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Please add me on UK MSP I am level 19 judge. If you do you will recieve a gift. Thank you for your time, Fivelicious

Btw my username is Fivelicious

I will be doing an adding spree very soon on MSP just comment down your names and I will get adding! If you do not get added don't worry for I will be doing another adding spree very soon after. Tysm!

Stay safe <33

ON MSP I AM HOSTING A BRAND NEW WISHLIST COMPETITION! All you have to do is: add me my username is fivelicious on uk MSP level 19.
Give me an outfit or any piece of clothing.
Message me once you have done all of that.
Give me an auto.
-Fivelicious x

Going on holiday to Greece next week! #holidays where are you guys going?

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Check out my live stream: 'My MSP LIVESTREAM! WATCH IF U LOVE FOOD BAHAHAH' at

Hello! I found a really nice website for MovieStarPlanet players who give for limited time, free VIP, Diamonds and StarCoins. Check this link : It's a limited offer, so go fast and get them !! I have free VIP and Diamonds now <3 <3

Here's my accounts :)

USA: Nightmare Paradox
Other USA: Gretagirl3

Canada: Nightmare Paradox

Spain: Artistica

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Friend me on USA msp
user: The BlackRabbit

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love this artbook and help it get it get to the top!!!
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