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Starts Google Glass Enterprise Edition.
Initially it will be distributed by companies specialized in logistics and medical services.
Hopefully it will soon be available to individual users or small businesses.
The definitive model is exactly like the unit that went on sale on ebay a year ago and quickly lowered the auction.
Curved frame, with hinges and slightly longer prism.
Let's see what will bring us google.

Dr. Antonio Marino
Instagram: @maxilofacialcom


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Help !! I have an invite to the Explorer Program that I must send out to someone today !!!! Help me find someone who would like to seriously join the Explorer Program please guys !!
Explorers please help !!!

I recently got an email from Google to invite someone to the Explorer Program! After searching myself for a person local to me who would like to join the program, I was unable to find someone who could seriously take the opportunity :-/.

I'm still in search of a person who would like to be an Explorer now. Any of you fellow Explorers have a friend who wants to join the adventure with us and our Glass Family?!? Please help!

PS. My invite expires after tomorrow ( 3/11/14) , I'm sorry its soo last minute guys!


Hello guys. I've got 6 with a week left on them.

I have one invite left. Good for about another week.

Anyone need an invite it's active for 1 week

I just got another invite, email me if you want it

Long shot I know but does anyone have a +Google Glass invite they'd be willing to give? I signed up on the website quite some time ago but I'm sure I'm in a long que. I am a writer and think that using glass during my daily walks would allow me to take pictures of things that interest me and fuel my inspiration! Also I run a Cub Scout pack and think that glass would be wonderful for capturing memories as they happen during our events (I'm thinking Pinewood Derby instant replays!)

I have one invite left, today is the last day.

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MyGlass for iOS is out. Let the fun begin.

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Got one invite code ready, and another 2 invites that I have to submit it to google glass. please let me know if you want one by filling up this form. I'll pick up the winners this weekend 
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