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Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays.

RP Delia (Shadowhunter)
Place Anywhere in the University
Time Well, Chistmas!

Delia rushed around, Christmas! Finally. She wanted to celebrate or hide which ever came first. In her ugliest Christmas sweater, black jeans and combat boots, she raced down the steps. Usually in her culture they would celebrate casually will elaborate decorations, but the council said that she was welcome to stay at the University with her friends.


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Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone!!! :D

Hey!!!! Anyone want to talk?

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ACTIVITY come on
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Ice Breaker:
Ok sorry for the lack of spam do I'm just going to be weird and ask you... What's you favorite kind of soap? Like do you like bubble bath soap or the hand soap in your bathroom? Idk but I love the shower gels from Bath and Body works and I thought I might ask

Daily Ice breaker:

Would you rather travel the world but be blind or go no where at all and have X-ray vision?

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Name: Mazie Elena Dunn

Age: Mazie is 19 years old. Her birthday is October 20, 1996.

Species: Mazie is a shapeshifter.

Gender: female

Personality: Mazie is slightly introverted and asocial, she greatly prefers being alone and living life on her own terms rather than living to standards of others. She greatly values independence from others and her family, and cannot stand restriction and being held back.

Likes: Mazie prefers deviance and originality over anything else in life, and thus likes most anything strange or new. She has a great liking for things with visual appeal and things that are aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors and has a thirst for adventure.

Dislikes: Mazie tends to stay away from large crowds and social events with a lot of people. She does not like things that are plain or boring, and greatly favors complexity. She cannot stand restrictions placed on her that she can control and will try to bend the rules as much as possible in these cases.

Bio: (i'm bad at making character bios so don't judge if this turns out bad) She grew up in an average household, with one brother four years older than her in a suburban neighborhood. Her brother was the poster child for getting good grades and was a generally good kid, Mazie not so much. She never really followed rules and didn't get good grades, but she was well-behaved when she needed to be. Her parents would put up a loving display for the public, but actually had a very wavery, tense relationship with both each other and their kids. Growing up, Mazie would often go out for walks through the forest or around town, usually nowhere in particular. One night, her mom came home drunk and an afraid Mazie found herself trying to escape. She soon found herself locking herself in the basement and after hearing the door open, leapt out of the small window near the ceiling. When she first left the floor, it was a difficult height, but then as she hit the soft ground outside, she found the work effortless. She knew something else was up, she suddenly was a lot smaller than usual, and had a very different build. After searching for answers, she saw the reflection of a small brown-and-black cat in a moonlit puddle. Shocked by the sight of the animal, she shifted back into a human with a small flash of light. Another person was approaching at that point, and with a glint of cat-eyes she ran out of the way. The person was another student at US, and found out that she had shifting powers. He then took Mazie in, having her stay at his parents' house, and was soon enrolled in University Surreal.

Student or Trainer: Mazie is a student at University Surreal.

Weapons or powers: Mazie has an ability to shapeshift into different animals, but can't always control it. She also gets animal-like instincts from time to time for a few minutes after shifting back to a human.

Appearance: Mazie stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall, weighing roughly 131 pounds. She has creamy light brown skin and black hair tipped with hues of pink, blue, and purple, reaching down halfway past her shoulders. She has deep brown, almost black, eyes. She has no tattoos, but has one piercing in each ear. She tends to wear naturally colored makeup that blends well with her natural skin.
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