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They came in through the front door with semi automatic weapons at the ready. Five masked men and their intent was clear to even the simplest of minds. Those who happened to be conducting business soon found themselves forced onto the floor under the threat of getting shot if they moved.

Chazz: Aye, Ringo, get all the money from the counter and Redd keep that gun on those people.

Ringo: Riiigght....

Redd: Tff...easy

Chazz: You two come with me. We're going to clean out the vault and Force is going to make it easy as hell.

Rashard knew that without his power the gangs latest high stakes bank robbery would end in the others imprisonment or possible deaths. He was just a living tool to them but he was alright with that knowing that at least his cut would be enough to let him live comfortably on his own.

Chazz: Aight Force, time to do what you do best and get this thing open.

Rashard looked up at the cast iron vault door and sighed heavily as he clasped onto it immediately leaving an impression of his had on it. Then with no effort he ripped it from its hinges and flung it back towards the lobby which caused a few screeches of terror as it fell.

Chazz: He let a girl like scream of joy escape him which made all who heard look at him questioningly What?! Well..., what the hell are doing standing around holding your dicks?! Get the bags filled!! He felt the need to re-establish his dominance over the situation as he and Brace started taking everything from within

Rashard: Damn you too are moving to slow. The cops will have this place surrounded in a few minutes.

Chazz: I guess you'll have to do something about them now won't you? I mean if you still plan on getting your cut.

A bit reluctantly Rashard walked out in front of the bank where there were scores of police officers and vehicles. If I we guys I'd just leave....before this all ends badly.

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Hi guys!~ thx for invite
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[/Quote\]: "People want to judge me because I was brought up on the wrong side of the law. They question what a person of my hue can provide the world....but for me, I can do whatever I chose because who the hell is gonna stop me?!

Name: Rashard Yeldon

Alias: Infinite Man

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Kryptonian Hybrid

Race: African American

//Height\\: 6"4

\\Weight//: 258

[//ιn тнe yoυтн тraιnιng prograм??//]: The hell?! Do I look like I'm in some youth program?! ((No))


тıєr: ???

αттαck ρσтєηcy: Varies on the threat of his foe...

sρєє∂: His superhuman speed allows him to fly and run faster than a normal human's eyes can perceive but the range of his speed has not been determined.

Dυяαвıłıтy: Anyone with greater physical strength or someone on par with his strength that could generate massive amounts of force could cause severe injury or even be the death of him.
I don't know how to quantify magic resistance, but higher dimensional characters are able to kill him by willing such in some instances. In theory he is able to take a nuclear blast at near point blank range.

sтяıkıηg sтяєηgтн: At the height of being empowered by solar energy can generate enough force to shatter planets though it varies with his emotional state otherwise.

Liƒтıηg sтяєηgтн: 5.5 sextillion metric tons when his muscles are saturated with solar energy

Weapons: None

Personality: Rashard tries to keep calm in most situations but the life he has lived for the past few years has made him susceptible to sporadic behavior. Despite that flaw, he mostly tries to give everyone a chance to show who they are as a person.

Alignment: Neutral


Superhuman Solar Energy:gets the majority of his powers from Earth's yellow star, effectively making him a giant solar battery; when he uses Super Flare he expels that stored up energy in the form of a giant blast.

Heat Vision: Ability to emit solar energy from his eyes. This usually resembles bright red or orange laser-like beams, which may be invisible at low temperatures but extremely bright at high ones.

Solar Invulnerability, Flight, Superhuman Strength, Endurance, Speed, Reflexes and Senses

Limitations/Weaknesses: Red Sun Radiation, Magic, Lead
Kryptonite: Unlike most persons with Kryptonian DNA, Kryptonite does not affect him the same way it would pure Kryptonians but it is one of the few things that can penetrate his skin when fashioned into a weapon.
Cannot breathe in the vacuum of space and will slip into a coma if left their. The

Equipment: None

Bio: Rashard was conceived the day after one of the denizens of the phantom zone managed to escape once again. This kryptonian convict committed many atrocities during his short lived exertion on earth but one that seemed to get lost in the news is his rape of a young black female. However, after she was explained her horrific experience and was about to under a procedure before being persuaded into a lucrative alternative. So began the manipulation of this hybrid fetus's DNA by those of Project Cadmus to produce the perfect blend of kryptonian and human genes. What they found out about the embryo's genetic makeup was that he had the gene markers that seemed to match that of a rare form of lycanthropy. Lat-on, that was the name of the only known kryptonian with that disease and therefore was the father. Months went by as they tampered with certain favorable traits and turned what would have been the recessive lycanthropy trait to show. Now with their weapon genetically superior to any other kryptonian as they severely reduced the affect of kryptonite to the subject, it was now a matter of letting the child grow naturally as to not cause any complications. All was going as planned until the boy reached young adulthood and his dormant abilities started to show in force. The combination of the all to common rebellious streak that comes from that age and training to hone his powers made it predictable that he would try to escape. Finally, after a few failed attempts he managed to finally get away with the help of one of the newer employees.

