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Just three days to go until our STEM to STEAM online course begins:
Our DLaB group are really excited about sharing our ideas for digital learning across subject boundaries with you, and then taking them further in this community as we did last year with Technology Outdoors. We do hope you can find time to join in over the next three weeks 😊

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Just saw these on the scratch junior website..maybe useful to print and use the blocks when introducing

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This is a useful website to keep updated on e-safety.

Hi All,
Just to let you know I've set the date for the next meeting for Thursday 13th October. You can sign up through the CAS site as normal.
Hope you all had a great holiday.

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I thought this was an interesting article from Phil Bagge...which can be as implicate to staff wanting help as well as children lol!

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As promised here is the two books I brought the first one I got for adults although it is for the children and the third one down (green book) is the one with all the flaps which my kids love.

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