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Here my first #GGJ game this year. You don't believe it. But it's true. A game to the #GameBoy #GB classic #GBC, the first one!!!! To change waves sounds. Enjoy this: #GGJ2017

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Happy New Year! If you guys are enjoying another nostalgic playthrough of Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, or even the originals, make sure that you've got a fresh battery in your cartridge or get your hands on a Mega Memory Card so you can permanently save your data without having to fear losing it someday!

Details in the video! Enjoy guys.

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When ur tryin' to remember whether ur playin' DBZ: Buu's Fury or Pokemon.

I have a challenge for yall send a pic of the GBA game you playing and the end to show that you bet that game

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Just beat 3 games today
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