How gifted would you say i am?

Hey,Can I join. I'm dark but very gifted...

Ummmm hi ummm can anypony give me a profile template plz

Hi,Luna,May I Be One Of Ur Student?

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walks into the class then sits down at my desk then starts to shiver as I feel the energy inside of me rising

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walks around the class looking around

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Name: fire dash

Age: 16

Race: Pegasus

Gender: mare

Sexuality: bi

Personality: happy and nice but sometimes sad and angry

Likes: meeting new ponies ,music ,learning

Dislikes: being alone being bullied and not able to do anything

Special talent: flying fast and being able to change into a pony animatronic and have a inner hollow inside of me

Bio: was born in cloudsdale but was sent to canterlot by myself and was having problems control the energy inside of my body and not being able to control my pony animatronic form and my inner hollow but found somewhat of shelter in a old dinner 
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Hi,im a new student and my name is ender prince but you can call me ender.

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Name: Princess MusicalLarva(changeling name)/MusicalBrush(pony name)
Age:180(changeling age)/18 (pony age)
Likes: horror stuff,spikes,studs,anything black and emo stallions
Dislikes: color pink,anything happy, girly ponies and changeling haters
Talent: singing,playing cello,piano and guitar
Personality: funny,sweet (if your nice) mean (come times) smart,talented,emo/goth/scene and pretty
Bio:ran away from mother (queen chrysalis) so she did not have to become the new queen.used all magic to take a form of a pony that does not exist so she made up MusicalBrush who is a alicorn because she thought she would get more friends as a alicorn she is emo/goth/scene and thinks emos stallion are cute/Kawaii/hot don't judge me 
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+Angelise Withermen

sorrow wind walks around the hallways grumbling to himself, ponys start to look at his hooves where he stitched them blood drops dripping on the floor I don't belong here at all.....
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