I watched your video about Katy Perry's dark horse. It was very interesting. I have always been interested in ancient Egypt and I have studied it some. After I was done with your video , I went and watched the music video for the first time and I have some theory's. First off, dark horses in ancient Egypt are seen as bad or malevolent spirits while white horses are seen as holy and good. Katy perry being the dark horse (devil).
In the beginning she says" I knew you were coming and here you are" then she says make me your one and only referring to only one god. Then she says don't make me your enemy. Then she says do you dare to do this as in do you dare to follow me. Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse ( devil)
Then she says "once your mine (sell your soul to the devil) theirs no going back. Which is true in many religions.
Then she try's to make it seem like siding with her is good " this love will make you levitate like a bird. In the bible satan uses temptation on Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and here we have Katy perry tempting you to side with her ( devil ). The she says it's up to you make a choice. So just be sure when you give it all to me which sounds like she wants your soul sounds like the devil huh. Then the song says " she's a beast" she'll rip your heart out. In ancient Egypt the heart is where the soul was thought to be located. So this is my theory and please excuse any misspellings in typing this on my iPhone 

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