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Ciao!~ here's my profile for my
Name: Michela Vargas
Country/Region: southern italy, Campania.
Siblings: Feliciano and Lovino
Human age: 16
Description: Michela is the younger sister of Feliciano and Lovino. She is kind and has a bubbly personality but don't let that fool you cause she can be hot headed like Lovino. She has long chocolate colored hair and has both curls.

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Anyone wanna roleplay this with me. 

((Anyone wanna role play? I mean I'll be my oc, Fiorella Abigail Vargas? I don't care who you are! Just step right up and take a swing!))

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Okay so i might regret this but anyone who wants to roleplay, pick one of these and ill repost a little begin for you and we'll go from there. OC'S are accepted. 

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((U-Um i hope you all dont mind...Me posting...A Roleplay thing, A-Anyone can join! Boys and girls! I'im an OC...Bermuda Triangle..Heh so yeah)) 

I stare up blankly at the sky, Just floating in a lake by the Meeting building, They said we can have a 30 minute break, So i decided to relax, then you showed up 

((I-Its open too, OC's and all, it doesn't matter to me )) 

((Summer is here (W00t W00t!~) So I'm open and willing to do any summer themed Rps!~ With any character of course! I'll write the starter for you depending on your character.))

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(( Before you roleplay with me, I suggest you please do not bump into the role play unless you are asking to repost. Also, please no text talk and or two worded replies (It doesn't help me reply to the role play the picture is just to show how Madeline looks like if you are not aware of her appearance) Canon characters are most prefered in my roleplays but you may use OCs as well, just give a short bio on them before joining! Thank you for reading and enjoy! ))

Madeline Williams was sitting at the steps of her father Francis' home and was staring off at the concrete with a monotone facial expression and seemed to be mumbling to herself. You were walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the road and saw the woman, she seemed to be down or upset... You were not sure of how she was feeling. So you decided to walk up to her and figure out what's wrong with her

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((Just gonna leave my profile here-))

Name: Aleksander Bavić
Country: Serbia
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Skin: Medium paleish
Personality: Tsundere (aka grumpy at first but warming over time)
Characters he likes: Belarus, Romania, Nyo!Romania
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Erin smiled to herself, humming a little song as she immersed herself in her own world. She was prone to doing such things at world meetings, and it often lead to her getting in trouble. But she did it nonetheless, as it was a habit of hers. Her thoughts were interrupted when she someone caught her eye. He..

((Italy, Denmark, or Romano preferred, but I'm open to other characters! 😊))

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Aline was playing with the village children.All of a sudden she sees pirates coming off of their ship, invading the small country.Aline was just standing there in fear.

((Preferably France or England))
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