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Welcome to the Google+ Thunderclap community. I'm currently inviting members from my other groups and feel free to join us.

Also to get the ball rolling here is my first Thunderclap campaign.
'Hack It!' -

If you like the idea behind my project I would be grateful for your support.

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Would love to get some support for our Campaign ending in 3 days....of course I return all the favors :-)

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Please show some TLC to this campaign, of course, we will return the favor. Wishing you well.
Returning support with

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Did you know? that you can also collaborate in the video game in which I am working and boost the development of Naktan a 3D adventure video game, inspired by the Mayan culture
To support:
1. Clikc on this link
2. Select support with facebook, twitter or tumblr
3. You will see how you add your vote and increase the social reach of the campaign, which means that many more people will hear about the campaign
4. Then you will get a message that says "thanks for your support", under this twelve other "help to share" sign and re-select facebook, twitter or tumblr so the world can know about this project
5. Ready! You are now part of Naktan's story.


#kickstarter #crowdfunding #thunderclap #maya #support

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Hey everyone

Check out our Thunderclap campaign for our new computer game. It is a story about corruption and good. FREE DEMO will be available this weekend

Please support us too to get our thunderclap campaign going thanks.

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We have launched a Thunderclap campaign for our first PC game, Leap of Champions.
Ours is a fast-paced arena FPS inspired by 90s shooters adding a new multiplayer mode on FPS scenario: the Ritual.
In the near future we will start a Kickstarter campaign and we are super excited about it.
It will be great if you would like to support us on Thunderclap and help us to build our community.
Here's the link and here you can also find a launch trailer of the game
Thank you all!

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New book release, would love some support and will return all thunderclaps. Introducing a young adult fantasy novel, The Paladins of Naretia.

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Hello Clappers, I find myself here like many others struggling to get there Thunderclap going.  I am hoping to reach more readers, please support my campaign. Thanks

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Hey devs! We only need FIVE more people to join our free Thunderclap to help support Indie Game Magazine, and then we've hit our goal! If you or someone you know supports IGM's efforts to spotlight the indie community, please lend us your Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr voices. Every single voice matters, since we're trying to reach new folks outside our typical social media reach!

Here's the link if you'd like to share it:

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Hey folks...I'll be sure to help out too. Also, those from here that help get a free copy
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