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Hello newcomers!
Here's some info on Uraks! You can look through the previous posts to learn more info, but these are the basics!

Hello, welcome to the community of Uraks! Here I'll tell you some stuff about them!

Uraks are creatures that have created their own universe, they were left alone in peace, they started to evolve from smaller creatures to bigger and smarter creatures, of course they're still evolving, here is some more stuff about them

They have excellent hearing because of their huge ears!
Their tongue drips acid, the stuff around the tongue like teeth are protected by a rocky like plate that keeps it from burning through the mouth with acid, if the Urak bites something, it injects acid into it and the creature bitten could possibly die from the acid injecting into the body and possibly burning the organs and more, a Urak will fight for the female, the female chooses not the strongest, but most intelligent male to mate with, Uraks use their tail to wave around at the female to make her want him more, the back legs of Uraks are used to walk on surfaces that other creatures cannot, the white pupils are meant to distract prey and not notice what is going on, and then the Urak is able to jump at the prey before it snaps out of the trance, baby uraks start off at eggs, and take about a week to hatch, they come out as small innocent Uraks then grow into an adult
Hello, welcome to the community of Uraks! Here I'll tell you some stuff about them!

Male and Female Uraks!
Females have ears going upwards more
Males have ears that are slanted and going the opposite way it's looking
Females have thinner but taller than ears
Males have bigger but shorter ears
Females have tails that are long but have a twist
Males have tails without a twist and it's longer too
Females have a few acid drops on their tongue and sharp teeth but not to sharp
Males have teeth that are sharper then females are
It has more drips and it has a cut like thing at the end of the tongue instead of the start like the female
Males are stronger then females
Females snouts are more curved then males
Males snouts are sharper then females
Females have smaller eyes closer to the ears
The types, and other things are below
Males have eyes that are bigger and a bit blocky more towards the snout
Both genders do not have nostrils though.
Some of the types I made and other things about Uraks
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Valentines event! For the rest of the month you can make a Lovak ❤️and you can send out valentines cards with uraks, familiars, uracoins, items, or just a little note! But again you must own the item or familiar or have the amount of Uracoins you’re planning on sending but if you want you can send an unwanted Urak or just send a little letter! You can make up to 3 lovaks any age and can go up to rare

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Happy Luna new year.
Yes I know this year is the year of the dog but this urak is based off of a chinese dragon.
They are believed to bring good luck.

They are only born from 21st janurary to 20th feb.
Meaning you can only breed them in that time and they are breedable (but only with their own type)

Any that don't have any red on them won't be accepted as an Myo/custom

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female, common, stormak adopt! 40 uracoins!

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The shore of the lake splashes softly onto the pebbles and washes of them as the sun beamed down upon the aqua lake glowing softly. Rusty stared at the shore, on one side there was a group of them, on the other, was a lone one. ou, the lone one noticed him and you...

There is a new type that is almost ready to be revealed.

Drawing your uraks for free!

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female, common adopt. 25 uracoins

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The second number is uracoins the first is points

Green apple 10 or 20
Red apple 10 or 20
Festive snake 20 or 30
Cloud 5 or 15
Teapot 5 or 15
Dolly 5 or 15
Festive bagel 20 or 30
Goat 10 or 20
Heart 10 or 20

If you want an extra Santa hat just ask :)
It's free :))

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