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Welcome to "Developing add-ons for G Suite". Please read the "About this community" section before you post. We have several moderators to help and encourage add-on development. Enjoy!

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Chrome Developer Account transfer? I found this link: But cant find any information on if you can use this to transfer add-ons? Or actually find anyone who have used this request.


I want to publish Google sheet Add-on But I got feedback "Your add-on doesn’t comply with the Google OAuth verification, please follow the steps in our dev guide related to this, fill this form, and wait for the OAuth team response before submitting it again." from the Add on Advisor.
I don't have any website. So please guide me.

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What is the min. Scopes required to handle licensing scenarios? From my understanding it would appear to be:[presentations/etc....].currentonly

Does Google have any other way to identify a user for this purpose without using an email address? Some states have now stated that student email addresses are considered PII data and thus may run afoul with laws in these states. Any thoughts on this?

Frustrating when someone duplicates your add-on... I think the most frustrating thing is they used my exact list of languages a list that was derived directly from the users requesting them on my add-on (not just a random list)...

Not much that can be done as it is by no means a copy of code or anything but frustrating.

Are there any limits on storing user properties? Like string length, number of props, etc? I am working on getting some user settings in place and would like to keep everything tied to the user or document as appropriate but could not find any best practices on this topic.

Issues updating file regarding sidebar / menu items. I have updated the code, cleared cache, and the updated code is not running... I even commented out the entire code block and it is still running on the old code. Have any of you seen this, and or have any suggestions to remedy this problem?

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Is Publish > Register in Chrome Web Store new? I don't remember have seen it before but maybe I'm confused after changing my account language to Spanish.


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36 new add-ons released in May.
Among them, we picked up 4 add-ons that have amazing formatting and styling options for your Google Docs & Slides presentations.

Google Apps Script Dev Flow

Here's a writeup of a GitHub dev flow for multiple devs with various things we've picked up along the way.

What do you think? It is a little prescriptive, but they are all things I've found useful, just takes a little concentration and discipline to implement them all (anyone got any further automation??) You should be able to comment in the doc so go crazy!
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