I wish to study the ways of economics, that way I can understand it better and hopefully, pass my class.

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From Jay Dugger's Reading List:
#fbt: "The PAO-System (Person-Action-Object)" http://feedly.com/k/HebPOt

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Well I guess this is a minor benchmark. If schedule permits I can show how I did this via Google Hangouts or On Air. Although this is really really basic for Blender. 

Hi, I'm Mark and I can offer a starter course in Java programming if anyone is interested. 

Hi I'm Justin, 
I'm looking for Mandarin Practice Buddies. 
What I can offer is help and counter points in the following: History, Table-Top RPing, Some Management, Some Philosophy, Game Theory, Economics, Tactics (from Airsoft and real), Some Military Studies (doctrine, ops, and intelligence), some survival (wilderness, foraging, organization), some fitness, etc...  there's more I just can't remember right now.  

So, do we make requests here in the community for study buddies? 

What projects do you all have in mind for the Study Buddy community?
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