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Truth, Togetherness, and Triumph


When you read the Bible and then go to your church can you truthfully say that people are living according to Scripture. When you walk the streets and here people talk of themselves as Christians, in your heart do you feel like they aren't entirely truthful. Do you believe truth is being suppressed by many for their own interests and their own institution? There is one Truth and that is by design of Our Maker, a higher truth for man to aspire to, a total truth that we can't fully appreciate but often does strengthen our faith, and in these obscurities lay many spiritual treasures. The Mystery of God is an unending thirst for His Higher Truth, and we should love it as it is part of His Will for man, but we should not seek out the truth in HIs mysteries for vain purposes, or for wantonness. Our fellowship focuses on the Mysteries in the Bible, the mystery of the Holy Spirit and how we truly invoke His Spirit for the lifting of the nations and ourselves. We also look to put all of our knowledge to practice, as God has gifted us with sound minds, not to simply fill it with knowledge, but to use knowledge and wisdom to prepare and inspire us to His promise of eternal life. The Sub-rosean loves truth and therefore is not threatened by the internet, science (so long as it is not for nefarious ends), theology, evolution, and other institutes which question God. These institutes also bring about a better understanding of truth and bring us closer to God who embodies all that is truth. While we do not support any who seek to detract from faith, we also don't shy away from those seeking truth, as it will be our deliverance or our demise. Be lovers of truth, building your faith on real things, for God has given us many plain signs, he has shown many His mysteries, and He wants us to embrace truth so we can be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove. He wants us to know His Truth so we aren't deceived by Satan and his minions. Knowing truth is guarding your heart, and knowing God, and loving truth will lead you to wisdom and righteousness. God embodies all that is truth as He is the creator of truth in all things, and in seeking out obscurities not through vanity, we gain insight into Our God and His Plan for the redemption of His inheritance. To Love God is also to love His truth.

By truth, we know that togetherness, fellowship and fraternity are important Christian values. The Subrosean seeks both togetherness with his brother, and also with God, our Most High Heavenly Father. We are told to love each other, even our enemies, and so we must search our hearts to make that our truth. To love our enemies is not easy, and requires us to work together as like a family grounded in faith to spread our love to all with sincerity and solemnity.One great example of this was during the tragedy in South Carolina. A misguided child killed nearly an entire black congregation, and by their togetherness, the principles of their faith, and their community bonding together, this tragedy displayed a great resolve in the followers of Christ, as they united the whole township thus removing the confederate flag, which is now seen as an instrument of divisiveness for what it represents. The old adage together we stand, and divided we fall is founded in truth, and for the community of Christ, we need to break the divisiveness and the stubbornness in sectarianism, and unite in common cause for peace and prosperity.

Triumph will come when we truly yield to the Spirit in Christ and refrain from the weaknesses and desires of the Flesh. We will triumph when out faith is resolved in real things, and is built on a strong foundation. To triumph we must own our faith, it cannot be founded by indoctrination or believing merely because we think it is the right thing to do. If you came from a family who instilled the values of Christ that is good and can serve you, but you must not create your personal religion by them but only by God. To build your house of faith by other men is dangerous and leads to an unresolved faith built on a shaky foundation. This shaky foundation could easily be overcome by the prevailing winds of the Atheist movement, or possibly Buddhist influence. Own your faith, and build it on real things: things you've experienced, by the countless miracles in the prophetic books, by signs in the sky, by witnessing science progressing towards the truth in the Bible, by countless testimonies of people who have been visited by The Holy Spirit. Triumph is when we master sin, as God told us it can be mastered, and though the vast majority will never do this we will also triumph by Christ's atonement shall we put our faith in Him and not men or strange gods. Love Truth and honor it as a vehicle of reproof, foster togetherness by placing your faith and all that you are before Christ, and revel in your triumph to come, ever working to secure the victory by mastering sin in the now. Blessed are these who put aside stubbornness, and are steadfast to reprove, for God's hands are always outstretched waiting for your return to Him, shall you soften your heart and build faith, you can take joy in God's promise of salvation. His promises are always kept. Holy, Holy, Holy be Thy Name!

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I am a devout Christian who has spent little time learning about different sects within the religion. i have soent many years reading the Bible and making that my central focus and source for redemption. I am almost curious to know what My beliefs would equate to in religious terms.

