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Where'd it go?

I'm working to fix 30 pages of broken links on the site and managed to put up an additional 60 or so pages of the content in the last two days. I better go do some Purple Duck Games work or that monster editing for DSP.

I have 30 pages of wanted links on the Grand OGL Wiki. I need to clean this up a bit.

Okay, all the OGC from the first Carrion Crown product is now on the site. I think for the rest of the week I will focus on resolving some wanted and orphan pages.

I'm adding the open game content from the Carrion Crown adventure path to the site because I plan to run this adventure path soon.

I'm off Friday and will be in the house all day. What should I add to the Grand OGL Wiki?

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Okay, I've just finished uploading all the barbarian NPCs from the NPC Codex onto the site. My goal is to get the whole book done by the end of Christmas holidays but I know that will be a tough run. 

If you are looking for NPC stats for your game check out this page on the site:

It auto-updates every time I put a new NPC up.

Hi Community Members. 

My current task is to try to add all the npcs from the NPC Codex to the site. I am currently working on the barbarians.
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