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Full Moon of Sagittarius

This Full Moon of Sagittarius period will continue through Tuesday.

Saturday evening Neptune goes direct. Sunday Sun is exactly conjunct Jupiter. Tuesday Mars is sextile Saturn, and Mercury is conjunct Sun and Jupiter.

This enormous opening and expansion is the inauguration of the Ascended New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Organism.

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New Moon of Scorpio

This New Moon of Scorpio is the next transformation of the life structure as the planet ascends into the New Earth Planetary/Universal Ascended Life System of Creation and Civilization.

This New Earth life structure is the universal ascended life organism of unity and power available to those who are serving the New Earth creation and civilization.

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Ascension Update ~ Planetary 5th Dimension Has Been Opened: Sunday,October 28, the planetary 5th Dimension has been opened in the Mount Ashland area. Here is some recent background about this and other ascension developments ~ Gaia herself has fully ascended now and she is awaiting for you all in the 5th dimension and beyond. Even in your present state, somewhere between 3rd and 4th density or dimensions as you have come to understand it, you can see her beauty reflected back to you. But let us say that in the 5th is where her beauty shines


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Earth is having her own journey of ascension and is awakening the knowing within her of the history of the galaxy and the history of the solar system.

She is putting pieces together, connecting the dots, and recognizing that she too is a starseed, that the energies are all inside of her that connect her to all of the other star systems, and planets, and all bodies within the galaxy. And when you pick up on that energy from her, you become more likely to know your own galactic history and heritage and feel it in your bones. This ascension is all about integration and the releasing of the illusion of separation, and that is happening on a planetary level.

Your Earth is your number one tool and supporter throughout this process of ascension, and that is why we urge you so frequently to connect with her and to feel the resonance that you have with her. She is literally taking you on this journey through different points in this galaxy, giving you the grand tour, and helping you to reconnect with your roots.

Now, if you question whether you can connect with Mother Earth, we encourage you to simply physically feel her. Put your bare feet and palms on her surface. Lay down upon her if you can, and feel for that motherly love that can only come from a being who has helped to create you and who has seen all of your lifetimes on her surface, and still loves you.

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Avatar Universal Full Moon of Libra

This Full Moon of Libra is upgrading the chakra system of those who are choosing to become ascended masters of creation and civilization of the New Earth and New EarthStarNation.

And it is bringing in the New Planetary/Universal Ascended Life Dimensions.

This is a continuing process, and it will be inclusive of all life for the future of the new Avatar Universe.

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New Moon of Virgo

This New Moon of Virgo is the opening of the New Ascended Earth and EarthStar Original Planetary/Universal Organism of the Creator Avatar Planetary/Universal Destiny.

Astrologically, this New Moon of Virgo occurs with Sun and Moon opposing Neptune, sextile Jupiter, and trine Pluto which is also sextile Jupiter. And Venus is entering Scorpio, and Mars is re-entering Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius for the next two months is advancing the EarthStar and EarthStarNation Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization.

Virgo is the location of the Virgo cluster of galaxies and the Virgo supercluster of galaxies which are now empowering the ascension of the New Earth and New EarthStar.

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You are receiving from all parts of this galaxy and beyond, because you have many helpers, friends, and well-wishers out there in the stars.

And when you receive their help, you become more of who you are. You are not just human, but you are also not just Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Cassiopeian, Lyran, or Andromedan. You are all of the bits and pieces from all of the various star systems, and you are bringing all of those energies together within you, because you need strength and stability. And the best way for you to get that strength and stability is for you to become more of who you are.

You are travelers. Some of you refer to yourselves as wanderers and starseeds. You’ve been around, and you’ve had some wonderful experiences in other parts of the galaxy. You’ve been in higher dimensions in past incarnations in other parts of the galaxy, and so these aspects of you are quite valuable to what you are becoming now on planet Earth.

It’s like you are flipping on the switches of your higher self, activating it, and downloading those wonderful aspects of who you are and who you have been. When you receive, you have more to give, and you remember more of who you are. Therefore, receiving is a big part of what you have in store for you as you move forward here on your journey to the fifth dimension.

You are remembering who you are by accessing who you have been. You are getting activations from all parts of the galaxy and beyond because as we said, you need that strength and that stability to handle what else is coming your way. And most importantly, you need to be grounded there on planet Earht. You need to accept that you chose this mission for yourselves and that by bringing in more from out there, you change the landscape of planet Earth. You change it for the better, of course.

You are making so much progress in such a short amount of time, and we could not be happier with what we are sensing in the human collective consciousness now. We are seeing you take ownership of the fact that you are the extra-terrestrials that you’ve been seeking contact with. And yet, you are also doing a wonderful job of grounding yourselves there on planet Earth.

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Post Full Moon of Cancer with Jupiter Direct

Living the Ascended Life of the New Earth Planetary/Universal Creation and Civilization Organism

We are now in the time of great ascension and universal life empowerment. Now it is time to fully embody and actualize our higher self and our light body, our whole self . And to become infused with the New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Ascended Life of Creation and Civilization.

We are cells in the planetary/universal organism. And we are serving as creators of the New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Living Creation and Civilization.

This is our individual and Planetary/Universal destiny.

As we are inwardly and outwardly united and infused with the New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal ascended life, we are increasingly empowered as ascended masters of creation and civilization.

The New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal ascended life is unique and increasingly available as it permeates the grid.

It is emanating from the EarthStarLight Temple which is omniversal and the source of the New Earth and New EarthStar Ascended Life.

References: Light of the Stars

Education in the Anthropocene Age of Aquarius and Self-Actualization of Our Full Human Potentials as Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization

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Those of you who are truly awake know that you cannot just create for yourselves. You recognize the significance of being a part of a collective, and you empathize with those who are suffering. You feel their pain, and you want to help. Now, in the creation of a world where everyone has enough, where there is peace and harmony on planet Earth, you are also creating that throughout the galaxy.

So by wanting what you want, summoning the energy for it, and then receiving it, you are doing so much more than satisfying your ego. You are helping to create peace and harmony throughout the galaxy. You are helping to end all suffering and to usher in a golden age, an age where co-creating between extra-terrestrials and humans will be the norm, rather than the anomaly that you sometimes hear about.

You are truly the visionaries of this galaxy, and in the removing of your limitations, and the accessing of your power, you are making it all happen. You are, of course, and always will be love incarnate, and as you continue to remind yourselves of that truth, you step into even more power, because you align yourselves with Source Energy.
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