I am not an apolegetic in the sense that I do not accept other discourses although I am sensitive to them, I don't accept the notion that Christ's followers should be defensive in their spiritual domain, but rather with a balance of humility be a force for God and without restraint proclaim His good name, resolved in The True Word. To be in defense suggests that one holds some doubt or does not take ownership over the faith. At the same time, I see a sharp contrast between personal faith and religion, and how people reach The True Word is by their personal walk, but as a general rule, man tends to draw believers away from God and by this belief religion is more for the serving of men then to serve God. Jesus made no inference on how to practice religion and though He clearly was criticalnof how men by false pre-tense hallowed the Temple and served their interests, and in hypocrisy prayed in open to show men their solemnity. In truth, Jesus said to pray in private and when I find a church that doesnt ask me to pray as a collective, than I may take fellowship. Praying is for man, worship is for God. We donnot need an intermediary as Jesus made Himself known to all by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I dont believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God in Perfect Truth. If it was perfect in Truth than their wouldnt be different accounts of the same event. The Gospels were man's account and though inspired by The Will of God, no man is infallible. If Christ had scribed the Bible it would be perfect truth, but even Jesus says that Moses made the decree of divorce because of mans hardening of their heart, but God never acknowledged divorce and those who divorce and remarry are committing adultery. In fact, Christ made us aware of sin and made us understand the Law of the Torah in such a way, that we understand that sin is unavoidable without extensive maturation, restraint, and strict discipline in regards to Holiness, while not being stiff-necked, being charitable and giving completely of yourself over to God as a servant, a desciple and minister to the poor and needy. This is why Christ alone can save man, because by the time were 5 or 6 we are already sinning, when we dont honor our parents. Sin can be mastered as God told Cain, but it is not avoidable in the mortal man. The good news is that even though sin cant be sidestepped like what many attempt through the law, being encapsulating, insidious and pervasive even in thought, Christ in His blood sacrifice is the atonement for all sins, and shall we be "born again" we shall be saved. Being "born again" is the act of surrender to God, before which we live with guilt, shame and regret. This doesnt mean we dont hold responsibility when we have been given the gift of seeing the higher truth, gaining in His divine wisdom, and called to His service. We are held liable for our transgressions and it is through the process of penitence that we are forgiven, we must soften our hearts to reproof and be learned and practice towards His Divine Grace. The hardened hearts of a false worshipper who claims to be a follower of Christ has received no promise of inheritance. Where I deviate from the evangelical is not that our performance has direct consequence in the context of salvation, but rather that having faith in Christ means you have to know Christ, and Christ as a Living God, being giving the full vesture of the Almighty, is within our blood and is now communicated through conscience by the Holy Ghost. I believe as Christ said there are many who will come and say we did so much for you and look at our great deeds and Christ will say I never knew you. Christ cant or wont know you if you dont know Him, and He wont atone for the sins of those who dont "actually" put their faith in Him. True faith is alive and can be equated to love. If it is not fed, it fails. This is why Christ is the Bread of Life. Through His works, the true believer builds on faith and by repentance, by study of The Word, by seeing the plain signs before us and reproving in His Holy name is essential to atonement. As Christ is living so our faith needs to be living, as one doesnt marry someone and then stop loving them, and enjoy the fruits of oneness. Through Christ we are married in our rebirth in spirit, but it is by the persistance in our faith that drives us to master sin, and be if Gid's chosen. Faith is cultivated and growing, constantly (steadfast or slowly) at work towards the mastery over sins. In judgement, God seeks our love and is no longer moved by our sacrifice, as Christs sacrifice should be acknowledged as sufficent for the salvation of all, He drank the full cup. To love can also be acknowledged as not doing things that the soul hates, that is our sin and all sin bears in weights and measures that we cannot quantify. Shall we want eternal life our faith needs to be alive, and through trials and tribulation, falling down and getting up, stepping back and taking a couple steps forward, that we display our devotion, this is our supplication and our salvation. To say one is Christian and to live a life of godlessness and hedonism, is not going to bear fruit and though none of us can know the extent of God's mercy, we certainly can't or shouldn't say we have earned salvation simply by proclaiming Christ to be our Lord. Maybe it is all that is needed but to say it doesnt imply you have faith in it. We often say things but deep down we dont mean it. God searches out the heart, and should we proclaim Christ our Lord and Saviour, if we dont have a living faith which softens our hearts to reproof, that softens our hearts to love and tolerance, that isnt grounded in His One Truth, than the fate of our soul is not secure, as far as The Word provides. However, if we truly have a living faith, alive through penitence, softening of our hearts to reproof & love, acknowledging The True Christ as Our Lord & Savior by Word and by Spirit, then we are promised atonement in spite of our stumblings and sin.

