When a bunch of Jedi's tumble down a flight of stairs, with intention of belligerency metaphorically then kind of... then that is a disturbance in the Force? 🙂 The quantum interconnective discord is kind of... what I'm getting at.

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Quantum Mechanics Community members, I hope you all have a fun Halloween👻🎃 Here's a Hellraiser Angel of Death Slayer video for you to enjoy, have a very extra-Dimensional Lamerchand kind of day! 😈

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Count down...☹️

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Adding a Second Cat to Schrödinger's Cat Experiment Might Break Quantum Physics

Daniela Frauchiger and Renato Renner of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology proposed a complex setup, take Wigner's setup and double it. Now you have two tiny physicists (Alice and Bob) inside two boxes with Wigner A and Wigner B looking on from the outside (they're in separate rooms, so they can't see each other's boxes). Alice flips a coin, then sends a quantum message about the result to Bob. Finally, both Wigners open their boxes and determine the result of the coin toss. What happens?

According to Frauchiger and Renner, in certain scenarios, it's possible for both Wigners to be certain of the result but come up with different answers. It basically says that the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics contradicts itself.

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When the universal darkness is covering the earth, and hold us tight
Some spying eyes are drawn to the sky stuck upon it

Filled with interrogations
They are questioning about life:
What is the reason for our presence here?
And what can we do to prevent human mistakes?

When the first minute of the day arrives with this total silence
Some light crystal beams are penetrating the room
Delivering this darkness that doesn't show me
In which world of trouble we are living

Pressure, slaughtery, crime and monetary shit…

My eyes are opening to a totally different world!!
A seepage of flesh that awaits to be hacked up

Feeding your deadliest thoughts
Human of century
No more can I accept these lies

They are all standing there, without anyone talking and no reason to be heard
But life is so important! This life is yours
When someone chooses to take or give life
Many lives are resting on their shoulders
[Solo: Kevin]

It's a choice to make, the way of life you'll take
So I wish you to take the good path!

If society can't accept itself, how could it deal with each individuality
This nightmare must be overcome
This truth is for us!!
It's a scar that cannot be healed but it could be known
At this point, coexistence could be a scheme

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Feels like I'm in debt 🙄... +Hritik Vijay +UMANG SINGH +Rebecca Charlse
“Volumes” is an experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov using physics-based particle animation. Waves and unseen forces send billions of color-changing particles aloft in the film. The motions – especially the way the particles seem to tear themselves – are reminiscent of a complex fluid, like yogurt. These substances have both liquid-like (viscous) and solid-like (elastic) properties depending on the forces they experience. Zhestkov’s particles are similar; they move like a fluid but tear more like a solid.

Watch the video:

#fluiddynamics #science #physics #granularmotion #complexfluids #nonNewtonianfluids #viscoelasticity
Animated Photo

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NASA finally launched its Parker Solar Probe spacecraft on its mission to “touch the sun”. The Delta IV rocket carrying the probe blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, after a series of delays. The Delta IV Heavy rocket thundered into the pre-dawn darkness, thrilling onlookers for miles around.

NASA needed the mighty 23-story rocket, plus a third stage, to get the tiny Parker probe the size of a small car and weighing well under a ton racing toward the sun. The probe, which aims to give NASA an up-close look at how our nearest and dearest star works, will travel at 430,000 miles an hour - faster than any spacecraft in history. The probe will use Venus's gravity over the course of it's 93million-miles journey over seven years to gradually bring its orbit closer to "touch the sun", as NASA calls it. Of course, the spacecraft won't actually touch the sun – its temperature is a ludicrously toasty 5,500 degrees Celsius, and would instantly destroy any probe. Instead, it will fly into the sun's atmosphere, where it will observe from a "safe distance" of approximately four million miles away from the star's surface – protected by a "cutting-edge heat shield".

The spacecraft will provide unprecedented information about our sun, where changing conditions can spread out into the solar system to affect Earth and other worlds. The spacecraft will trace how energy and heat move through the Sun’s atmosphere and explore what accelerates the solar wind and solar energetic particles. The measurements and imaging captured by the Parker Solar Probe will revolutionise our understanding of the corona and the Sun-Earth connection.
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