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1. Ari +XxArianaisLyfexX​​
2. Kim +Christian Tracey​​
3. Riley +Mickey The Adversity Twin​​
4. Ibuki +Butter BacaYT​​
5. Squidward +Joe the Master of Voices BYCP AUTTP ATHDTC AVGCP​​
6. Bart Simpson +Yoshi​​
7. Geoff +Los Pigi 22​​
8. (Commando) Zoey +Josh TheRudeBitch​​
9. BreakDancer Zombie +Gmo 123​​
10. Mike +Isaiah Payumo​​
11. DJ +The dancing Chicken​​
12. Tails +Damon Cain the TD person​​
13. Kitty +KittyTD​​
14. Pusheen +Just Ed :3​​
15. Nobita +TotalDrama Doraemon and Pokèmon fan15​​
16. Wendy +Raven Park​​

+Randy Case​ is it ok if i advertise my camp which is still looking for memmbers? Its also in my community


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HoH Results:
So after all this time (sorry about that guys) we finally have our final HoH. I asked my friends for some help, and... in a 4-1-0 vote, the winner of the final HoH is...

Pride!!! And as clearly shown in his photo, he selects to evict Nobita. Sorry Nobita, you played a great game. In just a few hours, I'll post the finale. Geoff and Pride, if you wish to send in a small speech, you may (as it could increase your chances of winning). Good luck to you both
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+Randy Case​​
+TotalDrama Doraemon and Pokèmon fan15​​
+Gmo 123​​
+Just Ed :3​​
+Dancing Chicken​​
+Christian Tracey​​
+Joe the Master of Voices /Kyle LotusThisle​​

Hi guys,

I state that I already know I won't win, because you all love too much Matisse, but I think you however deserve this speech!

I enjoyed so much this game, I had fun, I always played clearly, and above all I was able to get to the final 2, what I thought was impossible for me!

Well, I know all of you will vote for Pride to win, but I can't blame you, I support you guys.
Thanks really for all! :D

Well, I can tell you, maybe, will I see you in the second season?

Greetings, dear jury! ;)


HoH Challenge:
Today's challenge is key as it will secure your spot in the finale. Your job is to make something using the eliminated contestants from this season. Whether it's an elimination order video, a poster/collage, it can be anything you want. But the twist on this is that after you've used the eliminated contestants, you will add one character from the final three you wish to eliminate of you win HoH.

For example, if I was making a totem pole picture, I would put the eliminated contestants in order from which they were eliminated, (and let's say I wanted to target Geoff) so then I would put a Geoff totem on top.

However you wish to do this challenge is up to you, but you must follow the criteria by using all the eliminated contestants, and the member of the final three you want to eliminate. The best picture/video will win, so get started!

Pride +NeganFromHELL -Matisse-
Geoff +Los Pigi 22
Nobita +TotalDrama Doraemon and Pokèmon fan15​

HoH Challenge:
Today's challenge will test how quickly you can find pictures and put them in the comments. I will either say what picture I want, or give a clue as to what the picture is supposed to be of. Then you find it (online, or wherever) and post it in the comments (or it won't count).
Send in a picture of TDI's finalists
*Post a picture of Owen and Gwen

First person to post the picture will get a point, and first person to 5 points will win HoH!

BD Zombie +Gmo 123​​​​
Nobita +TotalDrama Doraemon and Pokèmon fan15​​​​
Geoff +Los Pigi 22​​​​
Pride +NeganFromHELL -Matisse-​​​​

+Randy Case may I also have a reserved spot for next season?

pls pls pls give me a reserved spot for the next season pls pls pls 

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PoV Voting:

Three pictures were submitted, so now let's welcome back (for judging purposes only) Ibuki, Kitty, Ari, Riley and Squidward! You guys vote for whichever picture you like the most think looks best. This will decide the winner of PoV!

+Butter BacaYT
+Joe the Master of Voices BYCP AUTTP ATHDTC AVGCP​
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