Lost and alone out in the world the no name teenager had traveled to the District of Columbia where he soon fell in with the local youth. Rashard was taken in by the local gang leader where he took care of giving him a name as well as a place to call home. Of course, this was largely because of the young man had shown most of them his astonishing powers and began using them to benefit himself along with the people he came to know as his family. They all knew what the potential consequences would be if Rashard used them to openly so he almost always was heavily clothed and wore a robbers mask when his powers were requested. Though through most of his years he had to juggle between going to school a couple of times during the week and being the muscle for his crew he adapted to the life well enough to eventually graduate in the top five at his high school. Although he had a few scholarships to go to some pretty well know colleges, the choice between college and staying in the projects was made for him. As the years went by committing a few high stake heists, Rashard started to wonder why he was letting himself be trapped there and without a second thought left to find his place.

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[//¤qυσтє¤\\] "I have seen men build... and destroy. I have seen this world, which could be a paradise, reduced to a planet of greed, and fear, and hatred! I have seen humanity with its heritage betrayed! I can stomach no more!"

[//¤ηαмє¤\\] Norrin Radd

[//¤αłıαs¤\\] The Silver Surfer

[//¤αgє¤\\] Beyond millenniums

[//¤sρєcıєs¤\\] Zenn-Lavian

[//¤нєıgнт¤\\] 6'4

[//¤ωєıgнт¤\\] 224lbs

[//ιn тнe yoυтн тraιnιng prograм?\\] No


тıєя: 4-B; Characters who could destroy a solar system.

αттαck ρσтєηcy: Solar System Level

sρєє∂: SuperSonic speed, on his board he is at FTL+

∂υяαвıłıтy: Solar System Level

sтяıkıηg sтяєηgтн: Class XGJ; Physical Strikes are casual Large or Multi-Planet level to Star level.

łıƒтıηg sтяєηgтн: (Unknown)

[//¤ωєαρσηs/єqυıρмєηт¤\\] None

[//¤ρσωєяs¤\\] The Power Cosmic and superhuman characteristics (Durability, stamina, etc)

[//¤ωєαkηєssєs¤\\] Without his silver coating on, Norrin Radd is unsafe and vulnerable against guns or laser blasts or sharp objects.

[//¤αρρєαяαηcє¤\\] His body is pure of silver, and it shines bright in the sun and also blocks off bullets. It's almost impenetrable, but without it he is vulnerable. In his Norrin Radd form, he wears a green suit with yellow streaks lined at his elbows to his shoulders. He is bald, but not naturally, and as Norrin his eyes are an ocean blue color. But as the Silver Surfer, his eyes are pure silver, no pupils seen at all.

[//¤ρєяsσηαłıтy¤\\] While under control of Galactus, he had felt no pity or remorse for his victims or their planet. But when he was exiled to Earth, he began to develop the human like qualities and characteristics.

[//¤вıσgяαρнy¤\\] Norrin Radd is from the utopian planet Zenn-La, in the Deneb star system of the Milky Way Galaxy. He is the son of Jartan and Elmar Radd, and he has a half-brother, Fennan Radd. Zenn-La's ancient and significantly advanced civilization has lost the will to strive or explore, leaving the young scholar Norrin Radd restless and yearning for adventure. Facing the destruction of his world by planet-consuming Galactus, Radd bargains with the cosmic being. In return for the safety of Zenn-La and his lover, Shalla-Bal, Radd pledges to seek out planets for the world devourer to consume as his herald. Galactus imbues him with a portion of the Power Cosmic, transforming him into the Silver Surfer.
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One out of three profiles
((work in progess))



The grim repear

1,000 years old

6'' 5


His eyes appears to be effected by day light as if that he can see that clearly, this can serve as an edge to his enemies but beware he can still see.

Bradman is a very tall, extremely muscular man with an overall macabre appearance; his chest is covered in a dark, demonic breastplate that wraps itself around his lower abdomen. Attached to his breastplate are extremely large, irregularly-shaped metallic pauldrons that connect and fade out into his extremely long cloak, which he uses to keep hooded his head, upon which he wears what appears to be an oni mask to conceal his face. On his arms, Bradman wears a fishnet, mesh-like material, which is partially concealed by his overly-large pauldrons and gloves; the gloves themselves are frayed, and bear a zigzag patter below the fray, however, attached to the zigzag pattern are also irregularly-flowing designs that the resemble bone structure of the hand, as they travel down from the forearm of the glove and branch off at the knuckles and travel down to each fingertip. The aforementioned zigzag pattern also appears on the material that is exposed on the parts of his torso that Bradman's breastplate does not cover, and around his waist he wears a belt. His lower body is concealed from view by a dark robe that reaches up to his feet.Just below the belt, it sports a pattern of circles that travels around his person



Unnamed Magic: Bradman possesses a currently unnamed Magic that allows him to kill people without the apparent need to touch them, an act which strikes fear in the hearts of his enemies, thus opting for them to compare the fearsome foe to a real God of Death. The first visible effect of the Magic causes the blood vessels around the eyes of the victims to swell considerably; subsequently, they cough up blood and, apparently, die.

Purgatory magic : A type of magic that uses darkness and shadows to possesses or hurt any target he wants. He can Konjuer Demons to fight by his side. He can also Craft weapons out of darkness

Immense Magic Power: As a member of the Spriggan 12, Bradman boasts an immense level of magical strength;


Healing factor



Immense Speed

Immense Strength

Immense Enderance

Immense stamina 


(Well, I was invited here by 5 different people.

What's the limit to a character's power? We ask because, while the one we use for this profile is by no means one of the strongest beings ever, we are quite powerful.
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