condition. I'll be glad If someone help me clarify that.

"Earning Fate Points
Have Your Aspects Invoked Against You: If someone pays a fate point to invoke an aspect attached to your character, you gain their fate point at the end of the scene." (FC page 81).

So I will be able to spend this FP only in future scenes. This is OK.

But about Accept a Compel (same page) nothing is said about when I will receive the FP.
Does it mean that I will receive this FP immediately (in the current scene) and will be able to spend it, lets say, in the next exchange?
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Had a group that tried that one time. We felt like it largely diminished the impact of skills, relegating them to the position of a circumstantial edge, akin to the role stunts usually play.  Not to mention turning several rolls into games of fate point chicken.
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Tariq Kamal

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)  - 
So here's a thing: there's a section on the Fate System Toolkit that talks about using races — or, to be more precise, species — in one's game. The thing is, the way it's discussed seems to be for Fate Core, since a particular species has its own species' skill (the examples given are Elf and Orc).

Which, okay, it takes up skills, and Aspects. How would I adapt this idea to FAE? Replacing it with Approaches just feels damn weird, so the solution I kind of stumbled upon was use Stunts, which players can choose specific Stunts that take up Refresh.

I'm not sure if it'll work out, though. Does anyone have a better approach (pun intended) to this?
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+Tariq Kamal I think that the whole Fate point mechanic is central as an indicator of that striving to engender buy-in to collaborative story telling, and it is the thing that has drawn me to try Fate out with enthusiasm, (which for me is quite a big deal after years of not investing any time in commercial game systems)
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Colin Matter

Discussion  - 
I recently purchased a Deck of Fate from +Evil Hat Productions. I want to use them in an upcoming game (no specifics at this point, just when I play fate again). I've been looking at them and thinking that I want to incorporate dealing hands out to people as well as having a common deck for results, so here's the basics I've got*:

1) Players get a card dealt to them equal to their Refresh. This is their Hand.
2) Every time a player would roll dice, they draw a card from the common deck.
3) Every time a character would earn a Fate Point they draw a card from the common deck and place it into their Hand.
4) Players spend Fate Points from their Hand and can activate one of two effects. They can A) add the value of the card they played to the last card drawn, or B) can choose to draw from the deck again (as a reroll).

I have not found a way to incorporate the Suns and Moons into the rules yet, but I want to. Any suggestions on the established ideas and/or the Suns/Moons issue?

*I know I've seen a system like this proposed somewhere else, but I'll be damned if I can find it or even remember where I saw it. If anyone does know, please reference that system for this discussion. Thank you.
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Sweet. I've got that one. I'll re-read it to see what it's like. 
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