Are there any YouTube channels which are like an animation comedy style, like domics for example, which are made by a person who speaks French in their content?

OK , so Thisbe is my first time doing this but I need all the help I can get. I’ve been seen this french guy for a year and some months that I met in a dating app, we met and things escalated too fast if i must say but I didn’t mind ‘cause I really liked him, so we kept seeing each other for about 4 times and texting a lot he doesn’t live here in the US he only studies here like a exchange student in some program of that sort so when he is not in school he goes back to France( summer vacations, spring break, holidays) he was supposed to be send back for the fall smemester for but at the end he couldn’t but told me he would be sent back for the spring semester. Since he left to France in the month of May we have being in contact almost everyday and things couldn’t be better but last weekend I started an argument about how I really wanted to start an actual relationship with him, ‘cause I mean after a whole year this was the obvios next ste but he kept saying he didn’t wanted a long distance relationship which to me didn’t make any sense because that’s pretty much what we have been doing since he left to France. At the end of The argument he said us was over so basically he broke up with me... I don’t know what to do now, I regret everything I said he insisted he likes me and misses me but at the end he just broke up with me ... will he try to talk to me later on this week?? Or he really doesnt want to see me when he gets back? Should I try to reach him and apologize for my attitude and hope for him to answer and forgive me ?

So I met a frenchman on an online dating app. We became friends and talk about some stuffs. I asked him why he was using the app, he said that he's finding a good girl for him. So am I. We became comfortable and talked about silly things. About a week ago, he became a little sweeter. We even exchanged pictures. Our conversation were being slowly romantic until the day that he says he likes me a lot because he never gets bored of our chat. But he said that this is not the right time for us because we arent close enough. 8 days has passed, there's an improvement between us. He then became sweeter and sweeter. I told him i'm not yet his girl and he said it will take time to travel to the Philippines for me not to say those words again. To make it short, he wanted me to date him when he come to the philippines next year so that we could have memories and cuddle in person. Few hrs ago, he already said that he's already mine and the same with me.

He keeps on telling me he would go to the Philippines just to see me next year.
I asked him if he is serious and he answered me yes.
So it's been 10 days already. And we just started dating yesterday.

my question is: is he really serious about me? he even said "i love you" already... there's still a doubt on me. i cant read his moves. i hope he's being sincere with his words. any thoughts?

This is my first time posting to a Google+ community and greatly appreciate your thoughts.

A month ago I went on a date with a Frenchman I met while out dancing. We had a great first date that led to our first kiss and spending a wonderful weekend together. On our first date, he had mentioned that he was going to be traveling for work a lot during the summer which I thought was fine not realizing how it was going to have any affect on me. At the end of the weekend, he brought up his traveling saying that he knew that we hadn't been seeing each other for long, but he wanted me to know that he was essentially going to be leaving on his work trip and would not be returning until the end of August. Before I had met him I had already made dates with a couple of other guys and in a state of shock told him this and mentioned that I should probably cancel them. He agreed that I should. I decided to cancel the dates because I do care for him and didn't feel the need to meet these new guys. He came back two weeks ago from a trip and stayed with me for the two nights he was here; however, now that he's left again we haven't communicated much at all. I know his work is demanding, but I'm beginning to get the impression that he's lost interest. I have thought about asking for more frequent hellos, but I don't know if I should just let it be. Any thoughts and suggestions would be lovely!

Okay so our school had this farm "activity" thing and we went to this farm in our country and there were exchange students from france, my eyes landed on this cute and good looking french guy he's 21 years old (i asked the people in the farm about him) and Im currently 18 years old. I took a photo with him since i thought Im never gonna see him again cause he's just soo cute. But then I decided to go back because i really do like him i mean i know his name and everything but i want to get to know him. So i went back to the farm around the last week of march and i have this girl i made friends with in the farm introduce me to him so we exchanged our names but then he had to go because he has work to do. My stay there was 2 nights and 3 days and we went home i called my friend from the farm and she made me talk to this french guy i like, my friend was making this french guy say things to me so that i can be happy and have butterflies in my stomach but i know for a fact that it wasnt him and it was my friend forcing him to say it (but not in a aggressive way) so the question is how do i get this french guy to like me? I really like him and i want to get to know him I can't stop thinking about him please help me.

So I met this french guy who was very good looking at a "bar" in my country (El Salvador) and he was looking at me during the night, finally he came up and asked me for a cigarette and then he started talking to me, before I left he asked me for my number because he wanted to see me the next day. On the next day, he texted me, and I invited him to my home since I was with a friend and he brought his friend to my home, honestly, it wasn't easy for him to come to my house he had to take a bus and walked A LOT since he got lost, but he finally made it. Once in my home, he was getting closer to me but I was keeping my distance because I was a little bit scared that my dad came in lol but after chasing me around, he kissed me. We share some french kisses and then he wanted to do more... But I said no, again because my dad could walked in at any minute and it would have been a disaster haha that was the last time I saw him because he was on a trip in America so he left at the next day. However, it's been 2 months since that happened and he is still texting me, but here's the thing, we do text a little bit and the rest is only for asking me to send pictures of myself, which I do it because it's kinda fun (I do not get naked tho) just showing him a little bit and he does that too, I don't wanna lose my connection with him even if we stay just as "friends" but I don't find the right words to tell him that it's kind of annoying that he is asking me for pictures all the time and I don't want to be rude when saying it, because I'm afraid that he won't talk to me again, right? He is always inviting me to go to Annecy (where he is from) and he's very respectful or maybe romantic is the right word, but my question is, this doesn't mean anything to him, right? Like, I'm just his "good time chitchat" or could be possible that he is actually a little bit interested in me?

Hello my name is Poppy, i'm studying french. Can someone who knows french tell me Why there is so many ways to say "you're welcome" In french? and what's the most common way people say "you're welcome" in french. “Je t'en prie” “De rien” “Il n'y a pas de quoi” “Je vous en prie” “Avec plaisir” Are all ways of saying You're Welcome.

I met a French guy on an online dating website a few weeks ago, and he's been telling me he loves me since I met him, haha......Being an American, I've never experienced this and at first I thought it was very strange, but then I wondered if it was cultural because he seems so sincere (I would I know?)...Is this a French guy thing?
We talk on Skype about every other night and write everyday...he's been proposing that he sells his business and come to the US (where I live) with his two kids (he's a widower, and I'm divorced w/2 kids as well), and wants to buy me a house & all of us live happily ever after and so on...and I want to believe it because he seems so sweet....
But I don't know what he would do here because he doesn't speak much English...
Do I need a reality check (as I write this, I'm thinking I probably do😬), or are French guys like this in general (so emotionally open, quick to proclaim their love for you)?

Need advice on something that seems impossible to most. I adore my Frenchman who is a French soldier in Paris. Mad love and respect for him like no other before. LDR's are without a doubt hard but then you factor in his "work" and oh my! I would love to know and understand more about the culture and the life of those in the military in France. I am committed, regardless of the lack of support I receive from friends and family here in the states. We have been close for 9 months and he has given me no sign to think he does not genuinely care. I am not, despite what others believe, fed unrealistic hopes. I'm just now diving into the differences of relationships and dating of such. However, most of what I read is enlightening but does not take in account his military career of 20 plus years. Does anyone have anything to offer on the life of a French soldier?

Is there anyone here who I can interview about the tragedy that happened tonight in Nice?
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