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G+ Communities for consumer accounts will end soon. Therefore, I am archiving this G+ Community in Firebase Realtime Database and can be viewed in this in-progress web app:

Thanks to +Romain Vialard for his how-to document:

During oauth validation process, I am asked for

A test account email and the password for us to test the user sign-up process and validate the project's functionality.

What does this actually mean? Do I have to create one more Gmail account? Is there something else in the project console dashboard?

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Hello! I want to make GMail add-on with authorization on external site. User send form on webhook and if response is successful add-on delete form and render another content.
if response is successful:

can I do it?
PS: sorry for my English)

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When I submit Add-ons over Deploy as Web add-on , it listed as Extention, How can I sort this out ?!!!
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I am trying to build a conferencing add-on for Google Calendar. Can some body help me in installing the add-on in my google calendar. For my development testing.

I choose "Deploy from Manifest", and have the Deployment ID.

Please help me in solving this.

Has anyone with a Google Forms add-on experienced intermittent issues where form response data is not being recorded in the linked Google Sheet (Form Responses sheet)?

The form response is being captured by Google Forms without issue (and is accessible via the FormApp class), however it is not being recorded to the Form Responses sheet. When I un-link and re-link the spreadsheet, all form responses are re-populated (including those that were not originally recorded).

The task of recording form responses to the Form Responses sheet is native Google Forms functionality, so I am not sure what could be causing this issue. I can't see anyone else online complaining of the same issue, so I wonder if my script is interfering with the task of recording to the spreadsheet (although since this is native Google Forms functionality I am not sure how it would be possible to interfere with this).

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In a recent episode of Totally Unscripted I demonstrated how you can use the Dialogflow service as a way to allow you to add conversational interfaces to your Google Apps Script projects. In my latest post I've published a framework which hopefully makes it easier to include Dialogflow powered conversational interfaces in your G Suite Add-ons.
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I've implemented the name space technique +Bruce Mcpherson described in my Addon. On the Cloud Console Logs View I see a lot of errors:

_2019-01-04 08:58:27.434 CET
You do not have permission to perform that action. at [unknown function](13. UTILITIES:7) at [unknown function](13. UTILITIES:3)_

This is the name space:

var Util = (function() {
'use strict';
var util = {}; = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); =;
util.maxrows =;
util.maxcols =;
util.ssname =;
util.shname =;
util.shs =;
util.shindex =;
util.locale =;

return util;

Can't the Addon cope with this line: var Util = (function() {

Please advise and with regards,
Jacob Jan

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The archive UI replacement for this G+ community has some new features.
Bookmark this to retrieve.

Please keep posting here, this G+ community, to keep building the archive. The new UI is a work-in-progress.

i want script to run only for owner in google sheets that locks cells when edited by other users.
is it possible?
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