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Rainclans History

The badgers ran into our camp it seemed like a million of them you could hardly see any cat
but you could hear them over the crowd of cats and badgers you could hear storm yelling.”rain get every cat out of camp i’ll hold them off”.”every cat find some way out go to the clearing and wait for all the other cats”.At the clearing the whole clan was here i could see bramble with treestorm her little kit was forced out of the nursery.You could here storm calling. ”all cat’s i have a announcement to share we are moving we are leaving this camp, before you say anything i know we have always lived here but it is clear to me that it is not safe here and it’s not like we can go back we’ve never seen this many badgers I think rainclan would be much safer in a new area,now rain do you mind getting everyone ready”.”sure most cats who can hunt go hunt everyone else go collect bedding”.”Rainclan will survive”.
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Here is the next part
Chapter 2
"There are no problems near ether of the borders" eaglefoot told salmonstar. "Thank you" eaglefoot she replies. "I would like to call a clan meeting Treekit and Lillykit you are now 6 moons old Treekit your new name will be Treepaw until you become a warrior eaglefoot you trained waterfall well and I hope you do the same to treepaw"." Lillykit your new name will be Lillypaw until you become a warrior seapelt you are ready for your first apprentice I hope you will train lillypaw well" salmonstar says.

Roseclaw walked across windclan territory tears streaming down her face she know she had to do this for her clan for her sisters. She comes nearer to high stones. As she crosses the thunder path she sees a bright light not thinking a monster comes and crushes her tail the pain rushing though out her body she thinks about going back but she must keep going.

I know it's short but sweet if you want more give a like

Here you go
Chapter 1
" Roseclaw can you organize a border partrol "samanstar asked. "Sure eaglefoot,waterfall do you want to go on a border patrol". "Sure" they both said. On the patrol on windclan border we meet a windclan patrol with horseclaw,smokesteap and rabbitleap. "Riverclan do you have any business with windclan" smokesteap says. "No but now that you are here I would like to talk to horseclaw in privet" . "Ok" horseclaw replies. "Horseclaw I'm the only one who remembers you in riverclan your secret is safe". "Thank you so much roseclaw this is really important to me".

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These are the Star-Roots (If you go inside it leads to the Moongrass)

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Some kittypet they meet named Neo!

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The Tribe's Territory when they first arrive:

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Shadow That Grows At Night is BEAST!!!
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