Hi has anyone seen MJ

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(I seriously need to RP more so Open RP)
(Art not mine, artist unknown)

Fawn walks in her Village enjoying the lovely day and until one of her villagers said "Mistress Fawn, the Farms, its the Farms,.....the food disappeared!" then I rushed to see what's going on but the only clue was a unknown footprint on a paper

Name: Metois and Sepharis

Age: Metois: 20
Sepharis: ???

Gender: Male (both)

Species: Metois: Deep Elf
Sepharis: Soul Dragon

Personality: Metois: Crazy, Calm, Cold
Sepharis: Calm, Nice

Likes: Metois: Destruktive magic, Fire, Caves, Sepharis
Sepharis: Metois

Dislikes: Metois: Mercy, Light, Humans
Sepharis: Metois master

Metois is rater tall, has black hair and unusually White skin. His eyes are red and snake like. He has a tattoo on his hand and around one of his eyes, they show an eye like Symbole and start glowing red when he uses magic.
Sepharis is a large white and transparent dragon. He almost looks like a ghost

Metois has been together with Sepharis since he could remember. Most of the other deep elfs didn't seem to see Sepharis. He grew up in an underground city. He was always fascinated by destructive magic so he decided to learn it. One day one of the spells went horribly wrong resulting in his family dying and him getting marked with the eye symbols. He was later adopted by an old Lord who taught him most things he knows now. Metois is now working for an powerful chaos sorcerer and his newest mission lead him to the forest of Orion.

Special information: Metois is a Chaos Assassin. They are skilled with chaos magic as well as fast and sneaky, they usually use hidden weapons. 

Weapons: metallic claws, hidden poisoned blades and a small crossbow

The Forgotten Community*

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Name: Black Fire
Gender: Female
Species: Shape shifter
Age: 16
Powers: flight, can be summoned through dire need or a ritual
weapons: Violet flames, claws, fangs
village: None
rank: Goddess of the Night to wolves
likes: The moon, cold nights near a fire, kind creatures
Dislikes: enemies, heartless beings
crush: None so far
hobbie/job: Guardian of the Night time
back story: Black Fire was a normal wolf but was blessed with shape changing abilities.
(3rd pic is main form) (art not mine)
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Powers:teleportation,super strength
weapons: a sword
village: Centaur/werewolf/unicorn village
rank: guard
likes:kind people,Luna
Dislikes:mean people
hobbie/job:to protect
back story: nothing interesting

weapons: none
village: Centaur/werewolf/unicorn village
rank: healer
likes:kind people,Luna
Dislikes:mean people
hobbie/job:to heal
back story:unknown

Art not mine⬇⬇ there they are⬇⬇
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Guys I'm gonna leave for a while so bye its fun in here

Anyone still active?

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Name:"Iron Wolf"Bloxy
Powers:Can transfer into any other bodies for 5 seconds,can take the other peoples power by transferring to others people [ it depends]
weapons:Iron claws,M9,A machete
village:Werewolf village
crush:Not yet
hobbie/job:Practice shooting skill,joined the police department
back story: when he was 5 his right arm got amputated and changed to arm and now he joins the police department to hunt the person who did this too him and bring the person to jail

Fawn was walking around her village and hopefully to greet new villagers

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