Can any one tell me were i can down load a free sky star chart?

هل يمكن ربط تليسكوب LX 90 ميد بالبرنامج

Is it possible to use Stellarium in VR device? If yes, then how should I proceed? Moreover, will there be any possibilities of having Android version of Stellarium in near future?

Hi May i ask is any professional version for this stellarium that can be clearly projected in bigger planetarium dome?

How do I correct error 1114?

I'm running the latest version of Stellarium and I have a notification that 5 of 9-star catalogs are available to update. But for a reason that I ignore Stellarium just won't update de catalogs. I check my internet connection and everything seems fine. It does update on my laptop. both are running windows 10

thank you for your help

Hi everyone,

It seems that Apple won't recognise the developer's identification therefore can't allow the start up of the app.

Any ideas on how I can skip this issue over please?

hey i am a big fan of this system but when i try to download the 64 bit it reach 170mb and say failed-forbidden can you help me with this plz i have windows 10

I am trying to install the 32-bit version of Stellarium on a Windows 7 machine and I get an error about OpenGL drivers. Do you know how to fix that ?
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