Read very careful when reading this is my sexual profile. You can contact me on hangouts or private message. ONLY WILL TRADE NON NUDE PICTURE ONLY IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE. ANYTHING ELSE WE MAY TRADE LATER IF YOU ARE OF AGE. When contacting me tell me your age sex and what you are looking for.

In real life i am looking for friendship and more you must be 18 at least. Mainly looking for females or couples. I am bi curious and also looking to meet up with a bimale also and you must be 18 also. I am also looking for females 18 to 35 and very mature ladies 50+ year olds. I love to please females if you fall between 35 and 50 you still can contact me i love all females.
Name: You can call me by Nick name unless we will meet in person or friendship other then that don't ask. And that also goes for my age.
My Nick name is: Tiny Panther
What i am looking for is friendship and more and any thing sexual including a one night stand. I am also interested in meeting up in person but you must be 18+.
My Real age: only tell you if we are meeting up
My real work: landlord and property manager.
My Personality: kind, gentle, and carinh unless asked other wise.
Some of My fantasies are I want to try and fulfill in real life are
1) having one or more femdom to put me on a leash like a you would a pet and control me I only can do what she wants more then one female I got to listen to all and do what they want.
2) being tied down or held down and being raped by several females.
3) being shared out by a female or a couple to their friends ( they must be 18+ )as their sex toy only cause i love sex. But not pimped out period just shared.
4) want to take part in a orgy or have a orgy party myself.


age: 29
Name: Billy bob or daddy or master
I am looking for fantasy and roll playing.
I will try any role play sexual and non sexual for sexual you must be legal age at least up 80.
my little age dont matter but no older then 19 for anything non sexual for sexual must be legal age but no older then 19.
How i treat Little like a princess unless she wants me to be aggressive.
Work: male escort and pimp
Favorite thing little does teasing me, climbs up and sits on my lap, plays with me non sexual and sexual depends of if the fantasy if it is sexual or non sexual.
Least favorite thing little does: teasing my male friends and wearing clothes.
Most distracting thing little does when mom is not in the room or around spreading her legs rubbing her pussy.
Most used punishment for sexual is: spankings when she dont listens or do her chores. tieing her down naked and teasing her all day and not penetrate her. And leave her tied up till i wake up. when she is just being a spoiled brat me and several of my male friends will tease her sexually and not penetrate her for at least 2 days When she dont listen to my male friends sexual. Non sexual spanking with a a belt.
How strict? Mild strict but in a kind way unless she says other wise.
Role playing: i will do any kind of roll play just let me know.
I am also down for making the role playing thing a long term thing.

Is this community still running?

All of you can post your rps and OCs and ask question if you want. Also please invite your friends that like to rp here.

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Hello everyone in this group, you are welcome to post rps and OCs and just chat. If you want to you can invite all yours friends that like to rp.

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Nothing naked, but Hentai can be done?

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