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App for android to stream new movies directly onto your tv. Download on google play.

VEGA Cast 0.7.2

+ New look
+ Rewritten cast functionality
+ Favorites

Hey, I've been using vegacast for over a year now without issues up until now. I'm not sure if it's the recent update or what but Everytime I open the app and try to connect to my Chromecast it crashes, Every single time. Everything else connects to the Chromecast except vegacast. If anyone can help with this would be great, I haven't been able to find another app that's as simple and good as this one. All others have annoying ads and are very laggy.


VEGA Cast 0.7.1 BETA version

Try here:

hi. just wondering if you could help. not sure whether its a Vega Cast problem..but thought id ask and see..

I've been using this app to stream Showbox to my Chromecast, and up until recently I've never had a problem but now every time I try to cast via Vega Cast it says 'failed to load media on the cast device.' it possible this is a Vega Cast problem? I've looked all over the internet and I cant find anything to help me. 


When can we expect a new update?

Hi I am looking for a complete vcast playercorefactory XML for helix build of kodi,I am currently using an mxplayer playercore factory XML along side a very clever app called grow box which fools kodi into thinking I have mxplayer installed ,when I click on a link it then throws up the option to play the best chromecast app VCAST,would be easier though if I had ur XML lol

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vCast - Send any online video to Chromecast.
Use vCast(select from menu) instead of video player to play online video on Chromecast.
vCast adapted to cast videos from next video services:,,,,,,,,
Use share/send menu button in android clients of these services to cast video with vCast
Use send menu item in browser to cast videos from web site - vCast will automatically recognize most videos.
Able to cast live streams - only HLS (*.m3u8)
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