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Riot: prince of dragons, protector of the living planet
Height: 10 ft tall
Weight: 200 tons unless he lightens himself like he always does with his form changing power
Lift capacity: no fucking strength limit.
Personality: easily irritated, charming, amazing sense of humor, and a bit cat-like and dog-like
Likes: dogs, Fun, Food, Video games, nice round asses on any gender.
Dislikes: boring things, strangers smacking his muscular cute ass, and wasps.
Loves: kittens, BACON, when someone scratches the spot behind his kitteh like ears, belly rubs, and people to rub his tail, and strong independent women, scary things, bondage, vore.
Hates: haters, party crashers, men who disrespect/hit women, uttp, and anyone who derives pleasure from other people's pain.

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Riot: the 10 ft tall red scaled animatronic dragon with black hair and an emerald green eye visor sings this in the arcade blasting the volume on his internal speakers as he plays the drums with 2 tails and has an air/bass guitar double in his hands

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Name: sachico (im from corpse party) (my art)

Age: 8

Gender: girl

kewl :3

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