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Summon Rank Info:

Kings: A summoner may only have one kind in their entire collection, A king is the most powerful card and is gifted as the first card someone will get, the king can grow a bond with their summoner and is the only summon who's power can continue to increase, a king starts at a knight or bishop rank so if you make a profile as one you will put.
Rank: King (Knight or Bishop)
Kings types do not have to match the rest of the deck

Queens: The most powerful of summons one can obtain that usually have both physical and magical prowess these summons take time before they will give you their card. 

Rooks and Paladins: Rooks and paladins rank right bellow Queens and take a little less time to earn the trust and card of the summon but are not as powerful. Rooks posses physical prowess and minor magical prowess while Paladins are the other way around.

Knights and Bishops: These are practically the same as Rooks and Paladins but are quick to earn the card of and weakest among stats but can come in handy. Knights are skilled in physical combat and posses no magical prowess, Bishops know magic like the back f their hand but have no physical strength.
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