My life has been a bit chaotic since my last posting in this community.  For which I feel a need to apologize, but then I feel I need to ask what kinds of things may we post here.

For instance, I am well aware that I have issues from my childhood.  In fact the first four-five years of my life are pretty much of a black hole, but in the black hole is the origin of all the issues I have dealt with all my life.

My brothers and I grew up in a very emotionally abusive environment. That environment has affected us differently.  My brother has been was convinced to block out that part of his life.  Not to talk about it, or think about it.  I can not do that  What happened in the past, has always had a tremendous influence in who I am, what I do, and what I think..

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A fascinating talk given by Alan Watts, British born philosopher and writer.

Alan Watts - Man in nature

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Welcome +Victoria Smith and +Mary Jo Marioman :) great to have you there any requests for content that you would like to see or is there anything that we can help with ? Big hugs :) x

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Are you familiar with Mooji?

Nobody Has to Be Anybody!

How are you feeling today? Do you need to talk to someone?

We offer a specialist cross national guidance and advice service dealing with anything from day to day lifestyle issues all the way through to life restricting mental health problems.

We are here to serve you, to listen and to help you with your life in any way we can.

Post us a message, chat with us now

or Email us here -

but first who would you like to talk to?

Life Guide:                            James, 30 - UK based Psychiatric Nurse

Available 24/7

Wellness Adviser                   Helene, 23 - Norwegian based health
                                                                  and wellness coach.

Available 9-5 Monday to Friday


Please note both James and Helene are registered practitioners with the national health authorities in their respective countries and so any information that is shared will be treated as strictly confidential.

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So what do you believe in?

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Great Info! Thanks +dorothy holder :) x
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