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I am Clovis Neto, and my teammates are: Gabriela Chaves, Matheus Marino, Kushagra Saxena and the teammate from other university is Luan Calembo. Luan is from West Virginia University, and we all are engaged in petroleum classes. Kushagra came from India and is a master student at UAF. All the others four teammates are exchanges students from Brazil and in undergraduate levels. We have different expertises that may be helpful to develop the project. Me and Kushagra have good skills in Reservoir Engineering,  Matheus have made research about drilling fluids and Gabriela about Statistical Analisys.

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My name is Haryo Bhawiko. Me and my teammates are forming a team to do a Petroleum Engineering Challenge in a topic of Heavy Oil Development in the Presence of Permafrost. 

My current teammates are Mingjun Sun and Wu Zhao. We are all in our senior year at University of Alaska Fairbanks. We are currently looking for another team member from another university majoring in engineering. If any of you are interested in joining our team, please contact me.

For information about the project, please check the following link:

Thank you.

  My name is Clif Enochs; the other members of our current group include, Nolan Youngman and Scott Begins.  Combined we have 5 summers worth of internship experience with both energy and service companies.                             

  Nolan Youngman is a senior Petroleum Engineering student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  This past summer he interned with Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska where he was responsible for one of the methane hydrate gas wells drilled in the arctic. 

  Scott Begins, also a senior in UAF’s Petroleum Engineering program, has spent  a summer working as a drilling engineer intern.  During that time he worked on enhancing and developing existing wells as well as assessing drilling parameters for future drilling projects.

  Myself, I have worked with Baker Hughes for 3 summers as a field engineer Intern at their Prudhoe Bay location.  During that time I have worked in their completions products group as well as their thru-tubing intervention group.

  We, as a current team feel like we have an idea that will remove the prior limitation of producing heavy oil in known permafrost areas.  We believe if we had another member that is extremely comfortable with heat transfer and thermodynamics it would finish off our group quite well. A member with these skills would providing us with the necessary members and skills to complete the proposed challenge.
Clif Enochs
Nolan Youngman
Scott Begins

Good evening all, 

My name is Josi Hartley and my teammates are Ryan McLaughlin and Bradley Cruickshanks. We have formed a group for the UAF Petroleum Engineering Challenge.

Currently, we are all of senior standing in the Petroleum Engineering degree program at America's premier arctic research institution, the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Ryan, Bradley and I are born and raised Alaskans, and together we have a combined 62 years of experience in the Arctic. After having each completed internships in the Alaskan oil industry (BP Alaska, ExxonMobil, and Repsol USA), we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the specific challenges that are prevalent in Alaska. Along with our industry experience, we have taken engineering elective classes that are specific to engineering in arctic conditions, which include; Arctic Engineering and Permafrost Engineering. 

As a team, we have been collaborating together on projects at the collegiate level for over three years, and are currently seeking a motivated fourth team member to complete our team. If you are interested please contact us.  

Thank you!

-Josi, Brad and Ryan.

Hi Everyone, 

My teammates are Victor Aragao and Ana Clara Franco. My name is Raian Araujo, I am an exchange student from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte , Brazil, where I developed researches about Enhanced Oil Recovery. I am a senior Petroleum Engineering student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Victor Aragao is an exchange student from Brazil and is already studying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He is originally a senior student from the Federal University of Sergipe. He participated in a research about renewable energy and took a drilling operator course.

Ana Clara Franco is an exchange student from Brazil and is already studying at the Kansas State University. She is also a senior student from the Federal University of Sergipe. 

This is our first experience as a group. We are looking for another member who can bring knowledge about engineering in arctic conditions. Since we do not have experience in fields with those characteristics.

My name is Chris Bydlon. I am forming a team with Teddy Martin and Frank Jordano. We are all seniors at UAF, and are looking for 1-2 additional students from another university to join our team for the permafrost challenge. Please contact me if you are interested in joining us.


I am Ron Burgett II and I am a senior at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and will be graduating in the spring of 2015 with a B.S. in petroleum engineering.  I am a lifelong Alaskan and have some experience working on oil drilling rigs located on the north slope of Alaska.  I am taking part in the UAF permafrost engineering challenge, which is examining heavy oil development in the presence of permafrost.  I am looking for an additional team member and if you are interested in the challenge, feel free to contact me.

I'm Mingjun Sun, a senior student who will be graduating in spring 2015. My major is Petroleum Engineering. Now I'm taking the Well Completions & Stim Design course in UAF, and our project of this course is related to Heavy Oil Reservoir, now I need a team member which is from a different university. So if you are interested in our project, please feel free to contact me and join us!

Calling all Engineering students,

My name is Stephen Nemethy and I, along with teammate Max Martell, would like to offer you the opportunity to join our group for the UAF Petroleum Challenge 2014! We are both Petroleum Engineering Seniors at UAF and have diverse  engineering backgrounds. We are looking for a student from another university who shares an interest in production of cold heavy oil from reservoirs such as the North Slope, Alaska.

Please comment if you are interested.
Thank you very much. 
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