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Click below to Get the Beta Build of XY Find It for Android.

Beta version 3.44.2348 is out!
- The big changes here is the inclusion of XY GPS specific functions in anticipation its launch.
- There are several quality of life improvements and bug fixes as well:
- Removed Finders should no longer leave a "ghost" panel behind.
- Failed to unlock errors should be drastically reduced (they'll still happen on occasion though).
- The cache error which caused Finders to disappear from accounts has been addressed and should be fixed.
- The support feedback form has been revamped and should provide more information to Customer Support than it did before.
- A ton of new Debug panel options and fields. (If you don't know how to unlock debug mode go to "About" and tap on "device ID" 7 times; you'll then have to enable "developer features" in the "Settings" menu. Please note that any and all Dev features may be unstable; as they aren't intended for external users they have not been optimized).

User reported issues:

Phone: OnePlus 3
OS: Nougat (OxygenOS)

- "I turned on run as background service, but xy is still in my notification bar."

- "Also changing the lost and found sound does not work."

I know the first issue is known but I'm not sure about the second.

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User reported issue.

Phone: Moto Z Play Droid (XT1635-01)
Android Version: 7.0
App Version: 3.42.1751

One of the user's two XY Finders is not showing up in his account. It's registered and being updated, as you can see in the support tool. Logging out and restarting has resulted in no change.
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User reported issue.

Phone: OnePlus 3
OxygenOS 4.0.3 + Android 7.1.1
App Version: 3.42.2751

Lost and found sounds for KeepNear not working. It keeps going back to the default setting and, although she's getting KeepNear alerts, the alarm is not sounding even though user has it set to a loud alarm.

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User reported issue:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy J7 / SM-J700P
Android version: 6.0.1
App version: 3.42.1751

IMPORTANT NOTE: User reported the version they're currently using. This may not have been the version used at the time the screenshots were taken. Was 3.42.1751 out on Tuesday?

Issue: User could not activate text fields to report a problem. Form would not submit with blank text fields.
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I sent crash reports but I wanted to report in full that I'm unable to add a beacon I was already using when using 3.42.1751. I believe this is the version current available to the public, right?

Android 6.0.1, LG Stylo 2+.

1. I checked the battery level in the XY app. It was showing up in my app fine and working normally.

2. I looked it up in the support tool to see the numerical value of what the icon was displaying. The beacon did not display in the support tool; there was no record of it. Instead there was a duplicate record for a different XY Finder.

3. I tried to refresh the app, but found I was still unable to do so.

4. I logged out of XY Find It, restarted my phone, and logged back in. The finder was no longer available in the app.

5. Attempting to add the beacon resulted in the app crashing every time when I pushed the button on the XY Finder. The app would immediately restart on the My Items page.

6. I isolated the beacon to determine which it was. It showed up in my app as Unclaimed. I attempted to re-add it from the Nearby page with the same result. Tapping on the plus sign icon crashed the app.

I'm completely unable to add this beacon to my account.

I've downloaded 3.43.1994. Will test again.

User reported issue. User contacted us to notify us she was returning her order. I'm sorry, I don't have any hardware or software information.

"This shipment is being returned. The instructions did not work and were too hard to follow. Please credit the account when it arrives."

"I tried to find one of my things and took a picture of it as suggested and it broke down there."

Please note that this is not the only reason customer returned her order. She also returned it when she couldn't download the app on her laptop.

User suggestion:

A user who we've worked with for quite some time had an issue where his newly registered tablet wasn't showing up on his phone, so I showed him the refresh function. He thought it was very useful but suggested it could be made more obvious to reduce tech support inquiries.

User reported bug.

"Recently the xy logo appeared in my status bar. I have it checked to run as background but still shows up. Have rebooted phone with no luck removing from status bar."

"I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 running Android 6.0.1 the app version is 3.42.1751"
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