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Name- Draco "Asura" Deus

Gender- Male

Likes- sweets, swimming, helping out friends, hanging out with his best friends, working with Aphmau's maid cafe, and making friends.

Dislike- People who manipulates others, bullies, prideful people, a alpha how uses their authority wrongly, and unfaithful people.

Friends- None

Roommate- None

Job- Aphmau's Maid Cafe

Pets- A fox (Kurama) and a wolf (Akamaru)

Crush- None

Bio- Asura was a strong, kind, benevolent, hot-tempered, stubborn, and loyal friend to those who he calls his friends. Asura is man who would go to great lengths to make his friends happy and keep their spirits high. Asura mostly keeps to himself which when it comes to making friends he doesn't know really how to. He's a tall man at 7ft with white hair, red eyes, and a muscle build body. He lived must of his life on his own at the orphanage which pays him to go to school were he meet Aphmau and her friends. Over the years, he keep in touch with all of them and when Aphmua introduced her maid cafe with others he took the job to help out.
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Name: Violet
Age: 22
Likes: Anime, being free from stress, light blues and purples, and sweets (especially cupcakes)
Dislikes: Bullies
Friends: Kawai~Chan, Aphmau, Aaron, Zane, Garroth, Kaitlyn and Travis
Crush: Garroth
Enemy: JEAN!!!!

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Likes:Shooting , my job and girls
Friends:my gun
Roommate:No one so far
Pets:none so far
Crush: any cute girl

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Name: Xavier
Gender: male
Likes: candy sweets mining and battling
Dislikes: jerks GENE
Friends: no one
Has a roommate: none yet
Job: none
Pets: ocelots and wolf
Crush: no one
Bio: is new to town is trying to get a job he has his own place and he doesn't like gene
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Likes: love and candy
Job:scientists and miner

Name: Ally
Gender: Female
Likes: Sweets , Dancing, Drawing, Faithful People, People who can be trusted
Dislikes: Jerks, UnFaithful people, People who can't be trusted
Friends: None Yet
Has a roommate: None
Job: None
Pets: Ocelot (Kat) and Wolf (Sammy)
Crush: No One
Bio: She is new to the house she is in so she is getting use to being there but so far she doesn't like being alone in a big house so she plays a lot with Kat and Sammy so she doesn't get lonely but she still wants to make new friends now she is looking for a roommate but so far she has mot found one

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likes:red stuff,girls
friends:if im werewolf then the whole pack and travis and dante
has a roommate:travis and dante
bio:one werewolf whos perv and bff with travis and dante

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