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The rules.

1: You cant be too op.
2: You need to have an approved profile before roleplaying.
3. Sexual themes and gestures are alright but no sexual roleplay.
4: Don't bully, respect EVERYONE, including mods and owners.
5: You can have up to 8 oc's
6: don't ask mod
7: post in the right section
Profile template is:

Powers: ( if you want)
Weapons (if you want)
Bio: two sentences maximum

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Powers:Has very strange unknown powers
Weapons:no weapons
Bio:My parents died so I live with Princesses in a kingdom, Has a Vaporeon for a pet,including very single Pokemon and dragons,has a Godzilla and dinosaurs, including an army and more family. She has an villain to go agaisint with an unknown one, just wants someone to love and be cared for instead of fighting for the whole time.
Likes:calm and peaceful
Personality:Calm,peaceful,solf heart, aggressive, sweet, kind and brave
Equipment:Her army

I was given a mission to team up with and and assassinate the leader of mexicoyou were who I chose as a partner

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Name: Kairi Menzo
Other Names: wolfy
Gender: female
Birth Name: Kairi manzo
Birth Date: 10-22-1608
Astrological Sign: Libra
Handwriting: Slightly neat
Height: 5’6
Weight: 170
Species: werewolf and Witch
Race: Mixed Breed
Blood Type:0+
Birthmarks: on her shoulder and on the left hand
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: down her back
Hair Type: straight
Hair Style: messy and undone mostly
Widow's Peak: yes
Ear Shape: normal
Ear Type: human
Eye Color: grey
Eye Type: wide
Eyebrows: nice arch
Nose Color: the same as my skin
Nose Shape: small
Teeth: straight
Face Shape: round and soft
Complexion: more yellow then red
Facial Hair: none
Shirt Size: M
Alternative Appearances: occasionally curls hair
Works: as a waitress at a cafe.
Likes: Seafood, Junk food, Video games, going out to do things.
Dislikes: Liars, cheating, being crowded.
Favorites: Cats, Hamsters, Dogs.
Least Favorites: Rabbits, carrots.
First Love: not one yet
Love Interests: none
Marital Status: single
Orientation: straight
Flirtiness: unaware of flirting
Virginity: still there

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Name: Kinzie Kensington
Age: 25
Nicknames: Mousy-One, Agent Kensington
Powers: She can do lots of stuff with computers
Weapons: semi-auto shotgun,
Bio: Kinzie was an intelligence for the FBI until she was framed for selling secrets. She was then rescued by the Saints.
Likes: computers, invading people's privacy, and guys
Dislikes: going far away from her warehouse, or being with random people
Personality: kinda shy, but also likes to be kinky sometimes, but other than that, she stays on he laptop.
Equipment: Laptop, FBI jacket, thumb drives, and ammo
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This Roleplay is inspired and based on the movie/musical Heather's. If you are a fan of Heather's than enjoy!

Westerg High was an unusually dark place for a public school, fights and suicides were a regular thing that happened. There were the jocks, the outcasts, posers, and of course, the majestic Heather's. And then there's me, the girl who always tried to behave. Let me introduce myself, I'm Jacqueline Hart, a shy senior who nearly caused the school to be blown to pieces. Anyway, let's get on with the story
One morning in Westerg High, there was hint of despair in the air as students trudged in the building. The hallways were flooded with seniors who were ready to ditch this hell-bent excuse for a highschool for college. I sighed heavily as I was pushed and shoved into several students. I took out my journal and began to write since

"Dear diary,,_

I believe that I'm a good person, I believe there's good in everybody, but,,, here we are! First day of senior year.

"I look around at the kids I've known all my life and I ask myself, "What happened?". We were so tiny, happy and shiny. playing tag and getting chased, then we got bigger that was the trigger, like the huns invading Rome. Welcome to my school, this isn't a highschool, this is the thunderdome"

"hold your breath and count the days, we're graduating soon. College will paradise, if I'm not dead by June!!!"

"But I know life can be beautiful,, I pray for a better way.... If we changed back then, we can change again! We can be beautiful! Just not today,,,,"

As i continued writing, i attracted the attention of Y/N who wondered how I kept a straight as I was pushed through out the hallway. If it been you, there would've been a fight taken place in the hallway..
After the morning classes, you tried to track me down during lunch so you could have a chance to speak to me. You saw me confronting two senior's while trying to guard a short, chubby girl who barely fit the description of a senior. You then,,,,,

//(If you read this, place comment "Freeze your brain")//

//(Please, no text-talk)//
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Anyone wanna RP with Kinzie?
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Jake, Elizabath, and Eric were sitting on crates at firebase Delta, heating up MREs (in Elizabath's case, it was C-Rations) and cleaning their guns, as black-hawks take off and land, dropping off wounded soldiers
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Anyone wanna RP?

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