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Name: Eurich Goldbane
Age: 23
Appearance: Medium height, dark red, neck length hair, wears something around neck and lower face at almost all times and hair covers some of the face. Left eye covered by hair.
Personality: Extreme claustrophobia. Very shy, and jokes quite a bit. Very strong feelings but hides them from most everyone. likes to 'disappear' from people's minds except close friends and aquatintences. Rarely breathes when not in battle, and commonly spends spare time playing a dragon wood lute he found a while back.
Weapon: Insect Glaive (Bone Glaive)
Armor: Full Derring Set
Items: Potions, whetstones, assorted mushrooms, and throwing knives
Bio: Got lost once in the tainted sea and saw something. Scared ever since then, he trusts not many. His only phrase when you try to recruit him is "I am a tactician, not a soldier." He feels alone in this world, and nobody has seen the same horrors, and he doesn't want anyone else to have to be that. His goal is to protect all from the horrors of the world.

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Name: Hunter

Age: 2300

When Hatched?: 2300 years ago

Powers/Abilities: can create clouds of dust which explodes

Weakness: Ice

Aliments: Iceblight. Waterblight, Fireblight, snowman, Blastblight

Where He/She Lives?: Anywhere (Except in the ocean)

Gender: Male

Weakness Sign: Limping

Signature Moves: TRIPLE ROAR

Size: 4789.323

Generation: 4

Bio: Named because he hunts elder dragons ALL THE TIME. He despised elder dragons because he was interrupted by elder dragon EVERYTIME. Until he started hunting elder dragons

Side note: It wasn't originally gonna be a Molten tigrex

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Name: Donny
Species: Duramboros
Age: 19
When Hatched: April 5th
Powers/Abilities: High Endurance
Weakness: Fire
Ailments: Stun
Where He Lives: Anywhere he travels
Gender: Male
Weakness Sign: Limping
Signature Move: Tail Slam
Size: 1230 cm
Generation: 3
Personality: Kind, Clumsy, Outgoing, Adventurous
Bio: A kind hearted runt, who almost never fights. He follows Vancer, the closest person Donny can consider family. Despite being the runt of the liter, Donny can knock down a tree with ease.

Battle Theme: Hall of The Mountain King

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Name: Vancer
Age: 17
Date of Birth: March, 7th
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 105lb
Armor: Barroth
Weapon: Bone Bludgeon
Personality: Relaxed, Kind, Adventurous
Companions: Donny
Items: Potions, Whetstones, Energy Drinks, Antidotes, Cool Drinks, Hot Drinks, Gloamgrass Roots, A Banjo
Bio: A traveler who lives a more peaceful life with monsters, only using his hammer against aggressive monsters. He travels with his best friend, Donny, a Duramboros runt. Most commonly Vancer and Donny are seen wandering around, with Vancer playing his banjo on Donny's back.
(That last sentence sounds like a certain cartoon for some reason.)

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Name: Jade
Age: 21
Gender: female
Height: 6'1
Weight: 132
Armor: miralis
Weapons: she can use almost any weapon except gunner weapons
Personality: kind silent and say what she has to say on her mind
Likes: having fun meeting monsters and people
Dislikes: being told what to do and anything mean
Bio: when she was a child she was away from her parents she stumble to a dire miralis' home the dire miralis took care of her until she knows what to do and yet she can tame a large monster like Chris can and she's a sister to Chris and yet she quits the guild.
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