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Rules and lore of the Buggets!

When creating a Bugget be sure to keep in mind the features and traits mentioned on the sheet. Generally one rare and one uncommon only. Unique traits are available through adopts only!!

Give credit to Cyber-Dogg for the species and be sure to post your critters here in the group!

No tracing, recolouring, stealing. Its frowned upon and will sadden the Buggets :'c

Buggets can be sold as adoptables for points, art and for other Buggets, characters!

When making a Bugget you have to attach them to an object, song or an environment. This can be anything from a slice of pizza to an 70's disco theme!

Buggets clothes are a part of them and will ALWAYS have an eye printed onto them.

Be creative!! Colour is key!

All are born genderless and with eyelashes although many choose to change as they get older, some even loosing the eyelashes altogether.

Buggets are best described as void creatures that are someone born into the human world then bond with the first thing they see or hear. They are born tiny and grey but quickly grow unto colourful critters centered on the first thing that greeted them in life.

Anyone can own a Bugget, you just have to hope one spawns close enough for you to catch it.

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Alternitive fashion bugget adopt

50 points! Art or another character.

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This is Kitty
This Bugget prefers the female pronouns so you could say that Kitty chose to be female.
The first thing she saw was a outfit with a cat so that is where her design originated from

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Another bugget boi :3
His name is Vanilla

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•PastelRibbonBugget Adopt•

I made a nugget adopt; it's based off of pastel ribbons.
Species Made By +Cyber-Dogg
It costs 20 DeviantArt Points!
Trait(s) : Uncommon Fish Tail

My DA :

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She is Aesthetic~~ uwu

Adopt for 50 points <: comment to claim!

If I held a contest of some sort would anyone be interested?

I have a few ideas for one. Design a banner, design a mascot, create a new rare trait.

Winner would get art of their bugget from me and any volunteers who want to contribute art <: And of course get their design/trait used in the group!

If any one is interested let me know and I'll make it happen!

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Re-making mah child
So coot
So simple

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•Music Beats|Bugget OC Reference Sheet•

•Based off of Beats!Headphones/Music
•Neutral Gender
•Moody; Bouncy; Dances As Dramatic As Music
•Rare +2 Ears Trait
•Uncommon Long Tail Trait
•Loves Headphones

Buggets Belong To +Cyber-Dogg~

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Imade a bugget :> !!!
I hope you like ;u;,
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