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Good News for Researchers, Scholars and Scientists & Students all around the Globe. Academic Fora is a research platform where you can participate in International Conferences to exchange experiences and discuss valuable research knowledge.

Kuala Lumpur 36th International Conference on “ Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities- BESSH-2017” October 14-15, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I joined last night while cruising on my iPad and came back today to post. I see now, no posts since December and wonder if this will be an active community to engage and exchange social media ideas? +Pam Moore 

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Hi, excited to be a part of this community! I'm a branding and social media strategist for small to medium sized businesses. I look forward to being involved in the discussions here. I can most easily be found on twitter at or my blogsite:

Thanks for the invite - I am a brand marketing and social media consultant to small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. The young businesses are in the technology, music, and health industries. Here's my page on Twitter ( and my blog ( - I look forward to discussions within the group.

Hi Pam
As I am not a marketer or a biz, I'll just say hi and lurk for a while. Thanks for inviting me in.

Welcome to our new Google+ Community!

Please introduce yourself, tell us what you do, where you are in the adoption and integration of social media to your biz and  how we can help you meet your biz goals in 2013! 

Please feel free to share a few URLs of choice (i.e., blog, Facebook page, G+ page, Twitter handle,  etc.) 
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