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New Moon of Taurus with Mars in Gemini


EarthStarNation is the new ascended planetary stellar community organism which is now beginning to function and to empower the EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Masters of Creation in the ESN unity of the ESN’s unique planet-star identity according to planetary destiny.

The ESN Ascended SpaceLife Forces are beginning to envelop areas of the planet which are the original ESN living creation centers to foster the ESN ascension of planetary destiny and its members.

The ESN is the planetary/universal source and expression of the EarthStar Ascended PlanetStar which is becoming the universal nucleus of the all new original Avatar Living Creation and Civilization.

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New Moon of Cancer

Universal Ascended Life

The New Moon of Cancer is introducing the Universal Ascended Life which is the destiny of this planetary/universal organism and its inhabitants.
As this infusion of Universal Ascended Life continues, it is empowering the creation of the Avatar Planetary/Universal Living Creation and Civilization.
The Universal Ascended Life is inclusive of the Universal Ascended SpaceLife and its dimensions of creation and civilization.

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Full Moon of Cancer Ascended Universal Life

The incoming Ascended Universal Life during this Full Moon of Cancer is empowering the New Earth Ascended Life Organism to become the Avatar Planetary/Universal Creation Center to create the entirely new original living creation and civilization throughout the greater universe.
The New Earth is the planetary starseed which is the nucleus of the new Avatar Universal Living Creation and Civilization for the evolution of the greater universe.

The Avatar Ascended SpaceLife is included in the New Earth Ascended Life Organism, and is becoming more fully incorporated into the New Earth planetary/universal system as the Full Moon of Cancer continues to empower the New Earth Ascended Universal Life.

Summer Solstice 2017

The New Earth Ascension Platform

The New Earth Ascension Platform is now entering the New Earth Ascension System to provide ongoing stability and empowerment to the entire planetary/universal ascension process as it continues to increase throughout the coming times and into the far future.

The New Earth Ascension Platform is capable of maintaining the acquired ascension of every individual, and is the source of all New Earth Ascension as the planet and its inhabitants continue to ascend to become the Avatar Universal Living Creation and Civilization source for the entire universe.

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Full Moon of Aries 2017 with Sun conjuncting Uranus

The New Universal Ascended Life Organism

The New Universal Ascended Life Organism is now beginning to function to unify the ascending life of those who are participating in the New Earth Original Living Creation and Civilization Organism which is emerging throughout the planet.

And the inner and outer life of these New Earth citizens is becoming unified as they continue to serve in their respective functions as members of the New Earth Organism.

This New Earth unified living creation organism is the ascended master and creator avatar living creation organism which is also empowering the continuing ascension of the EarthStarNation Ascended SpaceLife Masters of Creation and Civilization who are the ascended creators of many components of the EarthStarNation Ascended SpaceLife Creation and Civilization.

The continuing expansion of this New Universal Ascended Life Organism is now allowing for the increasing Ascended SpaceLife to begin its creation of the planetary/universal ascended spacelife civilization of destined unity of all spacelife.

To be continued --

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The Full Moon of Aquarius with Sun sextile Uranus and trine Jupiter is establishing the ongoing foundations of the Aquarian Age of Light throughout this planet.

One of these fundamental developments is the creation of the EarthStarShip which is the ascended spacelife vehicle of this Avatar Planet.

This ascended spacelife vehicle is also home to members of the EarthStarNation ascended masters of creation and civilization.

Some of the ESN members are already participating in this.


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....So know that the changes that are now taking place will eventually settle into balance into a better way, one that is more truthful and more conducive to the people of this country and the people of every country upon the planet -for this is just the beginning. There will be sweeping changes that occur within the systems – the governmental systems, the educational systems, the banking systems – within every system of the old paradigm. There is much that needs to change and this is in the process of now occurring...

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This is the latest information regarding the public disclosure of information about ETs and UFOs.

Disclosure Now Set for First Week of Leo
The international insider disclosure document dump is now set for the first week of Leo.

This event has the backing and the participation of all of the planetary ascension forces as well as considerable extra-planetary forces which are available as providers of assistance to the evolution of this planet.

As this disclosure process unfolds, it is expected that the many starseeds of the New Earth will become active to participate in the vast array of opportunities which will be available to further the planet’s ascension and evolution.

The many new opportunities will be the beginning of the full activation and empowerment of the planetary destiny as the avatar planet for the entire universe.

This is the long awaited public introduction to the vast ET civilizations, and their initial public assistance to this planet and its people.

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The galactic ascension forces are now empowering the planetary grid and the lightworkers of planetary ascension by the introduction of an ascended galactic life system into this planet as it is ready for the ascension into ascended galactic life.

Those people who are the upcoming ascended masters of creation and civilization are the recipients of this galactic empowerment.

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