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//There was a circus deep inside the woods, a freak show, a freak with two heads, a blue beast thats eats its own kind. And there she is, the deformed diva, Campania was. Even for her inhuman legs you've come to love her. You decided to visit her tonight.
(The freak with two heads: America and Nyo!Canada
The Blue beast: Russia. Anyone can join~ Also art by me)

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        Raquel sat in front of a space heater in the corner of her living room. . . not that you could tell. She was near buried in mountain of blankets, the mound shifting ever so slightly whenever she moved. She swayed back and forth to stay in the warm stream of air for as long as possible, moving back and forth as the small fan oscillated. The temperature? Forty degrees Fahrenheit, which might not seem that cold but you have to understand, most of the houses in her country were constructed to deal with heat, not cold. So the cooling tiles and high ceilings that were so pleasant in the summer, quickly made for icy companions in the winter.

        Raquel sneezed and wiped her nose with a tissue, "Ay, I hope I don't catch a cold." She muttered miserably, her cheeks beginning to turn a soft rosy red. It was times like these that she wanted to move even closer to the equator. "I just don't understand how Mattie and Ivan do it. Es terrible." Raquel pulled the blankets closer and shuffled toward the space heater. Maybe she should've had those fireplaces installed. The young woman shook her head, now was not the time for second thoughts; it was too little too late, she would have to tough it out in the coming months. Raquel began to take longer and slower blinks, yes, maybe if she went to sleep it would be warmer in the morning. She nodded slightly at this idea, her eyelids suddenly feeling heavy as lead; if she could just go to sleep.

'Knock, Knock.'

There was a knock at the door.

       And Raquel tried to ignore it, refusing to leave the comfort of her cocoon but whoever it was persistently continued.

'Knock, Knock.'

"Vete." {Go away.}

'Knock, Knock.'

"But I don't want to."

'Knock, knock.'

"Calla." {Shut up.}

'Knock.   Knock.'

"Fino." {Fine.}

        Came Raquel's final reply, anger simmering in her blood as she was forced to leave her warm nest for the cold air in the rest of her home. Her heels fell heavily against the floor as she trudged to the door, throwing it open only to cringe at the gust of air that came swirling in like Father winter himself. Raquel ushered the person in quickly so she could shut the door. Once she did, she turned to see who it was that had dared come to visit her on such a frigid desert night.

((Open Roleplay to any country really. I'm Nyo!Mexico just fyi. Thanks for reading~))

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Ciao!~ here's my profile for my
Name: Michela Vargas
Country/Region: southern italy, Campania.
Siblings: Feliciano and Lovino
Human age: 16
Description: Michela is the younger sister of Feliciano and Lovino. She is kind and has a bubbly personality but don't let that fool you cause she can be hot headed like Lovino. She has long chocolate colored hair and has both curls.

//There once was a young witch, she came to love a young prince. She and the prince were lovers but the witch was betrayed by him all because of one maiden that fed him and the towns people lies. She was now tied to a cross, her hair cut extremely short by her lover. The wind blew her raggedy white gown. Tears poured out from the poor Italian girl's eyes. She then looked you thinking that you were harmless. She mouthed the words "Help me, please..." to you as she saw a person about to light the cross...
((Rp open, you can be the prince, the maiden who told lies, or yourself.))

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Name: Feliks Łukasiewicz
Country: Poland
Age: 19
Countries interested in: Russia, Canada, America, Lithuania, Prussia, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Scotland
Gender: Male
Sexuality: gay/uke
personality and interests: He was once a super nation that controlled Middle and Eastern Europe with his partner Lithuania in the Middle Ages, until Russia split them apart and he was annexed. Despite this, he kept rising back ("like a phoenix"), noting that Poland is a very strong country.
It is difficult for others to get to know him because he acts shy and has fierce anxiety towards strangers. However, once he becomes used to someone, he will never let go and will act troublesome, clingy and "like a prince." He is a cheerful, somewhat selfish man who is rather forceful with his opinions, and acts silly to hide his sensitivity. He's also noted to be very stubborn and it's said that once he's determined to go into a strange direction, nobody can stop him. Because he is short-sighted and impulsive, other nations can easily take advantage of him. In the character identification chart, he was said to have a weak stomach like Lithuania, although he may not look like it.
He speaks in a Nagoya high-schooler dialect, giving him a very casual and somewhat rude way of speaking. Many English translations adapt this to "valley girl" speak, using the words "like" and "totally" in his sentences. He can, however, speak formally when the situation requires it.
He notably enjoys cross-dressing.

Fun fact: He can get pregnant.
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Name: Paige Beilschmidt

Age: 20

Relationship status: single

Romantic interest: Romano

Family: Ludwig Beilschmidt and Gilbert Beilschmidt

Likes: being the youngest , cake , reading , working and hanging out with her brothers

Dislikes: a messy room , being embarrassed and people stealing her beer

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"Hmm.. Maybe like this? No, no! Maybe these colors would be nice! Maybeeee... This paint brush would be better.."
Sunny day on a tall stool and sighed, rubbing her forehead. She adjusted the mirror to face the left side of her head and picked out a can of black and white paint. Looking back at the flowers in the vase she picked out a dark orange. She reached over for the scissors and the yellow flower sitting in the vase and cut the stem off. She finally reached the stool and plopped down, wiping the sweat of her forehead with the side of her hand. She set up a camera on top of the mirror and sighed, getting ready for the camera, which was timed. She put the flower in her mouth to look over to the side, making sure everything was intact...
She dropped the flower from her mouth and picked up the camera "Damn it! This isn't the photo I wanted! And there's no more film.... Great!"

(( OPEN RP!!! One liners are okay as long as it's one entire line not just a word and please use good grammar! ))

((Anyone wanna role play? I mean I'll be my oc, Fiorella Abigail Vargas? I don't care who you are! Just step right up and take a swing!))

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(( I hope Fem! New York isn't taken!! ))

Name: Sunny Moore

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Female 

Personality: Fun, Bright, Talkative, Lazy...Isn't very bright and can be overly excited.

Appearance: You can refer to the pictures but Sunny has black hair that she loves to dye and experiment with. She's about 5"3' and has a pear-shaped body. She has brown/Hazel eyes and doesn't really put up her hair as much, more than a pony tail. She has fair skin and tends to dress accordingly to the weather. 

Job: Sunny is a college student but she also has a part time job as a tourist guide. She lived in all of the boroughs as a kid ( Due to parents shifting work, soon they got divorced ). 

Likes: Taking walks infront of the Empire State building every morning, Cold weather, Skrillex ( or any other Dubstep I guess. ), Yankees, Boxing, Fighting.

Dislikes: Makeup ( Light mascara and liploss is enough ), Boys that flirt with her right off the street.
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