The Flesh and Blood of Christ is the new covenant, and shall we consume of the bread of life, and we drink of the sacred blood of His Sacrifice, not by ritual, but by recognizing His blood sacrifice to all man and transforming ourselves around the understanding that he alone, being forsaken by all men, and through divine grace and order, overcame and conquered sin, and by this The Father has given man rest in the hereafter, this is the love, this is the true faith, this is the path to salvation. Do not put faith in men, for many will fall by the wayside who only by the tongue acknowledge Christ, but of their heart they are empty and by their deeds their faith is rendered dead. We want to believe that God will save all of us and that He is infinitely merciful, but His Word says otherwise. He is exceedingly abundant in mercy, His grace is beyond reproach, and His Adjudication is wholly righteous, but those who proclaim themselves of the faith are called to represent His Majesty for others, and those who bear no fruit and show no love, those who continue to do what they hate in spite, and those who with stubborness and pride do not know penitence or give themselves to God for reproof, Christ may very well say, "I never knew you." If He doesnt know you, than you are at the mercy if the Father who provoked in this revelation shall cast many to the fire like sry wood and burning brush.

I believe that Christ may be the purified soul if Cain, who was the first fruit of Man, and who by ignorance and jealousy killed His brother. Remember God said I am a jealous God, but being disowned by His earthly family, Cain was left a homeless wanderer who spoke directly to God. Despite this err, Cain is not known to have sinned and He married once and multiplied the Earth. God is the God of redemption, always ministering to those in need, those desperate and broken, Cain, The True Son of Man, was loved by God and even after His punishment God shows Him mercy, and gives Him a certain mark, to protect Him. He became the adopted son of God. Just as Christ was the homeless wanderer who was adopted by this earth. It is speculation but Cain means "to acquire" and Abel meant "vanity". In giving God a grape of the field Cain was proud, Abel gave Him a flockling which is not nearly as imoressive a feat in the context that at the time plants were just starting to grow. This is an example of how we are not accepted by performance but by God's Will. The reference to the graoe ir fruit if the ground is certainly a hidden reference to the new covenant, in which the graoe of the vine is equated to the blood of Christ. In addition, God had decreed to Adam and eve that the fruits and plants were to be their food, so was it a vain act to offer up a lamb, when God said fruit and plants are your food. It certainly shows that by gaining God's favor, does not necessairly equate to a long and fruitful life. Christ could also be abel who is synonmous with the Sacrifical lamb and died for His offering. But Jesus doesnt say He existed since the beginning of time, He said He was the Alpha and Omega. He also said He was alive before Abraham walked the Earth. The Alpha, the son of man, and the son of God all suggest Cain to be a story of sin and rejection replaced by holiness and resurrection. I would say after writing this I am nit an evangelical in the sense that faith is sewed merely by proclamation, but I do believe that all that accept Christ and know Christ and put their faith in Him, will be healed and receive the gift of eternal life. If a murderer of one's brother can become the savior of all mankind, it certainly stands to reason that we all can ascend if we give ourselves to God
to fix our brokenness and our sinful nature. I am a defender of the Faith, in the church of all men founded by the blood of Christ, but I am not a defender of any manmade religious authority. Christ is the High Priest of my church and His Word and Spirit are my refuge and tabernacle. Although I believe Christ was destined to inherit all That is His Father, The Maker of All Creation, I dont believe Christ was God on this earth. I believe He dwelt with God as His begotten son, and was taught The Secrets of His Holiness. Upon competing the Sacrement of the Holy Communion and Offering His Flesh and Blood in sacrifice, He ascended and was given the Holy vesture and Lordship over the Church of All men. He also gained all that was His Father and His Father in Christ was triumphant over the serpent. It was then that Christ became Lord of Lords and sat at the right arm of the Father on the Throne if the Olfalim. I also believe their are lesser Gods or hosts, angels, spirits and cherubim, but The Almighty reigns over all. I dont ascribe to Paul's assertion that the Law of the Torah is dead, rather this is the basis for understanding sin through the Word. Whenever we transgress against the law we commit sin, but shall we have faith in Christ to heal us as He proved rather efficient, than The Father shall be blind to our transgressions. This was written in Isaah. I believe in one total truth, the whole and full truth, and that God is the ultimate truth in all things; however, some act as though He is intwined into all of natural processes. I go back to Genesis which states that God hovered above the waters. The waters at the beginning of the universe reoresent all the matter in the universe to be. I am not a young creationist, and I find that Science and The Word are slowly