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jordan had always been a quiet girl, she didn't have many friends, but she did have one, and that's you. You were her best friend she always talked to you, she even had a little crush on you. But You had a major crush on her.
Present day
you and Jordan were at a park and Jordan was standing in a tree and you were scared cause you didn't want her to fall, after a few you told her to get down but she didn't and a little after you said it she did fall and you caught her and held her in your arms and she looked in your eyes a bit scared cause she didn't know that she was going to fall you then...
(tell me if you want a pp)

All of you can post your rps and OCs and ask question if you want. Also please invite your friends that like to rp here.


+Emily Jackson thanks

Nothing naked, but Hentai can be done?

Sorry this section got switched around into hentai 

Hello everyone in this group, you are welcome to post rps and OCs and just chat. If you want to you can invite all yours friends that like to rp.

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