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Jayne Mansfield
known as the actress and sex symbol was an American actress of stage and screen.
His conquests Porfirio Rubirosa
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Vera Jayne Palmer (Jayne Mansfield) ( April 19, 1933 - Slidell, La., June 29, 1967), known as the actress and sex symbol was an American actress of stage and screen.

Jayne Mansfield Although brown hair was naturally, became known as platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe style, Mansfield was also Playboy magazine's Playmate, in February 1955, but continued to appear in the magazine over the years. He received the Theatre World Award Award, Golden Globe and Golden Laurel, to star in some films popular at the time. They were always crimps her hair platinum, her rotund figure and prominent bust. His high IQ (163 he declared herself) also served to fuel the myth. He spoke five languages and had studied piano and violin.

Although his career was short, he got blockbusters. With the decline in the 60 blondes demand actresses of her style, Mansfield was relegated to comedies and melodramas of second order, but continued to keep its popularity in both the United States and abroad, appearing in all kinds of media including television, advertising, magazines, etc.. He also earned large profits from his tours night clubs in North America.

The actress was married three times and had five children. Attributed also numerous romances, for example politicians Robert F. John F. Kennedy and Kennedy and other men like as Claude Terrail, owner of a restaurant in Paris

Jayne Mansfield died in 1967, when crashing the car in a tragic accident in which he was traveling with the rear of the trailer of a truck on a highway in the state of Mississippi. The actress was 34 years old. She was accompanied by his driver, by his last lover (the attorney Sam Brody), and several of their children. The three adults riding in the front seat, died instantly. Instead, children, being in the back seat, suffered only non-critical injuries and wounds.

"A man will not really know until you have divorced him" .(Zsa Zsa Gabor)

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first marriage

the Dominican Flor De Oro daughter of vile The Dictator of the country as general of the army, ruled from 1930 until his assassination in 1961.1 He served as president of the Dominican Republic between 1930-1938 and 1942-1952 periods and indirectly ruled during the periods 1938-1942 and 1952-1961, using of puppet presidents.
Back in Santo Domingo, because his father's old age income dwindle, and try to get some money boxing career, but soon abandoned. Thanks to his congenial personality acute Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in a polo match, to the point that is incorporated into the social circle that surrounded the president.

It is there that he meets Golden Flower, the eldest daughter of Trujillo, who helped him get some lesser charges in the Dominican bureaucratic career: Secretary of State for the Presidency and Foreign Affairs and member of Congress. Finally home in 1932 with Flor de Oro Trujillo and appoints diplomat in Paris.

Then he was sent to Germany. They got on with the main characters of the European jet set stale and is also where you start the rumor that Rubirosa was unfaithful to Flor de Oro Trujillo separates diplomatic portfolio and the marriage ends in 1937. Despite her divorce with Golden Flower, their personal relationships with Rafael Trujillo mostly not altered. Shortly after he was appointed Dominican ambassador in Argentina.

In that position, Rubirosa presented at Government House and Donates a rose and the first lady, Eva Peron. Some sources cite Eva Peron as one of his conquests, although most authoritative sources indicate that it was one of the few women to be scuttled.

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It has a characteristic sharp wit and a Bulgarian accent and was one of the most beautiful in Hollywood. This week we look at the lives of the quirky actress Zsa-Zsa Gabor. One of the few actresses survivors of the golden age of Hollywood.

Zsa Zsa Gabor has been married nine times! Wedding surpassing the record of Elizabeth Taylor (married eight times).
The first time was at twenty, with Burhan Asaf Belge (Turkish Minister) after the powerful hotelier Conrad Hilton (with whom she had her only child), actor George Sanders (after divorcing married his sister Magda),
Herbert Hutner, Joshua S. Cosden Jr., Jack Ryan, Michael O Hara and Felipe de Alba.

(Rubirosa had relationships with extramarital with Zsa-Zsa and proposed to her but I reject Zsa-Zsa and said, "That you marry you if I can get when you want")

His last marriage and more durable, still valid today, in 1986 became related with the European nobility: German married Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, who many claim that boasts an aristocratic title without legal in your country.

"I never hated a man enough to give back his diamonds." (Zsa Zsa Gabor)

This week we look at the lives of Wife And Girlfriends of Rubi
With some photography & Phrases it, commemorating the Day of the Woman

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The Gentleman Driver

"For conquer wealthy women do not have to be rich, only appearing to do ..." -   (Porfirio Rubirosa)

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