merging together and as discovery be made available, we will find that Science will exalt The Word and the Word will support science. This will result in an awakening as we currently are in a dark period where man is lost and God has turned from us for a short time. I believe we are still a ways off from the end times and I dont put all my belief into revelation. I think there will be a secknd coming and all will be done on Earth and The True Sanctuary will be established. However, I believe God is entirely transcendent and omnipresent, so while He will establish the Sanctuary fir Which Christ and the Father will sit, He or They too shall be Lird over distant worlds. Though I am not of the Mormon belief that God is like an alien...I believe their is the expanse which is The heavens and their is two realms the above and below. The Two do not merge or mix but in the coming forth of material things, the fruits of the physical realm are risen to the heights to persist in the spiritual realm where time and space are no longer. I do believe in transcendent man, or men of a Higher Truth who have been met with The Holy Spirit of Truth and Wisdom. Although I dont believe anyman is infallible. A baby is free of sin, and much like the hereafter we will be like children, as much of the knowledge we ascertain in the earthly realm has no value in the spiritual realm. In fact, they are kind of like opposites if each other in nature. To have a heaven you need to have a hell...I believe this is the hell and the fiery lake will be what is the end of the physical plane, and those who do not reach the height, will live in an eternal torment to walk as like ghosts in this realm. I also believe Christ will be the last man upon the earth and will take all the fruit of this land and ascend into the heights where the Earth of Spirit will be our eternal home. The earth here will perish as Science predicts when the sun engulfs it in the chaos of the physical realm. So God doesnt need a rainbow bridge to ascend upon the clouds. He has full dominion over all if nature, and can transcend time. i believe all has already happened and while we were given free will, meaning will still have free will, Gid saw all that would manifest as this has all been written into the Book of life ascribed from papyrus found on the Tree of life. Man will be risen to the heights and many angels will revolt, and not understanding the consequence in their ignorance many shall fall as chosen spirits of men are risen. Lucifer knowing God's plan sought to save the angels by destroying man, so his evil spawned from his want to save his kind. God not knowing man's potential and ultimate success in conquering sin, made him worthy, but until Christ accomplished His Messianic order, man was tested of His worth. In the completion of God's Will, the devil who used evil to thwart man's ascension and His lack of obedience towards God has been cast down to the physical realm to exist through many ages if not forever. While He was always destined to remain here, Christ ended his Lordship and saved man from the enemy. While Man has inherited the ascension, Lucifer who holds indemnity against all mankind remains and is a pestilence we must not be blinded in. His power is greatly reduced but he dies have the ability to deceive and he preys upon the weak and esoecually the weak and of the faith. He lives on by consuming the souls of evil men and He is preparing these souls through His manipulation to carry out armageddon for mankind. As His energy increases by the weakening if faith as Christ's time here moves farther from the present, He will raise up in the form of a Hideous beast, after two lesser demons precede Him. As His power is increased by those who deny God and chaos soreads and the devil feeds upon mankind, He will in time become a physical manifestation and will perform wonders. In the midst of chaos many will worship this beast and by their lack of allegiance to their maker these creations will be lost to Gehenna. In the End, Christ will come upon the clouds and with a sword ascending from His mouh, He will slay the beast and claim all man of His choice to be His inheritance. As the chosen will persist on the earth in Spirit being led by Christ to the Gates of the Olfalim , and thise left behind will be scattered among the chaos of this realm and swallowed in fire and death. The children if God will be made pure in the water and some by the fire, upon which peace will reign and the fertile land will take its former glory as men eat of Spiritual bread and with them comes no wake of destruction. All man will be cinsumed in Christ through a mashing like grapes as all spirits are manifest in an appelation of wine for God to drink of. Man will live in the body of God Our Christ and be as the Spirit of God full in knowledge and Holiness but contained within Thy body to exist as a part of God's Spiritual Body. Light will be all consuming and all will live with the Wisdom of God but the innocence of a dove, joyfully submitting to God in all things as He is the Righteous ruler and His Yoke is light. We shall co-exist in the family if God as brother and sister, worshipping God and praising Him for the sweet splendor of His Glorious plan for mankind. In this moment, time shall not exist nor space but eternal rest fully satiated in joy forever and ever. So if anybody actually read this which denomination do I fit in with?
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