Our school district insurance provider would like for us to take a course on constructing/programming/flying drones BEFORE we work with kids; I'm unable to find anything on the US west coast. Would prefer something very low cost/free, if possible....Ideas?

I am looking for any drone lesson plan ideas for upper elementary grades.

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FYI - the 2nd half of this free webinar on Tuesday, June 21 at 2pm Central USA will be talking about Drones for STEM/STEAM Education.

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I'm a primary school teacher in the UK and we've been using drones in the curriculum for a few years now. Here's some of the uses that we've put the drone to.

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Ramping up UAVs in class and forming the 1st flying club at my school (Kestrel Club) ... here's a sample flight: (The UAV is a Parrot Bebop v1):

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Hi all ... in January, I purchased 5 drones for my middle school classroom grades 6-8. I have 3 Hubsan H107C, 1 Hubsan H107C+, 1 Hubsan H107D+ FPV, and 1 Parrot Bebop Drone. I have developed a ground school and flight instruction program (... former pilot) for 7 students and we are well into the curriculum. The UAVs are used in persuasive writing class as well as science class and the kids are inspired and learning (3 have since obtained their own UAVs and have as yet to have lost them or damaged them so far!) Once this class has run its course, I will create the Kestrel Club here at school and open it up to other interested students! I'm looking forward to see how others are bringing this technology to life through learning in their classes!

What are the best drones for Middle School students? What language is mostly using for programming the drones? Thanks.

Our organization just developed a drone engineering curriculum for middle schoolers. If you are interested, please check it out here: www.shedrones.com
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Hi everyone, I am an elementary school teacher from Singapore. I have just bought a drone and am thinking of incorporating it into my classroom teaching and learning. Looking for any ideas on how to achieve this. 
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