YaaaaaY,hello im a BIG SoulEater fan(that was the first anime I watched lol)ummm...yea.Just wanted too say something

Hallo, just joined. Are there any rules we need to follow?

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Name:Hannah Okumura


Age: Unknown

Height:5ft I am not short

Sexuality: straight


Power: when she gets really mad blue flames appears making her slightly stronger she has other powers that she hasn't found out yet.she also turns into a weapon

Soul resonance: she can turn into different types of weapons

~friendly sometimes
~slightly shy
~Hot headed
~being alone
~seeing the ones she cares about hurt or upset
~missing her anime
~thunder and lightning
Work: Dj and info broker
Family (optional):
Dad: Devil-alive-
Mom: Sama moon dead
Siblings: 6 sisters and 6 brothers

Bio:Hannah is the 13th child and is considered by her dad the most capable of all 13 children. He repeatedly tried to train and teach her how to unlock her powers but Hannah being Hannah she got tired of all that work and ran away from home to pass time she decided to sneak into a school
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