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Feathers fly and screams are the order of the day at the Damrak pillow fight. We get you close to the action!

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People have been asking me why tourists, start-ups, academia and busimess folk. Here's why

Why this start-ups, customer service, networking and tourists event?

Start-ups, Business folk and students don't connect on a weekly basis to confer on sales,marketing and customer service topics and networking best practices.

However, we see this as the area which could use the most improvement and can bring the most lucrative results!

Instead of constantly talking bytes we should be talking more about how to improve the way companies here are perceived by the service they give to end users. There are tons of tourists who can tell you about the service they get.

We only are here to improve how Dutch companies deal with foriegners--in English--and how we can improve that while having fun!

Why Tourists?

Tourists rarely meet locals and yet, they are the best ambassadors of good hospitality and great locales.
Whatsmore, some start-ups and certain industries become so focused and nerdy, they lose the ability to socialize with non-tech people and anyone outside their tight circle of friends.

Business is about people and the ability to convince and or enlist. Good people skills at ALL levels in a business is important. Here's a fun way to do that every week.

Get out of your comfort zone

With thousands of visitors in Amsterdam daily we want to invite those interested in meeting the most cutting-edge people in business and academia in a friendly " everyone meets everyone" and no "cliques" environment where we introduce people and nobody is lonely.

This adds  a new dynamic to this type of mixer. We want to avoid pretentious labels and attitudes and get collegues to separate and meet others different than themselves. Remember though,  the 'Law of Attraction' states once you meet these people, the more you realize you have in common!

'It takes Joules to make jewels'

It takes tons of force to make a diamond. If you want jewels you need Joules of energy. There is a parallel business and personal development, you need to make an effort to shine, that is pressure do something different.

We want to open a door offering a fresh approach to face-to-face meeting new people for the first time. We want people to get out of their comfort zone and meet, socialize and even dance with people they just met. While it's uncomfortable at first, there is nothing better to improve your self English.

We want to thank the staff at Luminaa for providing us with the venue.

This is a great locale with an outside patio for mixing and a cool interior for dancing in the heart of the tourist zone so we will also get people to join us walking by the venue.

On top of this, DJ Angenito plays music that makes you want to dance in the grand, old, funky style.

Tickets are only 5 Euros and include a free shot.

What more can we do to get you out of your comfort zone to learn something new meet cool people and yet have fun...once a week?

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Come join us every Wednesday in Amsterdam
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