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Name: Nick Westford

CP name: BloodyMoon

Age: 26

Height: 6'4

Personality: sarcastic, ruthless, weird, cold, and dangerous.

Type of proxy: Rouge Proxy

Backstory: after surviving a plane crash and resumed to be dead, BloodyMoon grew tired of slendermans control. Turns out he wasn't the only one who felt this way. After fighting slenderman with 100 other proxies, only 39 made it out alive. Each one of them is being hunted. All that's left now after 4 months is only 5. BloodyMoon now runs loose trying to escape Slendermans wrath and death it's self..

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Name: Charity Fletcher

Age: 21

Personality: Joyful, protective, musical, smart, easily irritated as well as distracted, sneaky, trustworthy, and a bit timid.

Weapon: a switchblade

CP name: Phantom Siren

What I say before I kill you: See ya later alligator.

Likes: Singing, running, reading, baking, watching old tv shows/movies, and swimming.

Dislikes: thunderstorms, loud noises(like gunshots or explosions), spiders, and getting sick.

Abilities: Sonic Shriek: when she hits the highest note possible while singing, she creates sound waves so strong, she can cause avalanches, break walls, and cause her victim to become stunned long enough to kill them. ((Video is an example of what it sounds like))

Bio: Charity had a pretty good life until her family was killed in a tragic fire. Charity was the only survivor, but the fire created a rather large scar on left side of her face. Over the years, she was bullied for her scar as well as being an orphan. The person who was in charge of the orphanage was actually quite envious of Charity's singing voice that she would put her down and punish her for even making a single sound. One day, Charity began to sing, trying to cheer herself up one day and hit the highest note in the song, discovering her powers and killing her bullies. Before she ran off, she took out her switchblade and cut out their vocal chords. While living on her own, Charity rescued a small screech owl, who she named Merlin.
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Name: Rava James
Personality: sneaky, insane, and evil
Age: 14
Weapons: chains, sword and guns
cp name: The Rabbit
What I say before I kill you: I hope you had a one rabbit of a time
Likes: blood, gore and other killers
Dislikes: good people
Abilities: teleporting and shapeshifter
Gender: Female

Bio: Rava James was a normal human before she became a killer and she join a gang and started killing people and she becomes insane and then she finds a rabbit mask and puts it on and now she called The Rabbit and if you see her you are doomed and that is all

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"Hello all you lovely people, I have arrived~"

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Name: Luna
Killer name: The heartless killer
Age: 15-16
Gender: female
Race: human to everyone else but is a CP (creepy pasta)
Sexuality: unknown
Weapon: normally a dagger of knife but will use a sword sometimes
Way of killing: Slits the throats and cut open the chest taking the heart to either eat there or later
Likes: the taste of blood and hearts, watching the death of those who hurt her in an way, the darkness, silence, the forest, dark red, warmth and knives
Dislikes: cold, too much light/color, crowded places, rude people, guns, and people who refuse to die
Personality: cold, heartless, slightly insane and the rest is unknown
Bio: she first became a CP at the age of 14 and grow a couple more years before her time stopped and she started looking the same without aging. She doesn't age which is why she can live long and kill many now. She has not joined the rest of the CP's and doesn't even know that there are more. Being alone as a CP is bad.....before she became a CP she lived in an abusive home, her parents forced things on her such as food when she got skinny and sex from others to make money for them. When she turned 13 her parents locked her away because they hated her and her skin turned so pale as she was barely fed anything. While in the dark room the dark thoughts flooded her mind, she began to feel hatred for them and wanted to kill them. When she turned 14 a man was sent in for sex with her and she was not allowed to struggle. when he grabbed her and yanked her over she bit into his arm letting the blood flow into her mouth. to her the blood was so tasty, all blood became tasty for her, better than food. She stabbed him and slit with throat before cutting his chest open and eating his heart. her parents burst in and she rushed at them with her rage. she cute her dads throat and stabbed her mom in the throat then the head eating their hearts as well before running away. she was then presumed dead and she now wears a mask when she kills and pretends she's another person. now she has become the heartless killer..... when she ran away she took her own heart from her chest.......

when she works or is out not killing she wears a black turtleneck with black leggings, grey convers and foundation to hide her pale grey skin and make her look normal

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(not sure where to put it so i put it here)
Luna (my CP oc) x CP reader (pick a male CP character pls, like hoodie, ben, masky or jeff or liu...)

Luna POV (the heartless killer)

I smile under my white mask as I cut the heart out of my recent victim and put it in a bag that i put in my backpack. I drag the body a bit and mostly disposes of it leaving blood that could let them find the body after and no trace of being there. Looking up at the sky I remember how i first became like this


I sit in my room with pale skin and grey eyes, I'm weak and all I can do now is wait. My parents won't let me out but send men in to do things with me that i don't like. A man walks in after a bit and grabs me yanking me around until I quickly act and sink my teeth into his skin. The taste of blood and iron fills my mouth and maybe it's my insanity from the room but it tastes...... sweet. The man screams at me but why, i'm just hungry..... I grab a small knife i had hidden and stab his stomach letting him fall before i stab into his chest being careful as i cut it open and pull out the heart. a beats just a bit in my hand until it stops and i bite into it. It's so sweet that i want more and i want revenge.... i finish the heart as my parents burst in due to the smell of death. I smile and run at them as I slit my dads throat then stabbed my mother in the throat before stabbing her head. I then take both the hearts and eat them. they taste so good though i'm a bit full now so i go leaving it to look like i was missing and died much later.


I hold my hand over the stitched area where i cut out my own heart and ate that to become heartless. I grab my bag and run to the forest to eat my food. The place is dark now as i finish my meal i head back home and clean up before going to bed. when I wake up I change into a black turtleneck sweater with black leggings and boots that I slip a dagger into, I run down to the bakery and get ready for my day of work.

Your POV

i sit in my room watching the news on the killer that takes hearts after slitting their victims throats. no connections besides all being alone at night or alone in a dark alley. whoever the killer is they seem smart. I sigh as i get ready and leave the house heading out to the bakery for cheesecake for my friend and myself since the rest was eaten by someone..... I walk in to see a young girl giving out some orders for people (they sell cake and sweets, it's a bakery/cafe) though something seems off about her. she leaves a strange feeling that i can't shake and the rest don't know. I order a cheesecake and she goes to the back without speaking, she comes back with a cheesecake for me and nods slightly but doesn't speak....odd. I think nothing of it and head back home to my house in the forest.

~into the forest and to slendy you go to report!~

I put the cheese cake away and walk up to slendy to report the news, I believe she may be the new CP that we couldn't find. finding her is important and i think we're getting close to finding them or her, After that i decide to go out with the rest until night and i got home getting a bit of rest before midnight when i get up as well as the others for who knows what now. hopefully no pranks today because nobody likes slendy when he's mad. luckily it's hard to kill CP's

" I'm so bored..." I say as I walk around the forest

I want to be slenderman male

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Name: Tina Rogers
Nickname: tia
Personality: kind loyal childish silly shy playful
Likes: coloring playing with my mommy and daddy
Gender: female
Race: 90% human and 10% demon
Dislikes: being alone
Favorite color: pink
Wepon: none
Age: 8
Boi: me mommy and daddy all live with mr.slendyman and his crew I always play with lulu and Jeff I never go outside bc it's scary outside I love it when my mommy cooks
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