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Ok guys there are some rules in this community that you have to follow ok if you disobey these rules you will be punished

Rules for members:
1)respect the moderators and owner(s)
2)be nice to ever is in this community
3)you must make a profile!
4)swearing is aloud but if your RP partner isnt comfortable with you swearing then stop
5)no bullying! If me and any mods/owners catch you bullying and your not RPing you will be banned. Members if you are being bullied tag a mod or owner so we can handle them.

Rules for Mods:
1)if you ban someone from the community just because you dont like them you will be demoted to a member.

2)if you wanna change the community up a bit you must get premission from me not another mod, me!

3)make sure everyone here is being nice to one eachother and make sure your being nice too

Rules for everyone:
1)no hentai or porn
2)if you get three strikes or more you will be banned for doing whatever you were doing to get three strikes or more

Quote: hi kids LETS PARTY

Name: Toy Chica/TC

Specices: animatronic toy chicken

Sexuallity: bisexual

Friends: Tonnie, Shadow BonBon, Shabonnie, shafreddy, Freddy, JJ, BB, Chica, and Foxy

Bf/Gf: nobody

Crush: Shadow BonBon

Team: toys/withereds/shadows

Family: +Chica The Chicken​ (sister)

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Quote: "i do what i like, i like what i do"

Name: Balloon Girl/JJ

Gender: female

Sexuallity: bisexual

Species: animatronic girl

Likes: balloons, BB, batteries, my friends, when the night watch looses, my "purple" blanket, and hiding

Dislikes: when people pop my balloon, haters, when people are rude to me or my friends, when the night watch wins, when i loose my "purple" blanket, and when i cant hide

Friends: the shadows, BB, Mangle, Foxy, BonBon, and Golden Freddy

Bf/Gf: nobody

Crush: Balloon Boy(+BB The Balloon Boy​ BB)

Team: the shadows, BB, Mangle, Foxy, BonBon, and Golden Freddy

Apperence: blue and purple stripped hat with prepellar, blue and purple stripped shirt, mostly wears a blue and purple stripped dress with balloons on it(some times blue jeans), long brown hair(most pigtails or pony tail), rose pink blushes, pink eyes, brown sign in right hand, and pink and purple balloon in letf hand

Personallity: silly, smart, curious, cheerful, sometimes shy, and joyful

Balloon Girl (JJ)
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Quote: "Hi! Hello? Haha!"

Name: Balloon Boy/BB

Gender: male

Species: Animatronic boy

Friends: everyone!

Likes: balloons, JJ, my friends, batteries, my parents(Foxy and Mangle), and getting the gaurd with Foxy.

Dislikes: meanies, when we lose, when people call me mean things, and when people mess with me and the ones i love.

Apperence: red and blue stripped hat with a prepellar, red and blue striped shirt with buttons, brown hair, blue eyes, red blushes, balloon and sign, and brown shoes

Bf/Gf: nobody

Crush: Balloon Girl(JJ +JJ The Balloon Girl​)

Team: The toys/witherds

Family: Mangle and Foxy(parents)

Personallity: silly, joyful, and curious
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Quote: "fuck off"

Name: Shabonnie

Gender: male

Sexuallity: bisexual

Specices: animatronic shadow bunny

Friends: Springtrap, Shafreddy, Tonnie(aka BonBon), and Bonnie
Likes: being with my buddies and teasing the guard.

Dislikes: being called "cute", when people are being annoying, and when people are rude to the ones i love(if you are im gonna be super pissed so watch out bitches)

bf/gf: no-one

Crush: no-one at the moment

Apperence: (look at the fucking pictures they are there for a reason)

Team: forget the rest my team is Shafreddy, Springtrap, Bon, and Tonnie(aka BonBon)

Personallity: stubborn and rude(at times)
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Does anyone wanna RP? Im super bored..

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it was a saturday so the kids werent here or the guards just a free day for us all. So i decided to practice singing "CUZ MY HOPE WILL NEVER DIE!!!" but it was horable Toy freddy took his mic and said maybe you should stick to playing your gutair" Toy. Chica said "agreed: i looked mad "ill just go play with the withered animatrinics and mangle probally" so i went to parts and service and i told withered foxy, chica, bonnie, and freddy how Toy Freddy and Toy Chica said im bad at singing well im only good at singing two songs "Survive The Night" and "The Show Must Go On" you guys then replied with....

Walking down the hall 'I'm Foxy '

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Gender: unknown
sexuallity: Bisexual
specices : shadow animatronic bunny
friends : shadow freddy , golden freddy shadow foxy shadow jj
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