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Just wanted to make sure everybody here knew that we are meeting tomorrow (Wednesday). We also have a meetup group as well! Check us out here and join to keep up with announcements and meetings.

We are doing a hardware breakout session this evening at TulsaWebDevs at 36dN, focused on Arduino and Bluetooth.

Are there any good places in Tulsa to pick up hardware for home automation projects (sensors, boards, etc.) I want to try a couple different options before I go about wiring up the whole house, and it seems silly to pay $8 shipping on a $5 RPi0.

Remember, the first meeting of the TOSH reboot is Wednesday, August 24th at 6PM at 36dN.

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It's official, Raspberry Pi is now cheaper than an Arduino.

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The EEVBlog forum thread is far more interesting and detailed. It seems like this trap in FTDI's driver bricked at least one of Adafruit's products.
I'm glad Arduino replaced the FTDI's USB-to-Serial converter with Atmel's built-in USB communication capability.

Tulsa Library Librarium has a maker space with two 3 d printers a Makerbot Replicator 2X and an Ultimaker 2.
They have several 30 minute orientations scheduled for
9/9/2014   3:30 pm, 
9/17/2014  1:30 pm 
9/24/2014  3 pm
orientation is free but don't think 3d printing will be.
Librarium is downtown at 11th and Denver in the old Homeland. Free parking. Maker space is on South East inner corner of the large building right around from south entrance door. 

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