was doing study on Asymptotic Notations Topic, i recon that its formula is so simple yet it tells nothing and there are couple of things i don't understand.
When we say
f(n) <= c.g(n) where n >= n₀
And we don't know the value of c =? and n=? at first but by doing division of f(n) or g(n) we get the value of c. (here is where confusion lies)
First Question: How do we decide which side's 'n' has to get divided in equation f(n) or g(n)?

Suppose we have to prove:

2n(square) = O(n(cube))
here f(n) = 2(n(square)) and g(n)=n(cube)
which will form as:

2(n(square)) = c . n(cube)
Now in the notes i have read they are dividing 2(n(square)) to get the value of c by doing that we get c = 1;
But if we do it dividing n(cube) [which i don't know whether we can do it or not] we get c = 2;
How do we know what value we have to divide ?

Second Problem: Where does n₀ come from what's its task ?
Well by formula we know n >= n(0) which means what ever we take n we should take the value of n(0) or should be greater what n is.
But i am confuse that where do we use n₀ ? Why it is needed ?
By just finding C and N can't we get to conclusion if n(square) = O(n(cube)) or not. Would any one like to address this? Many thanks in advance.

I am broadcasting some data using socket in c. it's happenning succcessfully but i am not recieving.... when i tested on other pcs , it's doing both actions.... is there faul in my pc....???

how can i solve this ...???

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Hi Everyone,

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can not complete the Programming Assignment 2: Seam Carving, please help!

Hi guys, I have started a project to implement the algorithms found in these courses in python. Feel free to contribute to the github project at  https://github.com/mihassan/python_algorithms #python #algorithm +Evaldo Junior +Wander Lairson 

Quiet in this group
I am still busy with the last week of course 1, but i will continue with course 2. I really enjoy myself with this course!
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