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Name Master Chief Petty Officer John Briggs, US Navy SEAL Team 5
Race American (Caucasian)
Clothes Military Fatigues, Military Combat Pants, Combat Boots, Tactical Vest, Tactical Helmet w/ Headlight, Gas Mask, Alice pack
Weapons M4A1 w/ Suppressor, Flashlight, ACOG Optics, FNX-45 w/ Pistol Suppressor, Pistol Flashlight, FNP45 MRD Sight, Combat Knife
Spawn (I am using my current DayZ Character, who I have used on DayZ RP Servers, mainly on Military RP's) North West Airfield
(Can I please use this guy?)
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clothes:red t shirt and black jeans
spawn location:(since everone else is...) electro

had to repost my character because my account go hacked
name: jhon
race: russian
clothes: black t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes.
spawn location: electro

name: Broken Arrow
race: African American
clothes: Black tee shirt and Black Jeans and black running shoes
spawn location: Electro  

name: uri
race: Russian
clothes: red t-shirt, red jeans,red shoes.
spawn location: electro
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